Father and Daughter 80s Dance

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Did you ever get so far behind in something that you thought about just giving up? Ever since we found out that Amara would be going to OCSA next year things have just gotten crazy busy! So many things needed to be done for the last time. I may just give you the highlights on some of the events but the 5th Annual Father Daughter Dance definitely deserves a post all of its own!

Ticket to the Father and Daughter 80s Dance

This year the theme was an 80s party and I think this was the most fun theme yet! Jenna created the cutest flyer and matching ticket. The dance committee had fun getting together to plan and create all the decorations. Pinterest gave us so many great ideas! Jenna had put a call out on NextDoor that she needed cassettes and boy did she score! She got boxes and boxes of them. Some that had never even been opened! She painted them bright neon colors and they were scattered everywhere. She also used them to make lights for the raffle tables but I didn’t get a picture of them. One of the mom’s with the help of her family created 6 HUGE Rubik’s cubes to set near the stage. Everyone wanted to take those home!

The Stage and the giant Rubik's Cubes

The PTA hired an awesome DJ – Gio who is one of the school maintenance men and well liked by all the students and staff. His music was wonderful and there was a lot of dancing going on!

The 80s centerpieces with the ghost and Pacman

Once again, the lunch tables would be the dining room and the tables were covered in neon table clothes and decorated with centerpieces in matching neon colors and Pacman cutouts. Everything would be perfect.

Bomb Diggity setting up for the dance

Dinner wasn’t as big of a success as Gio was. The PTA had hired a hot dog truck to serve corn dogs, french fries and churros for dessert. The perfect 80s meal and they even served lemonade. They came highly recommended and had great reviews on Yelp. They were confident they could easily handle serving about 300 guests in 2 hours. About an hour in Jenna realized that the food line was not moving. They were having problems with their propane but instead of telling Jenna they just tried to fix things but by then they were too far behind to catch up. One of the moms ran out and got pizzas to serve to the dads and daughters who hadn’t eaten yet.

Backdrop splattered with neon paint

I did the pictures again and Jenna and I had decided to use black corrugated cardboard splattered with neon colors for my backdrop! We had so much fun doing it the day before the dance. Splattering paint takes you back to your childhood again. We did it at school so that we could leave it to dry flat. We had little ones walking by wondering what we were up to and why we were having so much fun and they weren’t!

Kc's NametageAnother little detail – all of the volunteers wore 80s attire and nametags that Jenna had made with a picture of the volunteer from the 80s. This is mine! We tried gathering pictures of all of the teachers from the 80s but sadly, we only got a few to participate. Those 5 looked rad and the students loved trying to figure out who was who.

Better than all of this is how rad all the dads and daughters looked. Taking the pictures, I get to see how cute everyone looks! This year was the best but I think I have said that every year! But seriously, I have never seen so much neon in one place! Lots of the little girls shared with me that their moms had lots of fun helping them dress 80s and doing their hair! Even I had fun trying to find just the right outfit to wear!

Amara and Justin dancing

It was a wonderful evening. Once again, we had perfect weather and the event was sold out. The hot dog truck made it right on the bill and as a special apology, all of the photos this year were 8x10s instead of the regular 4x6s we usually do. I have loved taking these pictures for the last 5 years and being part of the dance. It has been fun photographing the same dads and daughters and watching the daughters grow. I will miss it.

Amara and Justin at the 80s Party

These are the other Father and Daughter Dances Amara has gone to.

Turning Twelve

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It really is hard to believe that Amara turned 12 years old two weeks ago!

birthday collage

Her birthday celebrating started with presents, cake and ice cream at our house. Grampy celebrated his birthday recently, too and as a gift for both of them I made a Shutterfly Book entitled “Amara and Grandpa 2004-2015″. The book turned out amazing but it was a lot of work! I went through all of my thousands and thousands of pictures looking for the perfect ones from each year. Photos of just the two of them. While that narrowed it down a lot, I still had a couple of years with over 50 pictures. I had decided to make the book 22 pages long — 2 pages for each year. I didn’t think I would ever get the photos down to a manageable number but I did and the book really turned out great! Finally! Because it took so long to finish Grandpa got his a couple weeks late and Amara knew nothing about it. We also got her two soap making kits and I am hoping she will bring one of them back on one of her future sleepovers so that I can watch her make them.

Pages from Amara and Grandpa's Book

The real partying started on Saturday afternoon! Amara had invited 3 girls and 2 boys to join her for a party at Rockin Jump where we had the Mother and Son Event. This would be followed up by a pizza party and around 10 PM the boys would be picked up and the girls would spend the night. I went to take pictures, as Jenna and Justin would be busy jumping, too! Justin had so much fun playing dodge ball with kids on the trampolines and he showed them no mercy! Amara looked so athletic climbing the rock wall and they all had fun in the jousting pit. Jenna refused to joust – she’d seen how hard it was to crawl out of that foam filled pit! It got scary for a moment when one of the girls lost their glasses in the pit! I not only went to take pictures but as transportation to help get all the kids back to Amara’s for pizza and lots of shenanigans! I had the biggest car so I got Amara and the girls. Best part of the ride home was listening to the girls laugh at a Donald Trump video! I am just amazed at how politically aware they are!

Rockin Jump Collage

Sunday morning was the annual Orbeez War and the boys and I were coming back for that! Jenna and Justin had made a huge tub full of Orbeez and their lawn looked amazing when it was all done. Much like Amara, Fred, and the fake snow every Christmas, I hope these kids never outgrow the Orbeez Wars. I know Justin never will! He is still the girls’ favorite target and much like the dodge ball, he shows them no mercy! He even comes dressed for battle!

Orbeez Collage

FYI — Amara filled her cap with Orbeez so that she wouldn’t have to keep going back for more!

Amara had a wonderful birthday! I can’t wait to see what the next year and OCSA will bring for our girl!

The Beginning of a New Journey

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It is the beginning of a big change! Jenna announced it on Facebook last night:

“I’ve got good news. Amara got into Orange County School of the Arts! Starting next (school) year we will be leaving our Santiago Elementary and Santiago School PTA family. That is all.”

I’ve been wanting to share this story with all of you but wanted to wait until we knew how the story would turn out before I told it! Santiago is a wonderful school and we are sure going to miss it but next year Amara will be attending OCSA with a conservatory in “production and design”.

Orange County School of the Arts (OCSA), colloquially called “OH-sha”, which is retained from a mispronunciation of the previous acronym for the previous name of the school (respectively “Orange County High School of the Arts” and “OCHSA”), is a 7th — 12th grade public charter school located in downtown Santa Ana, Orange County, California, United States. The school caters to middle and high school students with talents in the performing, visual, literary arts, and culinary arts. The educational program prepares students for higher education institutions or employment in the professional arts industry. Both the academic and arts program have prompted recognition in the US News’ “Best High Schools” program. OCSA recently changed its school name from “Orange County High School of the Arts” (OCHSA) to “Orange County School of the Arts” to reflect the inclusion of middle school students. from Wiki

For those of us who remember the old movie and TV show “Fame”, it is something like that only they also offer culinary, creative writing, digital media and so much more.

Overhead photo of OCSA

Photo from OCSA

Amara has been dreaming of going to OCSA for years now but couldn’t apply until she was ready to start 7th grade. Because OCSA is a charter school, you have to apply to get in. There is no guarantee you will make it and the process isn’t an easy one! Amara has been taking art classes on Saturdays since she was about three. When this school year began, she also started taking a class one night a week with her art teacher on “How to get into OCSA”. She could apply for two conservatories. Now I admit that word confused me but it is kind of like selecting a major. Amara applied for Visual Arts and for Production & Design. Applications had to be submitted online by January 15th and then you wait to see if you get an interview! Amara did not get an interview for VA but was scheduled to interview for P&D on February 6th.

Amara's wolf costume for OCSA

The interview process wasn’t an easy one either. They were given a subject – The Three Little Pigs – and they had to bring a stage mockup, a costume they created and photos of themselves or someone they had made up as a pig! Once the interview was over, we started waiting again. Parents of students would be notified sometime around the first week in April.

Amara's first day of Kindergarten

April 1st rumors started flying that notifications were being sent. Jenna was freaking out every time an email hit her inbox! The waiting was killing all of us! Jenna got the notice on April 7th that Amara had been accepted! Amara is on Spring Break and Justin had taken the day off to take her to Disneyland! I’m pretty sure her and Justin’s screams of excitement could be heard all over the park! But she is not done at Santiago yet. There is still a lot to enjoy over the next few months — like The Father Daughter Dance!

Amara on her first day of 6th grade

It will be exciting to see what next year brings!
Congratulations to Amara and to her Mommy and Daddy, too!

March in AmaraLand — the Cliff Notes

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March has been a very busy month. I can always tell how busy by the number of pictures taken. Now let me try to catch you up on everything we’ve been up to lately.

Jog-a-thon kick off.

March 1st was the first ever Jog-a-thon Kickoff Assembly! The PTA had always wanted to do a school wide assembly to get the kids excited about running and to try to motivate them to raise more money; kind of like a pep rally. This was such a cool event! They brought in a fitness instructor from the local Fitness Boot Camp who got the kids all up stretching! Wish I could share those pictures! She was so motivational, too. She spoke to the students about always trying to do one more – raise one more dollar or do one more lap than last year. The PTA also brought in Miss California 2015. She re-emphasized the whole idea of just doing a little more. The kids loved it but my favorite moment was when I was escorting Miss California to the quad and one of the kindergartners commented to her, “I love your crown.” She was so sweet and replied back, “Me, too!” They really did a great job of getting the kids all ready to run. It will be interesting to see if they raise more money this year because of it.

Jog-a-thon Kick Off Rally

Science Fairs

Amara’s school is trying hard to bring more science to the school. The students have always done science boards but this year they kicked it up a notch. The students had to present their projects to different teachers. They also had scientists come in and judge them. In addition, every Thursday night for four weeks different grades put their projects on display for the parents to come and see. Amara and one of her friends did so well that they will be going on to the County Science Fair!

Amara holding her Science and Engineering Expo certificate

2 Jog-a-thons

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while you’ve probably read about Jog-a-thon and how much I love my squirt bottle! You’ve heard it all before and if you haven’t you can read it here. This year was as much fun as all the others and in fact, it was twice as much fun – because we had 2 Jog-a-thons! Due to a field trip scheduled for the day of the first jog-a-thon, most of the AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) students would be off campus on a field trip. So! We held a second mini-Jog-a-thon just for them the following week!

Amara in Seussical

Amara had also been busy getting ready for her role as Mrs. Mayor in Seussical Jr. It was an afterschool program that the PTA sponsored. It was just amazing to watch thirty-four 4th. 5th and 6th graders performing together after only 10 weeks together to learn their parts. The show was amazing.

Amara on stage as Mrs. Mayor is Seussical Jr

Sleepover and the Lazarus Effect

With all of this going on Amara still got to spend the night with us one weekend. Dinner and a movie has always been one of our things but finding the right movies lately has become more difficult. Gone are the days of Barbie movies! Grampy is very glad about that. Amara and I sat down together and started scrolling through Amazon and came across the Lazarus Effect and since it was PG-13 we went with it. She loved it and it was a pretty good movie. Now she wants to watch Pet Sematary but she may end up watching that with Mommy and Daddy. They love scary movies, too!

Bowling for Babies

The next day was the 4th Annual March of Dimes Bowling for Babies fundraiser. Amara and I have gone every year but this year I suggested she bring a friend. Bowling with a friend would be lots more fun than just bowling with Grandma.

I needed to stop by the bank for cash before we headed to the bowling alley. The bank happens to be across the street from another of their friend’s. Remember these are 6th graders. We pull into the parking lot and her friend has a HUGE homemade “Feel the Bern” sign in her window! I love that these young minds are aware of politics. I don’t care who they like I am just glad they are paying attention. We talked about it in the car and Amara thinks it would be wonderful to have the first woman president but not if she isn’t the most qualified person for the job! Pretty wise for her age. I love that her friends have all been talking about this and much like the rest of they can’t quite figure Trump out but he sort of scares them! I love these kinds of conversations with them. Amara has such great friends and we had a wonderful afternoon topped off with yogurt.

Cat in the Hat book distribution

I got to don my costume again and help deliver books to the classroom. The PTA bought books for each teacher’s classroom library. The money came from the proceeds of the Book Fair and the teachers get to choose the books! Of course, any day I get to be The Cat is a very good day!

Spring break

I can’t help but get on my soapbox and complain about the fact that every school has their break at a different time. Amara’s finally started today. We had the perfect first day. Jenna, Amara and I went to the pet store for hermit crabs supplies, shopping at Ross and a trip to Hobby Lobby so Jenna could get more embroidery floss. Amara and I are hoping to get to go to Rock n Jump while she is on break. If we go during the week they get their second hour free – like they could last that long! Plus, it is supposed to be 88 degrees her on Wednesday and Amara and I have a beach trip planned! She’s spending the night tomorrow night so more adventures are in our future, too.

Told you March was busy!

The Cat in the Hat Comes Back

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It was a great day to be a cat.

Cat in the Hat with the Lorax

Cat in the Hat with the Lorax

I had been looking forward to playing the Cat in the Hat ever since I played him last year! Last year the PTA had celebrated Read Across America and Dr. Seuss’s birthday in a big way. They had received a grant from Lowe’s to help upgrade the school library and to bring new books to the classrooms. As part of that celebration, they also brought in about 20 special guests to read to the classes. While we didn’t have a grant with lots of money to spend this year we knew we wanted to bring back the guest readers and I knew I wanted to be The Cat again!

2016 Special Guest Readers

2016 Special Guest Readers

Last year I had delivered books to the classrooms with the help of Thing One and Thing Two. This year I would be one of the guest readers! We miss you Thing One.
The Cat in the Hat with Thing 2 and Thing 1 in the classroom presenting books

2015 The Cat in the Hat with Thing 2 and Thing 1 in the classroom presenting books

They had readers from all walks of life, the idea being that no matter what you want to be when you grow up you need to know how to read! As The Cat, I got to read to Kindergartners and 1st graders. Justin read excerpts from his own book as he did last year. This year Justin’s Mom was one of the readers and Jenna even read to some 3rd graders and some SDC students. They also brought in a head chef from one of our local restaurants, a realtor, a Politician, an attorney, a photographer, a studio artist, a doctor of chiropractic, a retired police office and business owner and many others. One of the return speakers was a graduate of Santiago who is a newspaper reporter. He spoke to one of the upper grade journalism classes and they loved him! There were also 2 (huge) football players.

TwursulaStoryBookI originally planned to read The Cat in the Hat since I knew I was reading to Kinders and 1st graders and I was dressed for the part. I had gotten to thinking on my way to Jenna’s that morning. Justin was reading his book to the students so maybe I should read my book to them. I’ve told this story before but when Amara was very little our kitten Twursula was lost for 2 weeks. As she grew older, I used to tell Amara the Twursula story at bedtime. At some point I thought I should turn it into a book for her through Shutterfly so I had. When I got to their house that morning I asked Amara if she knew where the book was and she did!

Cat-in-the-Hat with the Scholars

Cat-in-the-Hat with the Scholars

The kids really loved hearing all about Twursula and how hard we had looked for her. Of course, I ended up reading The Cat in the Hat to most of them too and I also read a book written by one of the teachers called Maggie Manners and the Tea Party. But the best part was when I was done reading, in each class I got mobbed and hugged! In one class there was a student crawling up my leg as I tried to balance while 20 others hugged me! Doesn’t get much better than that!

Cat-in-the-Hat getting a group hug

Cat-in-the-Hat getting a group hug

For me the fun lasted all day! I stood near the gates as the students arrived and had a blast having my picture taken with them. Same thing happened at dismissal. Cell phone cameras really do come in handy! I was having so much fun. I got so many great hugs!

Cat-in-the-Hat with Amara and friends

Cat-in-the-Hat with Amara and friends

I wrapped up my day as the Cat at the Book Fair at Barnes & Noble that evening. By then this Cat was exhausted and really needed a catnap!

The Cat in the Hat and Amara at the Book Fair

The Cat in the Hat and Amara at the Book Fair

It was a great day to be a Cat!

UPDATE: Pamela from Grandma Honey’s House wanted to share her grandsons being the Cat in the Hat but WordPress is being difficult and won’t let me add them to the comments but they are so cute I had to share them. 12768255_547353582108861_6177062576579058937_o 12794449_547352288775657_9052346658618832283_n