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One thing you should know about Amara’s Mommy is that she loves bacon. Amara has inherited this love of bacon and is often disappointed because Grandma doesn’t usually have any bacon. Well, a couple of weeks ago Lisa over at Grandma’s Briefs did a post about her and Bubby making bacon and eggs together — the non-cook kind! It was such a cute and simple idea, and they looked like they were having so much fun (you really should go look!) that I just knew it was something Amara and I had to try making. So last Friday night when Mommy asked if they could bring her over while they ran some errands, I was hoping I could talk Amara into “making bacon and eggs” with me!

We had so much fun! When she got here I asked her if there was anything special she wanted to do and she mentioned the swing set, or playing with the new friends or decorating her room. She has 2 rolls of crepe paper and she has been wanting to hang streamers and we just haven’t gotten to it. Then I told her I had an idea for a super special secret project and I brought her in the office and showed her Lisa’s post. She was so excited and so expressive about it! “Oh Grandma that just looks like so much fun!” Well, it meant going to the grocery store — but just long enough to get stick pretzels, white chocolate chips and M&Ms. I love going to the store with her. She holds my hand in the parking lot and makes me feel important. She sings to me and introduces me to everybody “This is my Grammy”. However, she doesn’t really ever like going to the grocery store so you know she really wanted to make these.

We planned out all of the steps on our ride home. The first thing we did was tie back our hair, wash our hands extra good and put on our aprons. She loves having the apron come almost to the floor. She won’t let me tie it up higher and she looks so cute in it. Then she carefully sorted out all of the yellow M&Ms for the egg yolks. Every time she found a broken M&M she would ask — “It’s broken Grandma, can I eat it?” Of course!

Amara arranges her bacon Then she carefully laid out the pretzels for bacon. This was an undertaking all on its own as she was very particular about how it looked, some at angles, some laying across each other, some with 3 pieces of bacon “for the true bacon lover”, some with 1 piece of bacon “for those who don’t like bacon so much!” And again, every time she would find a broken pretzel she would ask “It’s broken Grandma, can I eat it?” Of course! I finally had to just cut her off!

Bacon and Eggs and the proud cook

I melted the white chocolate for her and we took turns adding the eggs whites but she was in charge of ALL the egg yolks! We put them in the freezer and when Mommy called to say they were on their way home we got them out and put them on the plate. She was so proud! The kids loved them and so did Grampy. Although he was very disappointed to find out there was no REAL bacon to eat! I love my husband!

Amara poses with her bacon and eggs

Thank you Lisa!

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12 thoughts on “Makin’ Bacon

  1. Sandy Siegel

    What fun this looks like! When we go visit Matthew, Drew and Kendal this fall, I’m definitely taking along some pretzels, white chocolate chips, and M & M’s and we’ll make bacon and eggs! (By the way, I LOVE bacon, too!!)

  2. Penny

    My Worm (6-year-old granddaughter) loves bacon! We’ve found a Texas size donut at the L.A. County Fair covered in bacon. The Worm can hardly wait until our annual trip to the fair!

  3. Lisa @ Grandma's Briefs

    Yay! I’m so happy the two of you had such a joyous time making your bacon and eggs! And considering how bacon is such a popular item on anything and everything nowadays, Grampy may be on to something…maybe some REAL bacon (bits) on top would be just the ticket.

    Love that it made you all smile! THIS made ME smile!

  4. Lola C.

    Oh how delicious these candy bacon and eggs look… perfect for a vegan granny to make with her grandkids! Thank you for the jolly “how to” pictures as well!

  5. debra

    FUN STUFF! I remember seeing that post and making a mental “someday” because it was so darn cute ! I see my someday coming up again! 🙂

    Amara is so darn pretty in every pic…she is tremendously photogenic / gorgeous girl. LOL next time she’s over hug her for me because I really wish she was close by and I could. I’d buy all her school treats and girl scout cookies etc. She’d find a real neighborhood ‘sucker’ here for sure 🙂


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