Let’s go to Pretend City

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If I ask Amara what she wants to do tomorrow you can almost be sure the answer will be “Go to Pretend City”! So we had made plans to meet Celia and Miss Monique there this weekend. Pretend City is an amazing kids’ museum, rated the 2010 Editors Choice award by Orange County Parenting. Here kids can pretend to be anything they want from an artist to a farmer! All this pretending is even more fun when you have a friend there to share it with and Grandma Kc was glad to have someone to share it with, too.

Our visit started with a stop in the Art Studio where the girls got to be creative. They have a glass wall where they can paint anything they want, and then wash it off and start over again. The child-height craft tables are loaded down with everything you could need to create a masterpiece — glue, buttons, colored pop cycle sticks, gold and silver beads — the girls were inspired! There were even mannequin heads with some kind of sticky little beads that you could use to create hats and hair and even earrings!Amara gave the mannequin a hat to wear.

Our next stop was the grocery store complete with shopping carts and every imaginable plastic food. Celia played the checker and operated the cash register while Amara went running around the store filling her basket with fruits, vegetables, 2 kinds of cheese and 3 pieces of cake! Celia rang it up and gave her back her change.Amara and Celia play at Ralph's Market

One of Amara’s favorite areas is the Amphitheater. She loves to perform! There is a huge stage with colored lighting, music, lots of costumes and even a soundboard (which always makes me think of Heather). The girls picked out their own costumes and danced for us. They were in their glory! Amara had informed me when I picked her up that she was wearing a tank top because it would make it easy to put on the costumes!Amara and Celia at the Amphitheater

Later the staff used the stage to gather the kids for story time. One of the great things about Pretend City is that they have different activities every time you go. This weekend popcorn was the theme and the story was about a popcorn machine that went crazy and filled the town with popcorn! Next up, the popcorn hat races! The staff tied little paper plates on the kids’ heads and then put a handful of popcorn on top. Everyone got a prize and Amara was so glad they did that – everyone was a winner!Amara and Celia had paper plate hats topped with popcorn

The girls spent a lot of time playing in the area called "Our Home". Everything in the Home is kid-sized. There is a kitchen, 2 bedrooms and a living room with a TV. The attention to the details really lets the kids stretch their imaginations. The bedrooms have closets with shoes and clothes to wear and a kid-sized bed to lie down on — which they did. The kitchen is complete with a frig, stove and cupboards with foods and pots and pans, all of them at kids-height.Amara stretches out on the bed.

They pressed all of the buttons in the 911 station.The girls played in the emergency booth.

The Restaurant is another favorite place and Celia kept bringing us plates loaded with Mexican Food! Amara was quick to grab the mop and start cleaning the kitchen. She looked so cute in her Chef’s Hat!Amara is ready to cook up lunch for us.

Pretend City also has a farm where the girls were able to dig up carrots, pick apples, lettuce and lots of strawberries. They filled the produce truck and when it over-flowed they replanted everything and started the harvest all over. Celia found this cowgirl costume and looked right at home.Celia looked so cute in her cowgirl costume.

Our last stop was the post office where we got postcards to take home and mail. Celia looked so cute in her postal inspector’s hat. It was a wonderful time. I don’t think we made it out of the parking lot before Amara asked “When can we come back, Grandma?”Amara and Celia putting stamps on the mail.

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9 thoughts on “Let’s go to Pretend City

    1. Grandma Kc Post author

      It really is a wonderful place and the staff is so great with the kids. Everything a child wants for playing dress up!

    1. Grandma Kc Post author

      The best part of it is they have something to stimulate the imagination in many different ways. There really is something for everyone. We’ve gone together a number of times and while she loves Grandma’s company she has a lot more fun when she takes a friend to imagine and pretend with!

  1. Joyce

    That is really a wonderful place! We have a Children’s Museum here and a few of the areas are like yours – the post office for example, but yours has much, much more! There are also great kids’ museums in Indianapolis and St. Louis.
    You have beautiful pictures of your happy day. My favorites are the crafty area and the photo of Chef Amara!

  2. Sally Kabak

    What a wonderful museum for children. We have one in Wellington called Te Papa and the children can intereact with different items. Thank goodness now days it is much more hands on, than when my children were growing up – look but don’t touch.

  3. Connie

    We have a childrens museum here as well as play places like what you discribe. The kids do have a blast there. So wonderful that they have places like this to imagine and pretend. Amara is such a cutie pie! Thanks for linking with me at Grandparent’s Say It Saturday.


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