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Grandma Kc wrote this on May 5th, 2010 6 Replies

Amara the Clone TrooperI know that as a Grandma I am immensely luckier than many other Grandmas. Amara only lives 1 short mile away. This lets Grandpa and I be involved in all sorts of things that we wouldn’t be involved in if she lived 100 miles or more away. Some of the best moments are the everyday moments and they make the best memories. Monday was one of those days.

Amara’s Mom had a doctor’s appointment which meant I got to go over and take Amara to school.

I should explain that I got to see my niece compete — and win The All-Level Championship Cheer and Dance competition over the weekend. Amara had been in Cheerleading for a while and one of her best buddies still is — so I printed Amara a couple of pictures of my niece from this weekend and when I got to her house I gave them to her and told her all about the competition. Amara was so excited. She couldn’t wait to tell her friends!

Grandma Kc as a Clone Trooper
Then we got side tracked with the Barbie Dolls. I had not seen all the new Barbies since the birthday was over — plus now they were all moved in with her other Barbies, this was vitally important stuff. There were new clothes and even a horse for Barbie to ride. By this time I needed to get her out of the PJs and into school clothes. Somewhere around the time she went looking for her shoes she found the Clone Trooper helmet. I can’t believe I remembered to put my camera back in my purse this morning! So I had to take a pictures — or 4 of her! Then she made me put it on and she took this picture!! Pretty cool huh? Then it was panic time because Mommy forgot to make her lunch! Lunchable or peanut butter sandwich? Peanut butter but not on the yukky Polly’s Bakery Bread, the regular white bread! Love that child!

Then we were off to school! She took the pictures with her because she had to show her friend. We were near the front of the line, a coveted place when you are a kindergartner so when her friend got there Grandma had to save Amara’s place in line while she went back to show her the pictures! I was standing behind Decker. He kept stealing my nose! Does life get any better than this?

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6 thoughts on “Grandma the Clone Trooper

  1. Debbie Noland

    My youngest grandchild, who turned two months old yesterday, is a “local” kid. I see what you mean about how nice it is to have Amara so close. My other grandchildren live three hours away, so any time together always necessitates “plans.” I am loving the spontaneity that is made possible by this closer proximity to the baby.

  2. Connie

    It’s wonderful to have them close by. I have some 5 minutes away and some 45 mins away. The ones 5 mins away do make for quick spontaneous visits. I have to ask though, do you have a hard time getting out the door to school on time? I do!

  3. Lisa @ Grandma's Briefs

    Yep, you are indeed fortunate. Not only because Amara lives so close, but because you went nose-to-nose with Decker. Cute!

    Thank you for linking up to GRAND Social…and saying so on your post! 😀

  4. Mary

    I love it and so do the boys! They knew exactly who that clone trooper was because grandma J got that for them for this years Halloween Star Wars costumes 🙂 You’re such a fun grandma! I just wish we lived closer to share the Star Wars love!


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