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Grandma Kc wrote this on February 18th, 2013 15 Replies

Amara and I really enjoy making breakfast together. She told me the other day that she was glad that she had one Grandma that liked to cook with her and one Grandma that liked to sew with her. I am so glad her other Grandma is doing the sewing thing. I used to love to sew but for the last couple of years I just cannot get in the mood! But I can always get in the mood to cook or bake, especially with Amara!

Making monkey bread is always lots of fun and we have done it often and tried different kinds but it does take a little advanced planning and it takes a while for the dough to rise, too.

Amara Flipping Butterfly and Heart Pancakes

Pancakes have become our new favorite breakfast food to do together. It all started with the Rainbow Pancakes we made. We’ve made them often and with lots of variations. Now that Amara is older and has become more “flip confident” I can let her work on the pancakes while I make eggs and sometimes bacon, too!

Amara Writing her Name in Pancakes

Amara’s cousin and pen pal also likes pancakes and her Dad is famous for making them in the shape each person would like. He got me to thinking and Amara and I got a squirt bottle, filled it with colored pancake batter, wrote our names, and made fun shapes!

This method worked great the first time we tried it but we had nothing but troubles the next time, gave up, and just made round ones. I don’t know why the second time the batter just wasn’t the right consistency to flow.

Amara has also had fun making swirly pancakes when she gets to the end of the batter. I call these the Hippy Pancakes.

Amara Pouring Swirled Pancakes

I saw this recipe for Birthday Pancakes with sprinkles in the batter and showed it to Amara. We decided we needed to make them. Well we didn’t have everything we needed so we just opted for neon colored pancakes with sprinkles and colored sugars! They were awesome! Amara had so much fun picking out the three colors of food coloring and the three perfect cake decorations to use that would compliment her batter colors.They were very yummy! The sugars add just a bit of crunch and they looked wonderful.

Amara adds Sprinkles to her Colored Pancakes

Now what? So I got to thinking about making pancake shapes and I thought about all the bags of cookie cutters that I have and I wondered if we could use them as pancake molds? It was worth a try. She picked out the three colors and the cake decorations as she still wanted to add those and she decided on just the perfect cookie cutters.

Amara Dusted in Pancake Mix

Amara and I always use the Bisquick pancake shake bottles. They are a little more expensive but she has so much fun shaking them and doing the shaking dance all over the kitchen! When they go on sale, I stock up! Well, those silly bottles have a security collar that is always a struggle to get off. Amara couldn’t get it and asked me to do it. I finally got it off and went to hand her the container when the lid went flying and so did pancake mix! All over Amara! We didn’t care! She ran into the office trying to toss it onto Grampy!

Amara Pouring Cookie Cutter Pancakes

We got the floor swept and Amara got the batters ready. Things were going along great until it was time to flip them. They flipped OK but they wouldn’t come out. I never thought to spray the cookie cutters with Pam. My mistake! Grampy came to the rescue and helped to trim them out of the cutters while I worked to finish cooking the bacon. He did great and it was so much fun having him in the kitchen helping us. Amara made round pancakes with the rest of the batter. We will definitely make these again! Next time I will spray the cookie cutters and Amara will pour them a little thinner so that they will cook easier. We both learned something and we had fun doing it.

Cookie Cutter Pancakes with Sprinkles and Sugars

The best part of breakfast was when Amara took the one heart pancake and cut it in half. She put half on her plate and half on Grampy’s plate. It was a wonderful morning!

15 thoughts on “Creative Pancakes

  1. Sarah

    Wow. my kids, now grown, would think i was rather boring in my approach to pancakes if they read this! Such creativity, imagination, and perfect artistry in the kitchen with pancake making! Wonderful moments to remember, and always special that you share through your wonderful writing style. I just really enjoyed this. Making special memories, again! Thank you so much for sharing with us all!

  2. Judy@grandparentsplus2

    I never thought of the squeeze bottle but I’ll have to get one. We make Mickey Mouse ones – one round with two small for the ears and then use various items for the eyes, nose, mouth. Cooking and sewing are two skills a person needs – Amara is lucky to have two grandmas to help her learn them. She’ll never make pancakes as an adult without thinking of you and Grampy. 🙂

  3. Lisa @ Grandma's Briefs

    Because of your rainbow pancake post, I made colored pancakes for Bubby and Mac last time I was there. They loved them! Now the bar has been raised and I’ll have to try out the cookie cutters next time. Thanks for the tip on spraying them, as I wouldn’t have thought of that.

    So sweet of Amara to share her hear pancake with Grampy … after trying to goo him up with pancake batter! 😀

  4. debra

    So GLAD I read this NOW and not at the office where I eat cereal. I ‘d be miserable and craving pancakes all morning

    I wish you were my grandma lol! 🙂

  5. Sandy

    Those are the most beautiful pancakes I’ve ever seen! You two are so creative!! And it was very sweet of Amara to share her heart pancake with Grampy! Another wonderful post, dear sister!! Thank you for sharing these memories with us! I hate being 3,000 miles away. I wish I was there to share in the fun!!

  6. Carolynn @ Chenille Cottage

    Hi there!
    Oh…I have had so much fun strolling through your blog. Your granddaughter, Amara, is adorable and quite the cook. She must love coming and spending time with you. I can’t wait to make some spaghetti bugs for the little ones in my life. They’re a bit too young to help yet…but, hopefully they will join in like Amara one day.
    Have a happy weekend,
    Grammy Carolynn xoxo

  7. Sharon

    What a creative grandma! And just in time for National Pancake Day! It was Feb. 5. My daughter and I went out for IHOPs free short stack that day. We had a nice visit.

    Stopping by through Grandparents Say It’s Saturday.

    1. Grandma Kc Post author

      I have never tried the plastic cookie cutters – out of fear it wouldn’t work! I have used the metals ones that have the plastic rim on the top to make it easier to press through cookie dough and had no problems! We made shamrock shaped pancakes on St. Patrick’s Day and I was careful to spray the cookie cutter well with Pam and it worked great! I only had one shamrock cookie cutter so we also made gold coin pancakes! Breakfast has really become a lot of fun!


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