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Special Time with Grandpa

Grandma Kc wrote this on November 4th, 2013 20 Replies

One of the best parts of being a local Grandma is that I get to do the everyday stuff. I love that I often get to take Amara to school or pick her up afterwards, sometimes by myself and sometimes with her Mommy. While Grampy is a local Grandpa, he doesn’t get the luxury of Read the Rest

The Story of Fluffy

Grandma Kc wrote this on November 1st, 2013 17 Replies

My blog buddy Debra over at Homespun suggested I add a new category to AmaraLand and share some of the memories of my childhood with Amara. In her words, “what happens is that by the time our grandkids want our history we are either dead or have dementia.” This is my first post under the Read the Rest