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Grandma Kc wrote this on August 7th, 2011 15 Replies

I had the best day ever! I had 6 kids playing in my front yard!

One of the things I have often complained about is that Amara has no one to play with when she comes to visit. She has me and Grampy and the cats but I have such memories of being at my grandparents house and having oodles of cousins to play with and I have always wanted that for both of us. Saturday we got close.

Let me back up a bit. A couple of weeks ago when Amara was here we noticed some new people looking at the house across the street — and they had kids! Amara was on her Slip ‘N Slide and these kids sure were watching us. Amara was thrilled Friday night when she got here and found out that they had moved in and this new family has 4 girls! They’re probably between 3 and 10 — I’m not good with ages! They were out in front of their house playing on their awesome 3 person Slip ‘N Slide and Amara wanted to go over and introduce herself. She asked if she could take them one of the bottles of bubbles that Miss Lisa had sent her. Sidenote, I recently won Grandma Lisa’s 2 year blogaversary contest and part of the prize was 4 bottles of bubbles! The girls all seemed a bit nervous and we went home. Amara had all sorts of other stuff she wanted to get done so she wasn’t to upset that they didn’t invite her to play.

Amara writes to her cousin

Amara had such fun writing her letter

She worked on a letter to her Pen Pal, they are having so much fun with the pen pal stuff! Amara has decorated a box that she keeps all of her letters in and the other day she had picked out a new card and some stickers to use for decoration. We had pizza to eat, a movie to watch and the evening flew by.

Amara loved stirring the brownies

Stirring the brownies 50 strokes

Then came Saturday morning! We got up and she really wanted to bake brownies — “we haven’t baked anything in a long time Grandma!”. She did all the measuring and stirring and sampling!

Licking the Spoon

Just like her Mommy

While the brownies were baking we started setting up the Slip ‘N Slide and getting our bubbles and chalk and everything ready. Amara did a science experiment with some of the bubbles Lisa had sent. She added them to a bowl of water and then added crushed chalk to see if it would change colors! It did and it felt extra smooth because of it!

Amara and her Pink Bubbles

Amara's Science Experiment

About then I heard voices and 4 little girls wrapped in their towels came over to play. It was so much fun! While their Slip ‘N Slide looked very cool ours was much better — the oldest girl went to slide on it and flew right off the end! Then they all did it and they all flew off the end! “Yours is better, ours doesn’t slide very good.” They were great about taking turns and sharing. At some point I noticed that there was a little boy sitting on the curb in front of the girls’ house and come to find out this is the new boy in the neighborhood and he moved in on the corner. So I asked him if he wanted to join us but made him go home and tell his Mom where he was first. 1 boy + 5 girls + water = insanity!

Amara told them how sometimes I fill her plastic pink bowl with warm water from the garage and pour it over her head. Well of course they all wanted me to do this to each of them. We did this over and over again! Sometimes they would all huddle together and I’d pour it on all of them. There were always lots of screams of delight. Some of them may have been mine! We had the bubble machine out and the littlest one had so much fun running after the bubbles and trying to step on them. Lisa, those bubbles were loved by all!

The Bubble Machine

The kids loved the bubble machine!

Then things got really crazy and I got really wet! They were filling everything they could find with water and throwing it at one another and me, mostly me! Especially a certainly little boy! I was in my glory — all of these little kids calling me Grandma Kc! I got my Super Soaker to defend myself. Amara hadn’t wanted to bring them out since there were only 2 of them and 6 kids but I asked if I could bring out just one so that I could get some revenge! She loved that idea! Did I mention I had a blast?

It was almost time for Amara’s parents to come — OK, it was past time and we were running behind schedule so all of them had juice boxes and helped to put away all the toys we had pulled out, including the chalk and the tea set! It was a Grand day!

Now my question to all of you. Do you think it is odd that these parents let their kids come over without ever having met me? Am I over protective?

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15 thoughts on “Just Add Water

  1. Sarah

    Loved the whole story!!! I think the parents should have come over and introduced themselves to make sure everything was all right. You are not over protective. If Amara goes to their house you might want to go over and meet them before you would let her go and play, and outside is one thing; inside is another. Even introduce yourself to the parents of the little boy on the corner. What can it hurt. I think it is important and that you are not being over protective at all. In this day and time err to caution, always.

  2. Grams

    I have kind of mixed feelings about it. We often played with neighbor kids whose parents were not necessarily acquainted with our parents. But, it was a different world we lived in. I guess it would be okay as long as they were in the front yard.

    Sounds like a good time was had by everyone … especially you!

  3. Lisa @ Grandma's Briefs

    Forgot to answer the question: yes, I find it odd the parents didnt come over. Maybe if the kids were teens, it would be understandable but not with kids the age of these. But then again, I have been called overprotective most of my adult life, much to the chagrin of my girls!

  4. Sandy Siegel

    What a wonderful day for you and the kids! You have got to be the most popular Grama on the block! Thanks for sharing the fun with us!

    As for parents letting kids go somewhere to play without knowing anything about the people they are visiting, it concerns me too. Grams is right, it’s a different world than when we were kids. You can’t be too careful.

  5. Susan

    I tend to be shy so didn’t always meet the families in the neighborhood, even those that my kids played with, especially if they were playing outside where I could spy on them. I bet those other parents were checking out the action from time to time.

  6. Shari Sunday

    This is such a sweet story. Spontaneous events like this are always the best. My kids and now my grandkids were the first to meet our neighbors and us parents got to know each other more slowly. Each of my kids and now my grandchildren have made what I think will be lifelong friends from the neighborhood. I hope you are up for it because I think there will be many more days like this to come. I’m glad Amara has some friends to play with. She sounds like a very generous little girl sharing her bubbles and her grandma.

  7. Janie of Utah

    It does seem odd that the parents didn’t come over with the kids the first time. But the playtime worked out great for you! It’s nice for Amara to have some kids to play with at grandma’s house.

  8. Kimberly

    Wow, sounds like a Playdate-goodtimes. I cannot fathom letting my kids or grandkids play anywhere at anytime with someone I don’t know. I don’t get it.
    In all that time did no one walk over to check on them? Ughhhh.

  9. Pamela

    Oh, a GRAND day, indeed. This granny’s heart smiled at the fun. I do think it’s strange to allow children to play somewhere the mother doesn’t know. I had it happen to me and wondered…

  10. Sally Kabak

    Love story. Absolutely you are not odd. The parents are strange for not wanting to meet you & make sure their children are safe. Perhaps you need to go & introduce yourself to them.

    If Lucy is going to someone’s house that I don’t know I always want to meet them. It is the same with Bella’s friends I need to know who she is with & where she is going. This is just being responsible for their safety.

    Can I please have your recipe for brownies. Have tried to make them but they were not very good.


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