Postponing New Year’s Eve

Grandma Kc wrote this on January 3rd, 2012 13 Replies

Well, sometimes things just don’t work out the way you plan them but as you will see this turned out to be all good! We had been planning to have Amara spend the night with us on New Year’s Eve but her Mommy called that afternoon to see if we would be OK with changing our plans and having Amara spend the night with us on the first day of the New Year so that they could go to a family get together with Daddy’s family. Why not? Grampy and I didn’t have to work Tuesday morning so this just meant she got to have fun with everybody!

She brought the new Smurfs movie with her for us to watch and we splurged and had pizza, she had hers with her sparkling apple cider! Amara’s Mommy had loved the original Smurfs TV show and she had given the movie a thumbs up — so had Daddy. They were right. It was a fun movie. OK, Grampy liked it better than I did. I think I just expected to much. The pizza was good!

And of course the next morning was the best part! I had promised Amara she could have bacon and told her she could have either eggs or pancakes to go with it. She wanted pancakes! I asked her if she had seen the rainbow pancakes in the post her Mommy had sent me? She hadn’t so I told her about them. She ran to double check the cupboard to see that I did in fact have lots of food coloring left from when we did the lily experiment. “Grandma, you have to find that post and those pictures!” I did and she was determined we had to make those pancakes! Well I didn’t have any of the fresh fruit on hand but why wait? We can color pancakes even if we don’t have everything. (You really should see the originals!) Just means we will have to do it again!

Amara adds food color to the batterSince we didn’t have the fruit to make the rainbow I decided we would only use 3 colors. Amara decided to start with 3 drops of color in each bowl. It was more than enough but the pancakes didn’t taste like food color.

Rainbow pancakes getting bubblesI let her do most of the work but I did the pouring and she was OK with that. She is cautious in the kitchen and I like that.

Amara flips the pancakesAmara was very careful when she flipped them and she waited until they had lots of bubbles on top.

Some of the pancakes have been flippedI just had to include this picture because I love the way the steam is coming up off the pancakes. It is really neat if you click on the picture and look at it large. Sandy says they look like planets and I think she is right.

Amara and the baconAmara’s favorite part of any breakfast.

Look at the colors of our pancakes!I am glad we used the neon colors because they were so bright and vivid when you cut into them. They probably would have looked prettier on white plates but I wanted to use up the last of the good china!

I have promised Amara that the next time I will get the fresh fruit for them. She wants to try topping them with whipped cream so that she can have double rainbows in a cloud! How cute is that?

After a morning of cooking and stuffing our faces full of pancakes and bacon we were off to enjoy the beautiful outdoors and the gorgeous southern California 70 degree weather on January 2nd! She got out her chalk and her chalk paint and of course we got out the hose. She really didn’t spend much time getting wet but she did spend a lot of time painting herself with chalk! And she did dump a bowl of water on top of her head before we headed for the bathroom and a nice hot bubble bath!

Bubble baths are so much fun. She was singing and floating on her back in a blanket of bubbles and having a wonderful time when she sighed and said

“Ah, this is the life.”

Grampy and I couldn’t agree more!

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13 thoughts on “Postponing New Year’s Eve

  1. Sandy

    Those pancakes look delicious! And Amara’s idea of the whipped cream next time sounds perfect! I’m going to try some food color in my pancakes the next time I make them!

    I also think a bubble bath sounds pretty good. I haven’t done that in a long time! Thanks Amara! You’ve inspired me!

  2. Grams

    That looks like a lot of fun. I can’t wait until our grands are big enough to cook. The oldest is already a good kitchen helper. And, as for the bacon, our kids are in their 30s and it’s still their favorite part of breakfast.

  3. Amara's Grampy

    Amara made pancakes for us yesterday, including pouring the batter, and they were wonderful. Then we went out to see how high I could lift her up on the swings. Ah, this is the life.

  4. Lisa @ Grandma's Briefs

    I have a pad of paper by my computer that says “Grandma Bag” as I prep for my next visit to my grandsons. Just added this to the list! Pancakes are one of the few things Bubby *will* eat, so this should be a hit. Thank you!

    Also…Thank you for linking to the GRAND Social and commenting on links of the fellow partiers! ?

  5. Risa

    What a cool idea! Pancakes are one of about five things my granddaughter likes these days, so these pretty ones would be a big hit with her! Fun post.

  6. Joan Stommen

    What a cute idea! My grkids love pancakes and Gpa uses a griddle just like this. Since he is the cook in our family, I usually stay out of the way…..but with two 5 yo’s helping….I’m ready to jump in and help….I can hear and see their excitement & enjoyment right now!Thank you for sharing this, Kc….what a wonderful way to share a lazy morning!


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