The Magic in a Backyard

Grandma Kc wrote this on January 23rd, 2010 8 Replies

Amara was only a few months old when her Grandpa made some joke about AmaraLand — we had seen some special about the Hollywood Land Sign. It was about this same time that I decided to take a Dreamweaver class so I purchased the domain name  I built that first site in her honor and I have updated it 3 times since then.

But AmaraLand also came to have another meaning. When Amara was about 6 months old her Grandpa and I decided 5 miles away was just to far away. So we found a great house exactly one mile from “The Kids”. The house came complete with a great backyard and a swingset. We christened it AmaraLand. She shares it with the cats and we have spent many hours in AmaraLand playing and having fun.

Her swingset was replaced with a new on her 3rd birthday.

The wooden fence was replaced with a nice brick one in time for her 4th birthday — the wooden one had fallen over in a wind storm.

AmaraLand is the perfect size — big enough for playing Star Wars, big enough for a bouncy house and all her friends for all the birthday parties, big enough for her ladybug tent, big enough for fun with the sprinklers…. Princess Amara BelleAmaraLand is a pretty wonderful place — especially when Princess Amara is back there reigning over her kingdom.

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8 thoughts on “The Magic in a Backyard

  1. lvsblog

    Amaraland sounds like a magical place indeed! I don’t think Princess Amara is the only thing that makes it so magical. It is the love of her grandparents that create the magic.

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  3. Connie

    You are my kind of Grandma! I always think about what the kids want and not us! If it’s good for grandkids then it’s good for us!


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