Amara Becomes a Brownie

Grandma Kc wrote this on June 28th, 2011 13 Replies

It was a wonderful weekend, especially if you include Friday! Friday was Shebee’s big trip to the Vet and it sure was a crazy morning. But guess what? Our girl Shebee is a boy! We gave some thought to changing his name to Hebee but decided against it. Amara did have a blast leading her Mom and I in song “Shebee is a Hebee” to a calypso beat – I had the song stuck in my head all day!

And then there was Saturday! Amara had her Bridging Ceremony on Saturday and went from being a Daisy to Brownie! I am so far behind the times that I didn’t even know about Daisies! And I had no clue what a Bridging Ceremony was I just knew she was very excited! They didn’t have Daisies when I was a Scout. FYI — Daisies are first graders.

Daisy Amara recites her Pledge

I had been a Brownie and a Girl Scout when I was young and I loved it. I have very vivid memories of my “flying up ceremony” when I went from Brownie to Girl Scout. I’ve had lots of fun telling Amara about the badges I earned, the cookies I sold and about our Girls Scout camp outs in Michigan when it was snowing and we froze our tails off! I have so many great memories and I’m thrilled that Amara is getting involved.

Amara and her Mommy

Their troop had gotten started late in the year so the girls, with some awesome direction from their troop leader, had made their own shirts rather than buying uniforms they would only use for a few months. Saturday there were about 20 of them in those shirts and the excitement level was off the charts! Amara was so proud! She had memorized her Girl Scout pledge and practiced her salute until she could do it in her sleep. The Ceremony was at their troop leader’s home with the help of her next door neighbor. Her neighbor has a great tree house in her front yard and they went up into the tree house as Daisies and came down as Brownies. Their leader took each girl up the ladder individually; there was tons of adult supervision. Each girl came down wearing her new Brownie vests where their Mom then put their new Brownie Beanie on them. Amara’s Daddy and both Grandmas were also there to witness this special event.

Amara shoots marshmallows

It was all followed up with an ice cream social in the troop leader’s backyard where she also gave each girl a marshmallow shooter. Amara nailed her Mom and Dad really good! It was a wonderful day!

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13 thoughts on “Amara Becomes a Brownie

  1. Sarah

    So precious and how exciting! We did not have Daisies also, though i was a Brownie and Girl Scout,( and shebee is a boy)!!! We had a rabbit once named Harry….soon his name was changed to Harriet! I, like grampy ,wish I could have been there!. Thank so much for sharing.

  2. Grams

    I was a Brownie back in the 1960s and my daughter was a brownie in the 1980s. It’s wonderful to see girls still enjoy scouting. It is such a positive activity.

    Sounds like your little Brownie has a great troop leader. I love the idea of going up into the tree house as a Daisy and emerging as a Brownie … and I would have loved to place the beanie on my daughter’s head.

  3. Sandy Siegel

    It sounds like everyone had a wonderful time! I agree with Grams .. the troop leader sounds like a wonderful woman! I love the private ceremonies up in the tree house – and that the Moms got to present the new Brownie Beanies!

    Great photos, big sister!! Wish I could have been there too! xoxo

  4. Lisa @ Grandma's Briefs

    Ha! Love the marshmallow shooter ending!

    Daisies are so precious… as are the Brownies they grow into. I was a Daisy leader for all three of my girls, then bridged to the Brownie stage with the younger two (fortunately another leader took over Brownies for my oldest so I could concentrate on the Daisies, which then became a dual troop of Daisies AND Brownies). Gah… those were the days. I was a Girl Scout leader for eight years. Such fun.

    Amara looks thoroughly pleased with her moving on up in the Girl Scout world. Is she still in Girl Scouts?

    Thank you for sharing in the GRAND Social, my grand friend!

    1. Grandma Kc Post author

      I bet you were an awesome troop leader!

      Unfortunately Amara gave up Girl Scouts last year when she became so involved with Tai Kwon Do. Mommy and Daddy told her she had to pick as she has TKD 3 nights a week and art on Saturdays. She chose to stay with the Tai Kwon Do. For Amara I do think it was the right choice and you can’t do it all! Thank YOU for hosting us!

  5. Joyce

    For some reason I was a “bluebird” in 2nd or 3rd grade. We made one project – clown dolls out of fabric yo yos. First we raffled them off to our parents. Then the lady in charge took them all back and brought us to the hospital where we handed them to sick children. I still remember walking up to one in a crib and handing mine over. After that, “bluebirds” were no more. Guess there’s a story behind it all but I never asked mother what it was! Strange!
    But Amara is adorable in these pictures and I think she made the right choice about her activities!

    1. Grandma Kc Post author

      I think Bluebirds is the Camp Fire Girls version of Brownies. I had some friends that went to another school where they had Camp Fire Girls and no Girl Scouts. Of course each of us thought ours was the best.


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