The Art of Yoinking

Grandma Kc wrote this on November 9th, 2012 13 Replies

This is another episode of Previously on Amara and comes from June of 2005. Amara would have been 14 months old.

“Did you yoink me in that picture?”

I don’t know if Amara actually remembers being yoinked or if she just remembers it from hearing us talk about yoinking her! We had been looking at old pictures of her on my computer and I just loved the question. Reminded me that I had mentioned yoinking to Sandy just the other day and I still hadn’t explained it to her.

When Amara was little, she had a pacifier, a Binky. To yoink Amara was to take her Binky away. This was often done as a prelude to taking her picture. We have photos of her with it in her mouth but once she learned to smile, we wanted to capture that smile in every picture! She was very good about being yoinked, as she knew she would get her Binky back quickly if she cooperated and besides, she loved to have her picture taken. So much so that she soon learned to yoink herself if you asked her to!

Yoink Collage | Amara and Jenna

We love those smiles!

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13 thoughts on “The Art of Yoinking

  1. Judy

    Wow, if there was a contest where you matched up the baby with the young lady, I could pick Amara out. She will probably proceed to be more Amara and more beautiful as she matures.

  2. Vicki Valenta

    If I ever write a book, that’s going to be my topic … the language of families. I love family words like “yoink.” Every family has words like that. They are part of what makes up our shared experiences.

  3. Joyce

    A few months ago, you mentioned how much fun it was to see how my grandkids have grown since I first started blogging. So true! And now I can say the same about pretty little Amara – still that same radiant smile and gorgeous eyes, but now getting to be such a lovely young lady! You’ve got to be so proud of yourself for this record of her growth – thousands of pictures! – nary a moment missed! – a “GRANDmother” in every sense of the word!

  4. QMM

    What a wonderful story. All our children and grands are grown but I have written down all the funny things they used to say. Even wrote a book for each of them a couple of Christmas using them. Thanks for sharing.


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