11 thoughts on “Fun with Grandpa

  1. Mimi

    I just got caught up on a the happenings in AmaraLand and can tell you are having a fabulous summer! Thanks for sharing all your photos, your stories and your ideas. Being a grandparent is fun and you are proving it entry after entry!

    1. Grandma Kc Post author

      Thank you Lisa! I did this in Photoshop and it is one of my favorites. You can tell these 2 have been worshiping each other since the beginning! She is just growing up way to fast!

  2. Susan Adcox

    I really need to tackle Photoshop. I’ve been using free photo editing programs, and they just don’t measure up. Both of my daughters and three of my granddaughters know Photoshop, so I would have some willing teachers. Did you find it hard to learn?

  3. Debra

    I saw your comment about the link on my one post…Links seem to not work right now which I know because I was trying to backlink to your site in a post this morning and ended up having to copy/cut/paste the URL

    To see WHY I was backlinking well the kids and I arranged something for you over the weekend

  4. Lydia (Mai)

    What a great picture! And I have really enjoyed your blogs! I had to laugh when I saw that your website was “Amaraland”. My daughter refers to our place as “land of yes” to our grandson, Drew. We just refer to our place as “Drew’s farm” and he just thinks it’s a big playground for him! :)Definitely will have to try Photoshop again!


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