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Grandma Kc wrote this on November 29th, 2011 7 Replies

November 15, 2011 —I stopped by Amara’s house this evening. It’s always wonderful to just stop by for a visit — and to get my dog fix! They have 2 dogs and it is so much fun to get love from Bogey and Newt. Amara was busy going at about 100 mph telling me everything. It’s so much fun being her Grandma. She started to ask if she was coming over this weekend but then she remembered that she is going to her first ever birthday party sleepover. So exciting! She went on to tell me that next weekend when she does spend the night she is thinking that she wants to teach me a craft! She learned how to make these new colorful bookmarks and she really want to show me how. I wrote this tonight so that I can add to it when she does teach me!

Fast forward to November 26, 2011 — Amara came to spend the night with us and as we always do we talked about what she wanted to do while she was here. We had a situation a few months ago where we ran out of time and she was really disappointed that there was no time left to play in the water. So I asked her what she wanted to do and she immediately responded with “Well Grandma, remember I wanted to teach you how to make those bookmarks?” I was glad she hadn’t forgotten and we made a plan to make bookmarks in the morning, right after the news.

Amara has a set of plastic drawers in her room and they are filled with construction paper, safety scissors, markers, rulers, stencils, water colors, paint brushes and more markers. When my friend Deb moved from California to Wisconsin she gave me a ton of craft stuff, lots of glitter, glue, stickers, feathers, all sorts of fun stuff and I have added to it over the years. (I miss you Deb!) So while Grampy and I watched the news she got out everything she wanted us to use and got it all organized on the dining room table. We didn’t even get out of our pajamas!

Sunday morning she taught me how to make bookmarks!

Amara starts her bookmarkYou begin by cutting a section a small section with a wavy edge.

Carefully glue the layers on top of one anotherYou carefully glue it to your next color. Then you cut a little bigger section with a different wavy edge.

Before the cutting and decoratingYou keep gluing them together and cutting larger sections. You finish by gluing all of that onto a whole sheet of construction paper. It should look like this.

Amara's bookmark in progressThen you cut the sheet into strips and begin to decorate!

Dusting off the extra glitterShe was very patient as she showed me how to shake off the excess glitter into the trash can.

Our works in progressIt was so much fun making them together.

Amara and the finished bookmarks
Now I have one of her bookmarks in the book I am reading! Sure made me smile when I went to lunch today.

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7 thoughts on “Teaching Grandma Kc a Craft

  1. Susan Adcox

    These bookmarks are beautiful! Somehow I’ve never gotten in the habit of using bookmarks. I just remember where I left off. But I may have to acquire the bookmark habit, just so I can make some of these with my grandchildren.

  2. bookbabie

    Love it, I hope to do crafts with my granddaughter someday too. I have a whole room in the basement filled with supplies all ready to go! I enjoy following what you and Amara are up to on your blog Kc:)

  3. Kimberly

    I can never seem to keep a bookmark. Perhaps from having too many bboks going at the same time. I’ll have to talk the gramerlings into making me a fancy stash.
    It takes forever for mine to adjust to afterschool with Gramerly after a summer of full days. They want to do everything done in a full day in only an evening. Doesn’t work too well and they are always disappointed to have to go.
    Hope you and Amara got through your to do list.

  4. Lisa @ Grandma's Briefs

    I love bookmarks and have a pretty huge collection of them. BUT, I don’t have any as crafty as these. Very cute. And what a great craft teacher Amara is. Sweet to see how much she’s grown in the past year. Oh, they grow too, too fast!!
    Thank you for linking to the GRAND Social (and saying so here!).
    The big day, Thanksgiving, is nearly here. I’m sure you’re THRILLED and counting down the hours! Good luck with the final prep!


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