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This is another episode of Previously on Amara and is from an email to my little sister Sandy that I wrote in August of 2008. Amara would have been four. It is two memories I want to save for her.

From the email…I am sure I have told you before but Amara’s Daddy sent her Mommy on a scavenger hunt the night he proposed to her! It was so cool! He had clues taped to her steering wheel, hidden under a 6 pack of her favorite beer at the market, behind traffic signs and everywhere! The end of the scavenger hunt took her home where he had a candlelit dinner waiting for her. For Easter he does things for Amara like leaving bunny foot prints pasted all over the house so that Amara will think the Easter Bunny has been there. He is very creative and both he and Jenna really do a good job of encouraging her imagination. She loves to “pretend”.

Amara the Sticker Girl

At this point in the email, I had included a picture of Grampy with stickers plastered all over him. He will not let me post that picture so you have to use your imagination and enjoy this picture of just Amara instead.

Back to the email…I have to explain the stickers on Grampy in this picture! Amara gets the kids version of National Geographic here at our house so of course she also gets junk mail for kids! Yesterday she got a promo and it came with a sheet of stickers. Well — someone told her it is funny to put stickers on bottoms so of course that is what she was doing and having a blast “pretending” to sneak up on us and smacking them on our behinds. “Look over there Grandma.” She even made me put 2 on her bottom! What a blast!

We went through all the usual rituals when her parents came to get her. Grampy flew her to the car, we got lots of hugs and kisses and then we stood and waived good-bye as they left. Grampy often uses this time to be silly! He loves making her laugh so he started taking the stickers off and putting them on his face and so of course I had to help! I was taking stickers off of me and putting them on him. I even put them on his glasses. Jenna said Amara just laughed her head off and told her

“Now that’s funny!”

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8 thoughts on “Decorating Grampy

  1. Lisa @ Grandma's Briefs

    That is indeed funny. I can just imagine her laughter as they rolled away. Smart girl finding a use for all those junk mail stickers. I’ve gotten in the habit of sticking them to the envelopes of letters and such I send Bubby. If he were here, I just might stick a few on his bottom now and then, just for giggles—in honor of Amara!

  2. Sandy

    I remember you telling me about this! You and Rich are such great grandparents!! Amara is going to have the best memories of her childhood! xoxo

  3. Kimberly

    Those rituals will become the treasures of Amara’s heart. Kudos to your son in law. I used leave poems with clues all over for my kid’s Easter baskets. I was a lot of fun, but also a lot of work.

  4. Sally Kabak

    What a wonderful idea. Somehow I can’t imagine Norman wanted stickers on his bottom, though it is not uncommon to see him with a teddy bear sticker on his jersey that Lucy has proudly put on him. Great fun for kids.:)

  5. Lisa @ Grandma's Briefs

    That IS funny! I can imagine Grampy with stickers on his glasses. Sure he made a funny face back at goofy Amara. Always a good time around your place, it seems. Love it!

    (Love the scavenge hunt proposal, too. Sweet!)

    Thank you for sharing on the GRAND Social!


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