My Pony Persona

Grandma Kc wrote this on May 18th, 2015 22 Replies

A couple of months ago during one of our sleepovers I was putting Amara to bed and we were just chatting. She told me she was getting very good at using on her computer. She knows of my love of Photoshop so I love hearing about what she is learning to use. She’s also been learning GIMP! I told her that I would love it if she would show me some of what she is learning online. I love that she not only spends her Saturday afternoons at art class using brushes and paints but is also becoming very adept at using a mouse and stylus to create electronic art.

The next morning after we finished making more of our awesome pancakes Amara took her chalk outside and started drawing. It came out beautiful but it was too windy outside and headed for the computer. Amara's drawing a My Little Pony with chalk Amara remembered that I wanted her to show me She had to create a painting to show me how it really worked and so “Lady” was created. My very own My Little Pony Persona! It was so fun as she explained all the tools and how to use them.

Amara's electronic drawing of Grandma's Pony Persona

What a great way to spend the morning!

Pretty Ballerina

Grandma Kc wrote this on May 9th, 2015 28 Replies

This is a special memory from my own childhood.

I think we’ve all had favorite toys as children. One of mine was a wonderful toy squirrel! It was about the size of a real squirrel and he had a little nut in both hands that he held to his mouth while he sat up on his back two legs. You wound him up and he would hop across the floor while his tail rotated until it hit the floor and it would roll the squirrel over. I really loved that little squirrel.

My favorite stuffed animal was my big purple rabbit! She was about 3′ tall and had beautiful long ears that were purple on the outside and white on the inside. She had long, shiny fur and a pink satin bow around her neck. My parents had given her to me for Easter. I named her Flopsy and she slept sitting in a chair next to the bed I shared with my sister.

I had almost forgotten about my favorite doll until my cousin Suzi sent me this picture of the beautiful ballerina doll that she was making for her great granddaughter. This is the same Aunt Suzi who made Amara so many amazing dolls and doll clothes. She is a doll expert! Seeing her doll made the memories of my own ballerina come flooding back.

Suzi's handmade ballerina doll

I had found my ballerina in the Spiegel’s catalog. She was about 24″ tall and her legs were jointed so that she could do the splits. Her ankles were also jointed so that she could stand “en pointe”. She wore a pink leotard and tutu, white tights and pink satin pointe shoes. She even came with a black stand to hold her and a carrying case. I must have been about 8 years old and I really wanted that doll. I had shown her to my mother and after much begging she had promised to order her for my birthday.

I tried to wait patiently for her to order her but I knew that my mother was not the most reliable person. Just because she said she would order it didn’t mean she would ever get around to actually doing it! It would be one of those cases where my birthday would arrive and she would swear she had ordered it and that it was, “all the stores fault.” I knew my mother. So after a week or two I decided that I would write a letter to Spiegel’s and order it myself. Then I could just get her to write the check and all the hard part would already be done.

It was probably another week and I still had not gotten her to write the check so I had a brainstorm. I was sure this would work! I put the letter, the one that said there was a check enclosed, in a stamped envelope and addressed it to Spiegel’s. Do you remember stamped envelopes? I then — in bold pencil, wrote on the front of the envelope C.O.D. I was sure this meant they would send the doll and make my mother pay for it when it was delivered.

The lady at Spiegel’s called my mother. I had confused her and the mailman who had delivered my letter. I think I even answered the phone when they called! I remember quickly explaining to my mother what I had done and why. I knew I shouldn’t have done it and I didn’t see the whole thing ending well.

It was one of those very rare times that she didn’t get angry. Maybe she was feeling guilty for not having ordered it for me but I sure was surprised. She told the Spiegel’s lady that she would stop by their store the next day and give them a check. And she did.

Weeks later, my doll arrived. She was everything the catalog said she would be but I have to admit I was a tiny bit disappointed that she wouldn’t dance on her own! 8 year-old little girls have high expectations!

Marshmallow Madness

Grandma Kc wrote this on May 3rd, 2015 31 Replies

I can’t remember where I saw the idea but I had told Amara about this idea for coloring marshmallows. We do a lot of stuff with food color these days! She liked the idea so I had a fresh bag of marshmallows waiting when she got here. All you do is mix food color with water and put the marshmallow on a tooth pick for dipping. You can dip in multiple colors and multiple directions. We found their color got much brighter after they had dried. Watching Amara make them was so much fun.

Amara coloring marshmallows

But nothing was as funny as the Chubby Bunny Challenge she took with Grampy afterwards. I’ll let Amara explain it to you!

These two are so much fun! For the record Grampy ate a total of five in the challenge. Amara ate a LOT more marshmallows than that today!

A Great Week for Amara

Grandma Kc wrote this on April 28th, 2015 18 Replies

I think Amara had a great birthday week! It started with us putting her on the news and ended 6 days later her with her happy and exhausted! Her Mom & Dad were exhausted, too!

Since Amara’s birthday fell on Tuesday there was a big party planned for the weekend. That worked out great as Tuesday ended up being the day Jenna got her award from the School Board for being the Parent of the Year at Santiago. I was so excited that I could go with them! I have never been so proud! Amara was obviously proud of her Mom, too! As Jenna walked on stage, all of us were screaming and cheering for her! Two young girls sitting in front of us turned around to stare and Amara just beamed and said, “That’s my Mom”.

Jenna receiving her award for Parent of the Year

But that didn’t stop it from being Amara’s special day, too! We all have our routines when we come home and Amara’s is to head straight for her bedroom to put down her backpack and her trumpet. Her parents know this routine and when she got home from school Tuesday and headed to her room, you could hear her screams of delight almost to our house when she found her new purple bike in her bedroom!

Amara and her new purple bike

Wednesday Grampy and I picked her up after school and took her out for an ice cream. Amara and I made the plan to do this on the way to Mommy’s award ceremony and I asked if Amara could have two scoops and a waffle cone in honor of her birthday. Jenna said – in front of Amara – “when she is with you and Grampy I don’t care how many scoops she has!” I turned to look at Amara as she burst into a huge grin and held up 10 fingers! “10 scoops!” I thought 11 scoops for an eleven year old sounded even better and we all laughed! When we got to B&R, she decided she didn’t really think she could eat more than two scoops and this time she got a waffle bowl!

Amara and Grampy eating Baskin & Robins

When we left Baskin & Robbins to take Amara home I suddenly remembered that we needed to stop by the house before we took her home. I went in ahead of Amara and Grampy because I wanted to make sure that Twursula wasn’t lying on Amara’s bed. She was, I moved her, and she wasn’t at all happy. This was all a ruse so that we could give Amara her birthday gifts! She got all new My Little Pony sheets, comforter and reading pillow. Oh and two pairs of MLP PJs, too! The look on her face says it all!

Amara and her My Little Pony bedding

Saturday brought the big party! Amara and 9 of her friends at Boomers! having the time of their lives. Amara had actually won the party last year for raising the most money at Jog-a-thon but she hadn’t used it yet! Unfortunately, the party was cut short as it started to sprinkle. If you aren’t familiar with Boomers! the go-carts, bumper boats and miniature golf are the biggest attractions and when it started to sprinkle all of the outdoor attractions were shut down. Good news was they give all the kids passes to make up for it!

Amara and her birthday cupcakes at Boomers!

When the party ended Amara and 7 of her friends headed for Amara’s house and the slumber party! It was an evening of video games, movies, hot dogs and ice cream and apparently very little sleeping! They feasted on pancakes the next morning followed by one of Justin’s famous Orbeez Wars! It was beautiful outside Sunday morning and those girls had a blast pummeling Mr. Justin with those Orbeez!

Justin, the Orbeez Master

We didn’t get to go to the Imaginology Art Show this weekend but Amara did have one of her art pieces featured! She has had her art displayed in past years and we are always so proud of her. Thanks to Lois for getting us a picture of it.

Amara's art exhibit

It really was a great week to be Amara!

Happy Eleventh Birthday Amara

Grandma Kc wrote this on April 21st, 2015 16 Replies

It has become a tradition to make sure that Amara’s picture is on the channel 7 news on her birthday! This is our third year. I did it when she turned 8 years old and I did it again when she turned 10. I missed doing it when she turned 9 and she was very disappointed. That will never happen again and so today, I bring you Amara’s 11th birthday announced on the 5 AM ABC Channel 7 news this morning!

Happy Birthday Amara! We love you!

Horrible Hair Cuts

Grandma Kc wrote this on April 7th, 2015 30 Replies

I can’t seem to decide what to do with my hair lately. I complained to Amara the other day that I really needed to have her Mom cut my bangs at least. Amara eagerly offered to cut them for me. After one huge shudder that came with memories of my mother, I wisely declined and told her the story of the time her Mommy had cut her grandma’s hair.

If you’ve read some of my posts about my own childhood, you have probably figured out by now that my real mother was an extremely difficult woman. That is just such an understatement. You never knew what kind of mood she would be in but you tread lightly as her mood changed with the snap of your fingers. You never knew what would set her off.

Jenna hugging her Grandma Alma Jean

When Jenna was in 4th grade, she would often walk from her elementary school to her grandma’s until either her Dad or I got off work and picked her up. The school wasn’t even a half block from my mom’s place and she would usually walk up to the school and wait for Jenna to get out. Mom lived in an apartment complex with a HUGE swimming pool and that was where they often spent their time. Jenna has better memories of my mother than I do and my mother really loved Jenna dearly but even that didn’t shelter her from my mother’s occasional wrath.

Polaroid of Jenna on her first day of 4th grade in front of her new school

This story was about the time I arrived to pick Jenna up only to find my mother in the foulest mood ever. She proceeded to scream at me, “Look what Jenna did to my hair!” Mom had seen a new hairstyle and Jenna offered to cut it for her. My mother let her!

I seldom stood up to my mother but even I lost my temper. I was mad that she had Jenna in tears because she had no common sense. I vividly remember screaming at her, “What were you thinking letting a 9 year old cut your hair?” My screaming didn’t help much, she just couldn’t understand how Jenna had done that to her. I personally thought she got the haircut she deserved!

Is it funny or sad that I also have a very vivid memory of my mother getting furious with me for botching her haircut? I was 10 at the time, she had seen a haircut at Church that she really liked, and I offered to cut it for her. Like Jenna, my intentions were good; we both thought we could do it! We both lived to regret trying.

Therefore, when Amara offered to cut my hair I just shuddered and shared this story with her. The bad hair cutting by children stop here!