Amara’s First Design

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Friday is the Jog-a-thon at Amara’s school. It is one of the big fund raisers that they do every year. They run the different ages at different times and it so much fun to watch. They blast loud music and the kids run around the big field. They have lots of volunteers to make sure the kids all stay hydrated, healthy and cheered on.

Jog-A-Thon T-Shirt

Jog-a-thon t-shirt — designed by Amara!

Do you see the big smile of pride on my face? They had a contest at her school for the students/scholars to submit a design idea for the front of the t-shirt that the joggers could win. And out of all of the entries Amara’s won! She had sketched her idea out and the t-shirt designer used that sketch to create the artwork.

I asked Amara to explain her design to me. You should know that Speedy the Turtle is the school mascot. I’ve mentioned Speedy before! “That’s Speedy in the middle with Mrs. Speedy. I gave her a bow, Grandma. The little turtle is Baby Speedy. They are the Speedy Family!” I didn’t even know Speedy had a family! “The little sign on their backs is where they mark off your laps.” A wise parent knows to make a flat contribution. We learned that back in the days of the trike-a-thons. You can go broke! The object in the bottom right corner is a cooler full of Popsicles, “they always have them Grandma!” And it even has her name on it! If you click the picture below you will see it in the bottom left corner.

Jog-A-Thon Design

Jenna had known for days and had shared it with me but the best parts of this whole experience was listening to the pride in her voice when she told me about the big announcement. The Principal had announced over the loud speaker “that any student who raises at least $30 for the Jog-a-Thon would get a t-shirt designed by Amara.” Jenna was just beaming with pride.

Our girl is famous! Grampy has been singing her praises and told her she could have her own resume. She really is our little Fashion Designer. Her art teacher told her Mommy to be sure and get a certificate for her to add to her portfolio! It is never to early to get ready for art school!

Congratulations Amara!
We are very proud of you!

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11 thoughts on “Amara’s First Design

  1. Joyce

    This is so wonderful for all of you! The story reminded me of when our youngest daughter, Karen, won first prize in a 2nd grade contest to design a bookmark for Reading Week. Every K-4th grade student received one with her design on it. Karen is 26 now and I still have ours! Your Amara is talented and so pretty…those eyes!

  2. Lisa @ Grandma's Briefs

    Yay! Congratulations to your brilliant and creative girl. The Barbie designer activities certainly led to bigger and and better designs as well as more (deserved!) acclaim. Kudos to Amara! A great start to her fashion design portfolio! 🙂

  3. Kimberly

    Love the Popsicles, that girly knows what’s important. How fun! Maybe there’s a quilt in the future with that panel right in the middle.

  4. Joan Stommen

    I love this! How proud you all must have been! Another feather in her talented cap for sure! Tell her I decorate with turtles and frogs all the time too!
    Loved the photo of you with her on Say It Saturday!

  5. Joyce

    It’s nice to revisit some of these “old favorites!” I’m impressed at how creatively things are done at Amara’s school – no wonder she is so happy there!

  6. Connie

    That design is adorable! No wonder she won! And yes I can see that smile too 😉 I learned last year to make a flat fee donation. The school sent me a letter asking where the $180 was I pledged, I thought I was pledging $5 and it turned out I pledged $5 per lap and my girl can run a looonnnngg time! I make sure now. Thanks for linking with me.


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