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Amara DancingIt was another wonderful visit from Amara, filled with lots of Amaraisms*. We had planned for her to spend the night with us Saturday night. Amara had reminded me about the laundry earlier in the week but that’s a story I will get into another time. Instead of having her parents drop her off I decided to pick her up a little early so that she could go with me to the grocery store. Really, if you have to go to the store isn’t it better to take your own entertainment? And she is so entertaining! We have fun and we try not to get in the way of the other shoppers but she makes them smile, too! We were wandering the isles when I stopped for a moment and said to her Grandma’s thinking we need some corn. She twirls around like Vanna White, points to the shelf and proudly proclaims Well, Amara is thinking we need some pudding! That is definitely an Amaraism.

Do you see why I like to take her to the store with me?

Amara eating her Ice CreamThe rest of the visit raced by. Amara put on a talent show for us, we watched an old Disney movie and had chicken dogs! Dessert was Häagen Dazs and Amara had to have her’s out of the carton. She about had a meltdown when Grandpa got the ice cream scoop out and started taking some of her ice cream! Why do you have that scoop? Use a spoon and don’t take it all. Another Amaraism.

Amara as the Princess ArialSunday morning started off with donut holes — it is the only time we ever eat them but we always let her have them if she asks for them. When I went to get donuts there was a yard sale going on down the street and they happened to have a brand new Ariel costume hanging out front. Well Grandma brought home more than just donut holes and she was thrilled. So she played in it and I took her picture. Then she changed into her Tinker Bell costume and I took her picture! We had a blast spinning and snapping! More Amaraisms.Amara as Tinker Bell

Then we settled down to play school. We were studying reading and math. She loves them both and it is so much fun to have her read to me, she gets better every week. She is one of those lucky children who has parents that both love to read and love to read to her. Amara is also very proud of the fact that she is good at math — and she really is. I don’t remember knowing so much when I was just a kindergartner.

We didn’t have much time left before the Kids would pick her up so we decided to take a nature walk. This is much better than our usual trips around the neighborhood playing Star Wars and blasting storm troopers! Amara took a note pad and pencil and wrote down anything we spotted that had anything to do with nature. Have you figured out yet that Amara and I often get very silly? So of course she had to ask me if we should write the neighbor’s ceramic dog on the list? No? What about the ceramic cat or the ceramic bird? All of this is followed by huge bursts of laughter from both of us. We saw birds, bees, flowers, trees and ladybugs but the number one item on the nature list was roly poly bugs — we saw tons of them! It was a wonderful walk, a great adventure and another wonderful visit filled with lots of Amaraisms to think back on later.

*Amaraisms — a verb
Derived from the girl’s name Amara \a-ma-ra\.
Silly little moments that will make you smile when you think about them later.

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13 thoughts on “Amaraisms

  1. Sandy Siegel

    Sounds like a perfect weekend for everyone! And this blog is the perfect place to keep your memories – and share them with your baby sister!!!! xoxoxo

  2. Bean

    What lovely memories for you both. There may be some moments about 6-8 years from now where Amara cringes over them, But when she is gets past those delightful teen age years, she will be able to read this and smile 🙂

  3. Barb Hartsook

    Don’t fret the teen years. They come with rolling eyeballs, it seems, but it’s not all bad.

    Your little one is precious, and the relationship you have with her priceless. I know all my grandkids because they live near me and we get together every week. The older ones are going their own way, but the bonds are pretty solid. So, beyond the fun you’re having now, and beyond the wonderful learning experiences you’re helping to reinforce, you are building a very solid foundation for Amara. (And a very rich one for yourself.)

    Kc, you may have said this in an earlier post — but where is the accent mark in Amara’s name? I want to call her right…

    Happy birthday to Amara tomorrow!

    1. Grandma Kc Post author


      It is pronounced “a-MAR-ah” and she really is priceless. I’m so glad that we are close by and that we can have such a wonderful relationship.

      I will wish her Happy Birthday for you! The big bash is here on Saturday and I can’t wait. Each year it just gets better than the one before!

  4. Sandy Siegel

    Jenna will also love reading these someday when she isn’t a busy, frazzled mom. Especially when she’s a Grama herself someday! Can you imagine????

    1. Grandma Kc Post author

      Well I never thought I would see Jenna be a Mom — and a great one at that so I actually can imagine it. Hope I’m here to watch!

  5. Connie

    Love it! I’m going to check out more of your, ummm her, Amaraisms. I think she got her creativity from you perhaps?

  6. Lisa @ Grandma's Briefs

    You are the ONLY person I’ve ever heard say that taking a child to the store is entertaining (versus hell, most of the time). But I definitely see what you mean! Truly entertaining, Amaraisms and all.

    (PS: It was your use of Amaraisms that led me to dub Bubby’s cute sayings as Bubbyisms.) 🙂

    Thanks for linking to GRAND Social! It’s always a treat to visit Amaraland!


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