Those Crazy Delivery Guys

Grandma Kc wrote this on August 12th, 2012 19 Replies

I was sitting in front of the computer Friday trying to catch up on the emails, blog reading and bill paying I’d missed since getting sick on Tuesday with this terrible throat infection when someone knocked/pounded on the front door. Grampy went to the door but I could hear the whole thing in the office and in my mind I could see him peeking throught the peep hole to see who it was. I hear him call out “Who is it?” “Delivery for Kc” and I’m thinking I haven’t ordered anything? I got up and went to the front door and Richard is standing there smiling and there is the delivery guy holding a box with a bouquet of yellow cake pops.

I saw the cake pops and I immediately knew that Jenna had made them. She is most awesome and had recently done some for a wedding. I’d know her work anywhere. I’m thinking “Did she hire somebody to deliver these to me?” And then I look up at the eyes under the baseball cap and it is Jenna. I was so touched I’m sure if I hadn’t been sick I would have cried! She had dressed up in Justin’s clothes and had her hair all tucked under that baseball cap with a clipboard and a bouquet of cake pops in her hands! She had parked the car down the street so that who ever came to the door wouldn’t recognize it and Amara had been ordered to hide on the other side of the garage and to try not to giggle (think worst hide and seek player ever!).

They had spent all morning Friday making them (for me!) and it was only 95 degrees out. That is love! They had even gone to Target to try and get moustaches to wear but they didn’t have any. It was the most wonderful gift ever.

We sat in the front room talking, no one wanting to be the first one to eat one but everybody wanting one! Especially Amara who could not take her eyes off them. I called her over to me and asked her if she wanted a cake pop and she sits down in my lap and drapes her arms around my neck and says “Grandma, you know me so well.” I have the best life!

Present for Grandma Kc with Jenna and Amara

Thank You Jenna and Amara! You are the best girls ever!

19 thoughts on “Those Crazy Delivery Guys

  1. Sarah

    I love it! How very thoughtful, and how very creative Jenna is! Family is it! I am glad for your wonderful life, my dear friend! Big hugs! So glad you are feeling better! Stay well now, I know you are already happy.

  2. Lydia (Mai)

    Sorry your not feeling well but cake pops delivered by your lovely daughter and granddaughter definitely qualifies as the “silver lining in the clouds”. We all know that cake pops have wondrous healing properties too!

  3. Joyce

    I love the way an already wonderful gift was made extraordinary with the “delivery-man scheme!” Hat, clipboard…the whole works! You are one fun, happy family!

  4. Amara's Grampy

    Yeah, I couldn’t even tell it was Jenna even after opened the door. She had to whisper “It’s me”. Then Amara comes from around the corner with that grin of hers. It was great.

  5. April

    That had to be the best gift ever! How very thoughtful and loving of Jenna and Amara. You are much loved. Life doesn’t get much better than that! Thanks for sharing it. Almost made me cry. Love April

  6. Sandy

    What a sweet gift, Jenna and Amara .. in more ways than one!! Kc, you are also one of the best girls ever!! Love you all!!!!

  7. Barb

    What a sweet story – it speaks a lot to what a good mom you must be to have those coming up behind you show such love. They look yummy.

    thanks for stopping by The Empty Nest Mom. The grand social? What a fun idea!

  8. Mimi

    What a great way to perk up a sick day! And hopefully you felt soooo much better after eating a cake pop or did you have to eat several to feel all better? It would have taken me three or four to get back on my feet! Hope you are better soon.


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