Another School Year Begins

Grandma Kc wrote this on August 27th, 2013 15 Replies


Fourth Grade will be Fabulous!

Amara holding her sign proclaiming 4th grade

Susan, the Grandparents Guide over at About. com, posted the cutest school sign idea and I thought Amara would want to make one, too. I was right. This may become another annual thing. She was so happy with it that she took it to school this morning to share with her friends.

The Fourth Grade Girls

Today was their first day of fourth grade and they were all very excited and thrilled to be back together again.

15 thoughts on “Another School Year Begins

    1. Grandma Kc Post author

      I love that comment – I need Mark to make me a sign that says that for the front yard, please!

    1. Grandma Kc Post author

      The three of them are great friends – and this year they are all 3 in the same classroom so it will be a wonderful year I am sure.

  1. Joyce

    What a way to remember this important day! Amara and her friends look so happy to be back together, learning new things and sharing all the fun that their wonderful school promotes. It’s going to be a great year – and “lucky everybody” that Grandma Kc will be in the thick of it all!
    Looking forward to seeing what the new school year holds for your little sweetie!

  2. Susan Adcox

    Thanks for the shout out! Amara’s poster is so creative. We had a get-together on Saturday, and my grandkids all made their posters — all except the college girl, who has already gone back to school.

  3. Vicki @ Grams Made It

    I love the idea of having the kids make their own sign. It creates an even nice keepsake with the photo. I also love Amara’s beaming smile. It looks like she’s going to make it another great year.

  4. Linda

    It’s back to school time – a time of new beginnings and fresh starts! Amara looks so excited as she starts her new year. It’s sure to be a good one!

  5. Connie

    First day of school is so exciting! How fun to have a sign to kick it off too 🙂 Very good idea. Those girls all look like fun waiting to happen! Thanks for linking with me 🙂


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