Especially for Twursula

Grandma Kc wrote this on September 21st, 2011 12 Replies

Amara's Bed

Amara made her bed so carefully the other morning and I asked her if she makes her bed at home and she said No. So I asked her why she makes her bed here and she says “because Twursula likes it that way”. Isn’t she the sweetest child?

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12 thoughts on “Especially for Twursula

  1. Sarah

    I make my bed for the kitties also, so I can relate to that. Very important kitties all have their special place for morning nap.
    Have a good day!

  2. bookbabie

    She is a sweetie! I look forward to doing some of the things you do with your granddaughter when my little Brooklyn gets bigger, not that I’m in any hurry for to get older!

  3. Lisa @ Grandma's Briefs

    What a sweet girl. I’m sure Twursula just LOVES her! When my youngest used to make her bed for the cat (which she had named Shannon, after an admired friend of her older sister) it meant she made the bed OVER her cat. She loved to have the bed all made with poor Shannon nestled deep within. Although I’m pretty sure Shannon loved it, too.

    All the stuffed animals lined up on the bed brought back memories of my little girls. Sweet.

  4. Lisa @ Grandma's Briefs

    Still such a sweet anecdote. Does Amara still make the bed just for Twursula? If I’d known a cat could encourage a child to make the bed, I’d have allowed each one of my daughters to have their very own kitty. Wonder if it would work for Bubby and Mac.

    A happy post to share. Thank you for doing exactly that!

  5. Joan Stommen

    Love seeing a photo of Twursula again! Such a short and sweet little nugget! This is what Gramas love!
    Our Littles make their beds whenever they stay over….wait till I tell them about Amara and her cat! LOL


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