What would Santa think?

Grandma Kc wrote this on December 6th, 2011 10 Replies

Last weekend when Amara was here the two of us started decorating our little Christmas Tree. It is a fake tree that Grampy and I have had since we moved in here and we like it! Like all Christmas Trees the best part of the tree is the decorations and the memories that they hold. This is the first year that Amara has helped me to decorate the tree. We got most of the bulbs and stuff on it but I ran out of hooks so one whole box of ornaments did not get put up! That was two weekends ago.

Poor injured Jenna got me a package of hooks and brought them over when she dropped off Amara Saturday night. I don’t mention often enough that I have a wonderful, thoughtful and amazing daughter. Amara is lucky to have such great parents.

Sunday morning Amara’s plan was for us to make monkey break (our best yet!), wrap Christmas presents and finish decorating the Christmas Tree so that one night next week we can take pictures for our Christmas cards. Yes, I am behind on them again. The last 2 years I have sent New Years cards because I was so far behind!

Amara and the Christmas Tree 2011

Once we got the tree decorated Amara started going back through the big blue tub that holds the decorations. There were still a few things left in there like Grandma and Grandpa’s Christmas stockings. We each have two. We have the velvet ones that Amara’s Mommy made for us a long time ago and that have your names on them — in glitter! There are also the beautiful handmade ones that my Mom made for us a few years ago. Amara has one of these of her own at home. She took the stockings and started trying to find a way to tape them up to the ledge where I usually put them. She asked if I was going to hang up all of them. I of course replied “Do you think if we hang up two socks each we can get more presents?” And my wise grandchild says to me “If you do that Grandma, Santa might think you are greedy”.

She is wise beyond her years!

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10 thoughts on “What would Santa think?

  1. Susan Adcox

    I have a very eclectic ornament collection, and the grandkids love to look at them. Sometimes we play a game to see who can locate a particular ornament on the tree first.

  2. Sandy

    You’re right about the ornaments being such wonderful memory keepers! I still have a lot of the things Josh made in school .. and he’s 31 now!

    Amara is very wise. If Santa heard her reply, I’m sure he smiled and was very proud of her .. just like we all are!!

  3. Lisa @ Grandma's Briefs

    Smart gal! And what a lovely photo of her.

    By the way, you’re doing far better than I to get your cards out, even if that means they’re sent as New Year’s cards. I’ve gotten so horrible that I haven’t sent them the past two years, only given them to folks I see at holiday functions (and only hastily written and sealed before the function). I know for a fact this year won’t be any better. I likely won’t even buy cards.

  4. Joan Stommen

    Oh,what fun to read….and what a cute little elf Amara is! I know just how she feels “discovering” what’s in the tubs and finding a place for everything! Sounds like you have a headstart on it all, Kc! I’m impressed 🙂 Thanks for giving me the nudge I needed to get our tubs out and get the ball rollin!
    Joan @gramcracker crumbs

  5. Lisa @ Grandma's Briefs

    Still a sweet post, maybe even more so this time as Amara is even older.

    (And like the first time I read this, I’m sure I’ll be equally behind on my cards this year.)

    We’ll decorate our tree next weekend. I bought the girls an ornament each year (still do) but they’ve all taken theirs when they moved out so we’re in the process of building up our ornament collection.


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