She didn’t get to dance

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It just wasn’t as good as the first two years. It was a different band, a different energy and a much bigger crowd. Amara and I had really been looking forward to the 3rd Annual Concert in the Park. We had so much fun the first two years and it was kind of our thing to go. Don’t get me wrong, we had a lot of fun but there was just something missing. Over the last few days I wondered, did I just build it up to much in our heads? So I went back and read the post from that first concert and the one from the second concert. This year just wasn’t as good.

The event was supposed to go from 4 pm to 10 pm. This year I had done a much better job of preparing. I took a blanket with us so that I could just sit on the grass while she had fun dancing and she would have a place to come grab water. I had my little black purse I could just throw over my shoulder and this year I was armed with my Flip.

We didn’t get there until almost 5 and just like last year the band wasn’t playing when we got there. Unlike the previous years they didn’t start playing until almost 6:30! So we spent our time wondering among the different booths. First stop – face painting. In the past she hadn’t gotten her face painted because the line was so long but this year there wasn’t anyone waiting so we were next and Amara was quickly transformed into the most amazing puppy dog!

Amara and the face painter

We went and visited the Girl Scout booth where Amara got one of the new shimmer tattoos of two gold hearts. We spoke with the mounted Policeman who explained to us about the tattoo on his horse, which is one of the wild mustangs rescued from Nevada. We looked at the booth with the baseball caps that had been covered in the new fancy duct tape and selling for an outrageous price. We didn’t get one but we did think it would be fun to do ourselves.

Amara and the mounted police

One of the things that was missing was Grandma’s House of Hope and the request for food dontations as addmission. I had liked the idea of taking the food — I thought Amara really learned a lesson in doing it.

Amara riding the dragon's tail

One of the new things they had added this year was a huge green wooden dragon teeter-totter with purple scales. Amara had a blast playing on it while we waited impatiently for the band to start which they finally did. The band was good they just weren’t playing the kind of music that would get the kids to dance. The last 2 years one of the band members had thrown Mardigra beeds out and Amara had really looked forward to adding to her collection — she has kept them all. The band didn’t do that this year. They also didn’t give out the pink plastic guitars or any of the glow in the dark bracelets and necklaces. They had scattered lots of hula hoops in front of the stage and the kids had a blast playing with them but no one danced. There was no one to lead the kids in a Conga Line, no one to get them dancing to the boom box between sets. It was just different!

Amara Hooping

Amara did make some friends while we were there. We’d had our usual conversation in advance that she must be able to see me at all times and that I must be able to see her at all times. She was so awesome. She was so conscienscious about staying within eye sight. They were playing chase and she would get just to the point where I was going to lose her in the crowd and she would come running back. And when she wanted to play on the baseball field she asked me if I could move so that she could play and I could still see her. I moved! I was really proud of how good she was for me.

We left early, around 8:30 and headed for Wendy’s. We were starving! Going to Wendy’s was one of the best parts as she was still proudly wearing her puppy dog face and I was wearing the pink moustache she had gotten me. She was thrilled that I would leave it on. The other customers in line and the girl that waited on us got a laugh out of our appearance! So did Grampy when we got home!

Amara's Calendar

On her way to bed that night she walked by her calendar that hangs in the hallway. August has pictures of her dancing at last year’s Concert in the Park. She just looked at it and we both sighed. It was just different this year.

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14 thoughts on “She didn’t get to dance

  1. Sarah

    What a wonderful time you two shared, making memories every year that are special and moreso as the year before. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful evening!

  2. Joyce

    The story is still so sweet. It reminds me that every single project a child enjoys isn’t going to be a successful one. It’s still a learning experience and there’s fun in trying. My personal not-so-perfect event will be when the kids realize we probably won’t have pumpkins this year…just the small “bulbs” (like Amara’s) that arrived far too late to mature by the end of October. But, we had fun trying and it’s not a bad thing for kids to accept that every venture doesn’t turn out the way we dreamed it would!

  3. Sandy

    It’s too bad that the concert was kind of a dud this year. You made the very best of the time you had though and the memories will be just as sweet as the past years were.

  4. Lisa @ Grandma's Briefs

    Aw, I’m sorry it wasn’t all you’d hoped. It’s so frustrating when something good gets tweaked and is no longer what it was. Sounds like you still enjoyed the evening together, though being able to dance (and donate your food) would have been much more fun. Amara is still a cute little puppy, even sans the dancing.

    Maybe the organizers will realize it wasn’t as good either and do their very best to make NEXT year’s as awesome as the first two.

  5. Judy

    Sounds like you made lemonade out of lemons and still had a good time – trait of a creative grandmother. Maybe you should email the organizers and express your observations. Sometimes you get ignored but sometimes you can help make a positive difference. Of course, the bottom line is you got to spend a wonderful evening with your beautiful granddaughter.

  6. Axiesdad

    Thanks for putting this (nearly) year old post on the Grand Social. You have a real talent for turning out an enjoyable narrative from fairly ordinary (and in this case a bit disappointing) events. You MUST tell us about this year’s concert!

    1. Grandma Kc Post author

      We definitely want to go again this year but so far they haven’t posted any information regarding on their Facebook page or their website. But if it happens we will be there and I will share! Thanks for the kind words – I like posting old articles that others haven’t read and that Grampy and I can enjoy reading again.

  7. Joyce

    I loved reading this again and noting a few things that I overlooked last year. I appreciate the folks who rescued the wild horses and have given them a second chance for a good life. I also like how Amara just “goes with the flow” – when things aren’t perfect she’s still in there – hula hooping, getting face-painted and smiling away with a beam that lights up the whole park!


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