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I am not keen on spiders. I don’t become a complete basket case when confronted by one but I don’t like them nonetheless. Jenna is not keen on spiders either. She and I have always agreed that all spiders must be squashed with a Kleenex and then double flushed down the toilet. Our husbands thing we are strange but you must flush twice to make sure that spider is gone and that the toilet is once again safe to sit on. Now that you know all of that, you will understand why I got such joy out of the following email from Amara!

Email from Amara

She is very brave!

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7 thoughts on “Spiders!

    1. Grandma Kc Post author

      And following in her Aunt Sandy and her Grandma Kc’s footsteps when it come to overusing the exclamation point!!!

  1. Kaye Swain

    TOO cute. And I’m with you – tho I only flush once. 🙂 My grandkids and I are hoping to change their 2 swing and a climbing net to a 3 swing set – and the argument my grandson is planning on hitting dad with is that the climbing net gets too many spiders – so it’s not just us girls that don’t like spiders too close. 🙂 That’s for SURE!

  2. bookbabie

    Oh no, I never thought about flushing more than once, going to have to add a flush now that you mention it. I do apologize to bugs before I off them, don’t mind them outside but once they are in my house it’s war!


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