The 2013 Water Wars

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This weekend was the perfect summer weekend! The kind I love that is filled with children, water, laughter, giggles, screams and even a tea party.

Southern California was being hit with record heat. Amara arrived around 5 PM Saturday and it was starting to cool off but it was still warm. We sat and played a new card game for a little bit but she got bored. “Maybe the girls across the street are home?” We had so much fun with them before but during the winter, our schedules had conflicted. She threw on her new bathing suit and we headed across the street.

She knocked and one of the girls opened the door and squealed “Marzie! I’ve missed you!” She was so excited to see her and ran to grab bathing suits, towels and sisters! I love that she calls her Marzie because that is what they hear me call her! I asked her recently what she wanted me to call her, Amara or Marzie. “Marzie!” She loves the name. I used to call her Mom Fred — I’m sorry Jenna. She didn’t love the name so I felt I needed to ask. Recently one of her classmates asked me why I called her Marzie. Amara was standing there as I explained that it is just our nickname for her and that sometimes we call her Mars-Bars. Amara piped up “But that’s not my only name. Grampy calls me Marsupial.” She does love her Grampy!

Back to our weekend… I had brought the pink Jacuzzi tubs home from Jenna’s where they had been since the birthday celebration at Club 9. We had plenty of water balloons and lots of chalk! Before long they were all drenched and having a blast filling the tubs, lounging in them to stay cool and using them as filling stations for the plastic bowls, which they used to dump water on each other’s heads! The screams and giggles still make my face hurt.

When they were exhausted from getting each other wet, they began work on their chalk drawings. It was so wonderful to see each of the girls working on her own masterpiece on the driveway (I moved my car out on the street for them!) We finally had to quit around 8 PM, as we hadn’t had dinner yet! Amara was a little disappointed that the girls couldn’t stay for dinner but I was not prepared! As we walked the girls home for our group hug, they were making all sorts of plans to get together and do things this summer. They really wanted to have a tea party. Of course, everything always becomes — we must do this tomorrow. So we scheduled a tea party for Sunday morning. The girls were to come over when they were up and ready.

Strangely, Amara didn’t sleep well that night. It may have been the heat, may have been the excitement. She had a hard time going to sleep and she woke up twice during the night, which is odd for her, once was from a bad dream. I lay down with her a few minutes and she went right back to sleep. That morning she LEAPS out of bed just before 6 AM – “Grandma I’m up!” and looking like an unconscious zombie! I told her it was much too early and that I had just gotten up. She willingly went right back to bed — and slept until 9 AM! When she did get up she didn’t want to have breakfast or anything — she just wanted to have a tea party! Time to go get the girls! I went over with Amara to get them so that I could check with their Mom and see if it would be OK if they had peanut butter sandwiches, you worry these days. I made them a little feast. We spread out a blanket and laid out her Disney Princess Tea Party Set. We had peanut butter sandwiches, cut in quarters of course, fresh red raspberries (which make peanut butter sandwiches even better if you stuff them in your sandwich), a cut up apple and Capri Sun juice pouches. It was so much fun. They ended up pouring all of their Capri Suns into the plastic teapot and putting a piece of apple on the rim and a berry in each cup of tea. “You must drink it with your pinky in the air!” Even I was served tea!

Then it was time for all out Water Wars. It may have been payback for having Amara’s friends gang up on her Daddy – they ganged up on me! Before long I was drenched! Can I just say those 99¢ bags of water balloons from the Dollar Store are worth every penny! Plus I had picked up two new water toys at Target, they were only $3 each and another good investment as my Super Soakers finally died. These suck water up out of the tub quick and easy and they shoot a long distance, too! These are what they got me with so bad. I was seriously wet! I was having so much fun and so were they. They had one water fight where they were teams. They had filled the pink tubs as a water source. Two of them used the big plastic bowls to drench the other team and two girls used the new soakers. Then they switched weapons! (I stood safely in the garage during this taking pictures I can’t share.) They were all thoroughly drenched and having a wonderful time. It was really the best. They ended it all with red, white and blue Rocket Pop Popsicles that I had in the freezer (they love this!) and making plans for next time.

Amara after the Water Wars

Amara after the Water Wars

I ended my perfect summer weekend by downloading the camera, putting Picasa on slideshow and reliving the whole thing.

8 thoughts on “The 2013 Water Wars

  1. Judy@grandparentsplus2

    Now, that was one busy, fun sleepover. But, I’m guessing you needed either some down time or a nap when she went home. 🙂 After a quick rest, we grandmas can move on to planning the next adventure.

  2. Olga

    That certainly was action packed. No matter how hot the weather, add some cool water and kids can go for hours. How fun for all.

  3. Lisa @ Grandma's Briefs

    Seems the heat is record-breaking everywhere lately. Ugh! But you certainly found the way to make it a cool and COOL time for Marsupial Marzie and her sister pals. Love the nicknames AND the recap of the fun! Cheers… With pinkies held high!

  4. Sandy

    You are not only an awesome Grama, you are a wonderful writer! As I read this post, I could hear the screams and laughter and giggles, the water splashing, and I could feel the excitement of planning the tea party! What a great weekend!

    I love you, big sister!! 🙂


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