Our Experiment Failed

Grandma Kc wrote this on July 6th, 2011 11 Replies

Conca d'Oro Lilies

I have some beautiful yellow Conca d’ Oro lilies that grow under our bedroom window. These lily bulbs were a gift from Amara’s Mommy 4 or 5 years ago and I just love them. This year they are not quite as pretty as they were last year but that is my own fault. I waited until spring to divide the bulbs and I should have done it in the fall but they are still wonderful and next year will be their best year yet.

Amara had gone out and looked at them with her Mommy and me the night before when Mommy and Daddy dropped her off. Jenna loves seeing them, too. But even so, the first thing Amara and I did on Saturday morning was go out and look at them again. Morning is the best time. It is always so breathtaking to see each new one that is opening up and I think Amara enjoys seeing this as much as I do so.

The Lily Experiment

And she says to me “Grandma, we could do an experiment and put food color in the water and the lily will change colors.” It wasn’t really a question so I didn’t answer her because I wasn’t sure I knew where my food coloring was or that it was fresh enough to use. I found it and it was so I grabbed the scissors and Amara and told her — Pick 2! She picked the 2 colors to use — red and blue and added it to the water. And we waited. And we waited. She thought it would take a couple of hours. I had no clue I was just having fun. Well, its days later and while the lilies have opened up and it does smell fabulous in here — they didn’t change colors!

Yellow Lilies still Yellow

Our Experiment failed but…
the house smells wonderful!

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11 thoughts on “Our Experiment Failed

  1. Grams

    Have her try the same experiment with white carnations. They last long enough that you will see the color change in the blooms. That kind of science is so much fun!

  2. Lisa @ Grandma's Briefs

    I wouldn’t consider it a failed experiment when the time spent sharing the challenge was such a success. (Not to mention the sweet scent filling the house!)

    I remember doing the same thing with white carnations, as Grams suggested, in high school.

  3. Sandy Siegel

    I remember doing it with Queen Anne’s Lace wildflowers when I was little. They will turn the color of the food coloring.

    What fun you two had with your experiment anyway!!

    The lilies are beautiful!! I divided mine in the spring also and they aren’t as good as I’d hope for either. Next year we will both have better luck!

  4. Grandma Kc Post author

    I have discussed it with Amara and our very next experiment is going to be the carnations! I will keep all of you updated. My only complaint about the carnations is they won’t smell nearly as good!

  5. Joyce

    I remember doing this with celery and it did work! I think Amara learned this in science class. I’m not sure why it wouldn’t work with lilies since the idea is that plants absorb water and nutrients to grow.
    See…now I’m a botanist too!

  6. Lisa @ Grandma's Briefs

    I wonder why it is that they didn’t suck up the color like carnations do. Hmmm… Scientists of all sorts learn the most when things don’t turn out as expected, so perhaps a lesson in WHY is the key to success. 😀

    Loved seeing the pretty blooms again anyway, colored or not. Thanks for sharing in the GRAND Social! 😀

  7. Carol Covin

    I love that Amara suggested this! So, not all experiments work. That’s not a bad lesson to learn. It seems to me it works with white daisies. So, the experiment is now, which white flowers absorb food coloring through their stems?


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