E.T. and the Aliens

Grandma Kc wrote this on February 11th, 2013 12 Replies

It had been over three weeks since Grampy and I had hugged Amara. I don’t think we have ever gone that long before but we had gone to a convention and come home with Monster Bugs and we didn’t want to expose her. Not only was I missing Amara, I was going crazy missing her Mommy! As of Friday, life with our family has returned to normal. The kids came over to visit and Amara spent the night!

It was movie night at Grandma and Grandpa’s and Amara brought the movie “E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial”. She had never seen it and neither had Grampy! I had wonderful memories of seeing it in the theater with her Mommy when she was just about the same age! It felt so special to experience it with each of them! Grampy hugged Amara when she was afraid for E.T. and I had to tell her that he wasn’t going to die! I don’t like to give away a movie but she was so sad for him.

Of course movie night always includes dinner and the minute her parents were out of the driveway Amara started asking for pizza! But she was easily persuaded to have the perfect meal for watching E.T. — Aliens! I would even let her make them. Aliens are one of Amara’s new favorite meals.

Amara starts making aliensI had never made aliens but she had told me about them and her Mommy had sent me a picture. I had both ingredients — hot dogs and spaghetti. Amara carefully sliced up the hot dogs and patiently explained to me how to thread four noodles through each slice.

Amara shows Grampy how to make AliensDoesn’t get much easier than that and it was so much fun standing there doing them together. Even Grampy made a couple of aliens for her.

A pot of aliens cookingOff to a pot of already boiling water.

A plate filled with hot aliensWould you believe she eat almost ALL of this? PLUS, a big carrot (that she peeled), two slices of cheese and 2 frozen Go-Gurts! And a handful of Grampy’s potato chips! She can eat!

I love our life!

12 thoughts on “E.T. and the Aliens

  1. Judy@grandparentsplus2

    Oh such fun memories, and I’m glad you’re both feeling better. I took my daughter to see ET too. What a great movie. I haven’t seen my grandkids for three days, and it seems like forever. By the way, they’ll be here later for snack. 🙂

  2. Susan Adcox

    What a cute dish! E.T. is my daughter’s favorite movie of all time, and I recently watched it with some of my grands. They loved it, but not as much as my oldest daughter does.

  3. Lisa @ Grandma's Briefs

    Woo-hoo! I *must* make these on my next visit to the grandsons (in April!). So, so cute. I’m pinning this to remind me. Please tell Amara thank you for so perfectly demonstrating how to make the dish.

    Funny you mention E.T. as I had just told Bubby about it last time I was there. I think he’d love it, except it just might be a little too scary for him. It was the first movie to give my youngest daughter nightmares, but I can’t remember how old she was when she saw it. Maybe I’ll watch it again with PawDad and we can decide together if Bubby will do okay with it.

    Thank you for the ideas for alien fun!

  4. Joyce

    Besides seeing the cute pictures and enjoying how much happiness grandkids bring their grandparents, I love grandma blogs because they bring back such random memories! Yes! E.T.! We took the girls and fell in love. We even had E.T. dolls from their grandma!
    Those little alien snacks are adorable. My daughter made them with the twins several times and they are always a hit!
    Glad you are done being sick…week before last I spent 4 days on the couch. Still coughing a bit, but the worst is over.
    Amara is so pretty!

  5. Sandy

    ET is still one of my all time favorite movies!! It was the first movie my Josh saw at a theater!!

    Those aliens are a riot! I bet they were fun to make!!

    So glad you are feeling better now!!

  6. Diane

    Wow, I love this idea. My grandkids will love this. So happy you all are feeling better and able to spend time together again. Believe me I understand the withdrawls…lol!

  7. Penny

    My three just got back from 10 days at Disney World, where my Jenn said she actually thinks they’ve had their fill of Disney. They enjoyed Universal Studio Orlando Harry Potter World more. I don’t think I’d been away from my 3 that long before!


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