Broken Brain

Grandma Kc wrote this on May 26th, 2010 9 Replies

This is another episode of “Previously on Amara”. This one is from September of 2008, she was almost 4 1/2 and full of the sillies!

I can’t remember exactly what Amara and I were talking about but it had to do with her birthday party back in April. I think I asked her if she wanted to play in her costume, she loves to play dress up. Amara is lucky enough to have 2 Grandma’s that like to sew and Grandma Judi had made her a beautiful Princess Belle gown to wear to the party that year.Amara in her Belle costume

But when I asked her about playing dress-up she started telling me that she couldn’t remember her last birthday party or her costume or anything! She then went on to tell me in her own wonderful way “I think my brain is acting up” — “there might be something wrong with it”. I was hysterical!

A couple of days later I asked Amara how her brain was doing? She looks at me with a straight face and just came right back with “Oh, I think it is doing much better today, Grandma”

I love this child!

PS She can still fit into the costume! Just click the picture to see how cute she looks in it now!

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9 thoughts on “Broken Brain

  1. Sliloh

    I love that! My daughter always told me she had the memory of a goldfish, I told her she got it from me 😉

    That dress is gorgeous, wonderful that she can still wear it!


    1. Grandma Kc Post author

      That first picture was taken at her 4th Birthday Party — April of 2008. She is just the best! A true Princess I think!

  2. Connie

    That is so funny! Kids say the greatest things don’t they? And that dress is to fabulous! I bought the pattern, never made the dress 🙁 she is so beautiful in it, both pictures! Thanks for linking up with me!

  3. Lisa @ Grandma's Briefs

    That’s funny. When I saw the title, I thought this would be about YOU having a broken brain of some sort. Amara is so darn cute…in what she says AND how she looks. I love that dress on her. I used to sew a lot but do very little anymore. Maybe a I need a grandDAUGHTER. Hmmm…


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