I Got Grilled!

Grandma Kc wrote this on March 23rd, 2011 4 Replies

My whole reason for creating AmaraLand was to have a place to share all of the wonderful things that Amara does with my family and friends. This is NOT Grandma Kc’s blog. This is Amara’s blog — and it is all about her! Her new thing to say is “How are things on my blog Grandma?”

This one post will be the exception to all of that. I was recently asked if I would be willing to be “grilled” by Grandma Lisa over at Grandma’s Briefs. Lisa has a wonderful Grandma blog — and she is very young to be such a wise Grandma! Grilling means to answer a bunch of questions about how much fun it is to be a Grandma. It was a great interview. If you get a chance, I hope you will read it. You can find my interview here.

And if you ended up here today because of Lisa’s blog let me tell you a little bit about Life in AmaraLand. Amara is our only and very awesome granddaughter. She will be 7 next month and will celebrate that event in our backyard, which we also call AmaraLand. We live in sunny southern California and are lucky enough to be only 1 mile from Amara’s house. She spends lots of time with us and Grampy and I know how truly lucky we are to get to be such a huge part of her life.

If this is your first time here I would like to suggest one of my favorite posts, about the day Amara turned blue!kidding. You’ll get a good idea of how much fun we have here at AmaraLand. And if you want to know more about why it’s named AmaraLand, read the About page.

Amara in her purple shirt and head band

This post has been linked to the GRAND Social blogging event at Grandmas Briefs.

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