She’s a Dancing Machine

Grandma Kc wrote this on September 1st, 2011 14 Replies

Last Saturday night was the 2nd Annual Concert in the Park. Amara and I went to the first one last year and we had so much fun that we had to go to this one! The admission fee to the concert was food! All of the food donations went to Grandma’s House of Hope. Finding their booth was first thing on our list.

Amara was so excited and she had so much fun — mostly dancing! She was kind of disappointed when we got there and the band wasn’t playing but we used the time to look at the other booths, to get a tattoo from the Girl Scouts and to visit the 2 policemen on their horses. I didn’t even know that we had mounted police men but they were very nice and their horses were very gentle. She had fun petting them.

All the while she is glancing over her shoulder to see if the band was getting ready to start and when they did she was the first one in front of the stage dancing! One of the other Mom’s told her she was a great dancer and she came back with her usual “My feet just know what to do.”

Amara loves to dance

And the band just loved her! The bass player even high fived her from the stage while he was playing — she has told everyone about it! It was the same local band as last year and the lead singer was throwing out Mardi Gras beads. Amara still has the gold ones some girl gave her last year. She quickly got a new string but she wanted more. When she got her 2nd strand she walked over and gently put them on me! I may have shed a tear! She got at least 3 more strands as the night wore on plus 2 little pink plastic inflatable guitars and 2 or 3 light stick bracelets! She was dancing and playing the guitar behind her back. This year I borrowed her Mommy’s little camera to take with me so I could capture the moments. I actually thought I had gotten some video of her dancing that I could post but somehow the camera and I seem to have had a miscommunication. We stayed until long after the sun went down and only left because we both needed food and a restroom. Boy did we sleep good that night.

Amara having fun dancing

None of her new friends were home on Sunday morning but it was hotter than heck out so we played in the water anyway. The 2 of us had lot of fun and she got Grammy very wet, but I know she was a little bit disappointed that it was just her. I filled one of the pink tubs for her — she added bubble bath and this time I even let her add a bunch of her bath toys. I loved watching her sit in that pink tub and strum her new guitar!

Amara in her hot tub strumming her guitar

She pretended she was a cat named Lily, anytime she pretends to be anybody her name is always Lily or Liliana, haven’t quite figured out why! I was the blind lady that worked at the animal shelter that took her in. Lily had long white fur and green eyes, she told me this since I couldn’t see until she used her magic cat powers to restore my sight! Such a great imagination and such fun until she informed me I also had to adopt her 7 sisters and brothers and her mom and dad! 10 cats? She definitely takes after her Mommy!

UPDATE: Here is a link to our first Concert in the Park.

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14 thoughts on “She’s a Dancing Machine

  1. Mimi

    I adore the pink tub and the bubbles! My oldest grandson is only 3.8 so his imagination is just starting to develop. I can’t wait to be a part of such a magical world. Lucky you.

    1. Grandma Kc Post author

      I think having the admission go to such a good cause made it even better. Amara is very aware that she is lot more fortunate than others around her and her parents have raised her to be very kind and generous. And a very good dancer!

  2. Sarah

    What a girl, what a girl! I am so glad you had such a wonderful time! Her dancing just sounds like so much fun. Oh that we all could do a little more dancing! Her imagination just soars! The pink bubbles sound like so much fun. (Do they make adult size tubs?) Thank you for such delightful and vicarious JOY!!!

  3. Sandy Siegel

    What fun! And your description of it all is nearly as good as being there myself. You’re a wonderful grama to Amara, and a wonderful big sister to me!! xoxo

  4. Sarah ~ Magnolia Surprise

    Oh what fun fun fun! I love that she gets out there and dances! Love that pink tub too — good idea about the bubbles; I’m going to do that next time my granddaughter gets in the kiddie pool! Our granddaughters are alike — mine is Lily too when she pretends (always a kitty, excuse me a GIRL kitty)!!
    (Glad you reposted this — it was a fun read!)

  5. Amara's Grampy

    You can see just a trace of little Marsie remaining. So glad we have these blogs and pictures so we an revisit little Marsie whenever we want. Plus your screen saver that won’t let go. “Let’s wait for just one more”.

    But we love big Marsie just as much and watching her accomplishments. Like crushing it in Tae Qwan Do.

    1. Grandma Kc Post author

      We’re very excited because they just announced the date for this year — August 24th. It really will be fun to see what year 4 brings us! I just love that we have gone together every year since it started. It is our thing.


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