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Last weekend Amara and I had a wonderful adventure together, just the two of us. We went to a Concert in the Park. One of the wonderful things about living in Southern California is all of the wonderful parks. Amara and I have been to many parks together and while this park was close it wasn’t one I was familiar with. Grandma’s House of Hope, which is a wonderful local charity, was presenting the concert and the admission fee was food. They suggested you bring a case of Top Ramen or Cup of Noodles or plastic jars of peanut butter and jelly. Amara absolutely loves Kraft Macaroni and Cheese so I got her a case of that to donate. She loved the idea. I got a case of top ramen as my donation.

As we headed for the park, I had no idea what to expect. I didn’t know where we should park. As we got closer, I saw some families coming out of a church parking lot and figured it would make a great parking place, it did. We got out of the car and I could just barely hear music in the distance. Amara couldn’t hear it yet. And they said 60s music was going to make us deaf! But as we walked down the hill toward the park, she heard the music. “It’s getting louder, Grandma.” She looked up at me with such glee! Her feet started to twitch. This was going to be awesome! “Grandma, can I run?” Did I mention that we’d had the talk before setting out on this adventure? You have to hold Grandma’s hand. If you’re doing something else, that you have permission to do, you must always be able to see Grandma and she must be able to see you. No wandering off! So I let her run but only a little ways in front! She kept turning around and looking at me with that wonderful grin.

A wonderful band was playing but we were loaded down with our admission fee and wanted to find where to drop it off. We found the Grandma’s House booth and got a ticket for a balloon in exchange for our food. We decided not to get our balloon until we were ready to leave which ended up being a great idea.

We started going to each of the booths when Amara noticed a conga line and those feet started twitching again. I told her she could go get on the end of the line but just then, the music stopped. You could see her disappointment but it really didn’t last for long. The band had taken a break but some girl was playing music through the PA system and before long, she had a bunch of kids up there dancing. One of the girls gave Amara a gold necklace. She had so much fun! Next time Grandma won’t take her purse and she will get to dance, too! Couldn’t dance AND I didn’t take my camera!

When they finally took a break from their dancing, we went and explored the other booths. First stop was for a big bottle of water! She was hot from all of that dancing. We then spent time at the Boy Scouts booth making a sugar straw for Daddy. It was almost 1 1/2 feet long and she filled it with layers of flavored sugar. Her Daddy loves sour so his was almost all sour flavors. She had so much fun she wanted to make one for herself. I was a wise Grandma and let her get one but told her she couldn’t eat it until she went home.

Our next stop was the Girl Scouts where she made a present for her friend that is moving away out of yarn and Popsicle sticks. We also got tattoos! Mine didn’t come off for 3 days and I didn’t even care. Every time I looked down at the peace sign on my wrist, I went back to the park and it made me smile.

She hula hooped. She colored pictures of owls for her Mommy. She bought a necklace from the Grandmas. And Grandma got to watch it all, it was wonderful. She didn’t get her face painted, it looked cool but the line was just too long. So she danced. And she danced. She finally agreed to go home, mostly because she wanted to see Grandpa and tell him all about the fun she had. We had a quick dinner and then it was off to bed. And boy did she sleep!

About Grandma’s House of Hope — before going to this event I wasn’t familiar with their work. I was truly shocked to see how many kids rely on school breakfast and lunch programs and who go without food over the weekend. Take a moment to look at their site, and if you can help, I hope you will.

UPDATE: Amara and I went to the Concert again the next year. You can read all about it and this time see pictures!

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15 thoughts on “Concert in the Park

    1. Grandma Kc Post author

      What was Grandma thinking, obviously I wasn’t! While I do wish I had taken my camera sometimes it is just fun to stand back and watch!

    1. Grandma Kc Post author

      Thanks Adele. I do wish my Grandma had been able to do this for me. Amara really does love it. She make me read the posts to her. Someday she will be old enough to read them on her own. I’m looking forward to the day when SHE can post comments on her blog!

  1. Bean

    Music is one of my favorite things. It is such a joy to experience AND it makes such fantastic memories!

    I was very poor as a child, I can tell you that often the school breakfasts and lunches were the only food I ate all day. It truly was a godsend

    1. Grandma Kc Post author

      Amara is very fortunate, and I want to try and make her understand that not all children have enough to eat. I had no idea though how bad things are here where we live. Makes you think twice about a lot of things.

  2. Vicki Valenta

    Sounds like a rocking good time for you and Amara.

    Some of the teachers I work with always make sure and pack non-perishable snack items and fresh fruit in selected kids backpacks before they leave school on Friday. We know that for some of those kids, it’s the only food they get all weekend. How is that possible in the USA?

  3. Lisa @ Grandma's Briefs

    Great recap of an awesome event. Amara’s joy at attending shines through each and every word. What a great thing for the Grandmas to do, the event and their charitable work. Sounds like this might be an annual event for Amara and Grandma, and what a worthy one it is.

    Another fun one to link to the GRAND Social. I love getting to see the posts I missed the first time around. ?


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