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This is the first birthday since Amara’s very first birthday that the party didn’t happen at our house. A little part of me was saddened that I wasn’t going to be there to soak up every minute of the celebration but Amara wanted this slumber party to be at her house where she could share her room and all of her things with her girlfriends. The dogs were boarded for the night and the cats all hid in her Mom & Dad’s room.

Even though the party wasn’t here I helped by creating the invitations. Jenna and Amara had found one online that they kind of liked but it wasn’t “it”. With a little help from me and Photoshop, we created the perfect invite – it looked like a press badge and Jenna got pink lanyards with plastic badge holders so that the girls could wear them around their necks.

Invites for the No Zzz's Tour

I was also in charge of delivering the guest of honor to her party. I took her to school that morning so that her parents could get started turning their home into Club 9. Jenna had told me some of their plans but I had no idea how incredibly awesome it would turn out – but I get ahead of myself.

She was so excited when I took her to school and so were all the girls that would be attending. I love excitement on the playground. I am amazed she made it through class that day but at least it was early dismal. She burst out of the classroom asking to go to Tutti Frutti Yogurt with one of her classmates and his Grandmother who picks him up. We did this once before and Amara had told me all about the “green bean yogurt” that they have. Now I love green beans more than most but green bean yogurt? It was “soybean” yogurt – I still did not try it! We had so much fun that first time that I had already planned to suggest going again! High-pitched squeaky voice is now bouncing up and down!

It was a beautiful afternoon and after stuffing ourselves with yogurt we headed home to play with the hose and chalk with the plan to follow that up with a bubble bath, washing & drying her hair and then curlers! She looked so cute with them in but even cuter when they came out. Her Mom had gotten her the cutest dress to wear and we were off to party!

I couldn’t believe the place when we pulled up out front. Jenna had taken the heart and banner that I used on the invites and created a huge pink Club 9 sign for over the door. Amara was bouncing with excitement. Club 9 was amazing! There were black light posters on the walls, glow in the dark balloons hanging from the ceiling. They had hung neon colored fabrics over the bookshelves and set up a little lounge like the one you would find in any club. In the front room, they set up Rock Band complete with drum kit and extra guitars and music playing on their flat screen TV. The lighting was amazing and there were streamers everywhere. They were planning an outdoor BBQ and Jenna had spray painted some old chairs in a tie dye pattern and they had even printed menus for the girls to pick what they wanted for dinner. Jenna had made the most amazing cake – it was tie dyed inside and out! Amara was just running around “the Club” looking at everything and squeaking with excitement.

Welcome to Club 9

I stayed long enough to take a few pictures and watch each of the girls arrive. Each arrival meant more high-pitched screaming and squeaking as Amara showed them the Club, her room and they discussed who would be able to stay up the latest. I was starting to realize I was going to get a lot more sleep than her parents were going to get!

One thing they did before I left was to release Amara’s butterflies. She had been raising them from caterpillars to chrysalis and four Painted Ladies had emerged a few days ago. They had so much fun releasing them. At first, none of them would come out of their habitat so the girls all gathered around to encourage them and to take pictures. They would scream with delight and go running around the yard when one would come out to fly away. Amara was disappointed that they did all recognize her and come sit on her finger like they did on the box!

I left when all of the butterflies had flown away. The party was a huge success and the girls stayed up until 3 AM and were moving around again at 6 AM. I have it from a good source that there was a glow in the dark ring toss game, a balloon piñata, a dance contest and of course a morning Orbeez War. According to Amara, it was the best birthday party ever.

But the birthday just kept going. I will be back to tell you about part two of her weekend!

11 thoughts on “Club 9

  1. Joyce

    WOW! What a fabulously creative party! This is just perfect for girls of that age who are so “grown up” yet still young enough for all the cute games and special finishing touches. I love the glow-in-dark theme for a sleepover and the dance party really ties everything together! You know Amara will never forget this and neither will her friends. Grandma, you did a great job on the invitations and those press passes are darling! Now this is an idea I’d for sure love to see one of my own granddaughters use some day. Hope it’s okay to copy from you! Lots of hard work but soooo worth it!

  2. Sandy

    It sounds like an amazing night that all of the girls will remember! And what a fun theme! I bet they all felt so grown up!! Judy is right .. the bar is set high for next year!!

  3. Sarah

    Such extraordinary creativity in the whole party planning and execution! What a wonderful memory for Amara and all. Thanks so much for sharing! Amazing all the detail that goes into the party and sleepover.

  4. debra

    Her hair is AWESOME : WITH curlers and then all done and curly!
    What a great idea for the party!

    AND LOL I just went back in time seeing that neon colored peace sign! 🙂

  5. Lisa @ Grandma's Briefs

    Wow! Club 9 was clearly THE place to be. From the creative invites on through to the butterflies, this is the coolest girl party I’ve heard of. My daughters would have loved it! Wonderful to hear of Amara’s super slumber party!

    PS: I would not have tried the green bean you hurt either. Weird.


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