Halloween Jewelry Surprise

Grandma Kc wrote this on October 21st, 2013 18 Replies

I got an email from Grampy earlier last week. He wanted to know if we were going to have Amara for a sleepover this weekend. In his words, “I’m Jonesing.” He hadn’t seen Amara since her last sleepover three weeks ago! I am much luckier in that I had been to her house a couple of times and had sold Fruit Pops on campus last Friday so I had seen a lot more of Amara than he had. Still, it is not nearly as much fun as when she sleeps over.

She spent the night with us Saturday night! Grampy and I are feeling much better now.

A few months ago, when The Girls from across the street were here they had admired the calendar we have of Amara hanging in the hallway. Amara had suggested I make them one from all the photos I have taken but we had decided a book would be better. A week later, I got a Shutterfly coupon to get a free book. I figured that was a sign I should make it and I did. So the first thing we did when she arrived was head across the street to see if The Girls were home so that we could give them their book and so that Amara could see if they could play. They weren’t home. This was our third trip trying to deliver our book (and to see The Girls) so Amara was a little dejected as we headed back home.

I wasn’t worried at all! I knew that Grandma J had my back! I knew that at our house waiting on her bed was a box! A mysterious box. What could be inside? I love that she is 9 years old now and can really read things like postal labels. She knew immediately that it was from Michigan but it wasn’t from anyone she knew. What is in the box and who is it from?

I told her before she opened the box I needed to show her something on my computer. She was even more intrigued. I took her into the office and opened the browser to a wonderful post at by Grandma J over at What Happens at Grandma’s House. The page opens to her Granddaughter Bree’s beautiful smile. Bree is wearing a wonderful Halloween necklace that you just have to see! As I scrolled the page down to show Amara the collection of necklaces, I explained that Grandma J had given Bree a little box filled with all the things needed to make those necklaces. “Cool.” I told her that Grandma J had also sent a box to my friend Grandma Debra for her Granddaughter Kate to put together. “And she sent one for you!” Her face lit up and she could not get that box open fast enough!

As she pulled out the little orange box with her name on it, I ran to grab the camera. I never thought there would be anything else in that box! But, there nestled in purple tissue paper were three catnip snakes! Of course, Amara and Grampy aren’t as well read as I am so they didn’t know about Grandma J’s amazing skill at making cat toys! She had sent three of them, one for each cat. All thoughts of crafting stopped as we went to give Twursula her snake. Twursula loves catnip so much more than the other cats. She is addicted to her catnip ball, which she plays with aggressively every morning while we watch the news. That catnip ball may have been replaced!

Twursula Catnip Collage

Once we had our fill of watching Twursula, we went back to the table so that Amara could start making all of her necklaces! Grandma J had included everything! All we needed was a glue stick and she was having a blast. She showed it all to Grampy and to her parents the next day.

Amara's Halloween Collage

All of this was followed up by barbequed hamburgers, French fries and a movie. The plan for Sunday morning was to get up and make pancakes and bacon! Amara woke up starving so I started the bacon and she started the pancakes — this week we had purple and blue with purple and pink colored sugars! Amara was really hoping that the girls might be home and up by the time we were done with breakfast. It was still a little early so we watched the lizards playing on the fence out back for a bit. We watered my plants out front in hopes they would come outside. We rode our bikes and she rang her bell in hopes that they would come outside. Grampy pumped up our bike tires and we rode some more in hopes they would come outside. Finally, we got the Shutterfly book and went over and knocked. Twice. Just as we were walking away, the youngest girl came to the door! The older girls weren’t home but Amara gave them their book and she even got to stay and play with them for a little while.

She went home a happy little girl! Grampy and I are feeling much better now, too!

18 thoughts on “Halloween Jewelry Surprise

  1. Launna

    How lovely that she finally got to give the book:-D… I love watching my kitty with her cat nip treats … she loves them so:-)

    I am happy that you both got Amara time finally :-D

    I’m taking a small break from blogging… I need to find a new place to live… I don’t want to be living here in the new year if at all possible…

    1. Grandma Kc Post author

      We feel pretty lucky to have The Girls close by! I always had cousins at my Grandparents house to play with — so I am glad Amara has friends she can enjoy when she is here.

  2. Lisa @ Grandma's Briefs

    So much love and generosity in a variety of directions here. From grandkiddos to grandmas to neighbors and even cats (and lizards too), this is truly special. A great Saturday sleepover and hopefully Grampy got all he was Jonesing for.

  3. Sandy

    What a fun weekend! It sounds like you filled every possible moment with a fun memory! And Twursula looks like she’s in Heaven! Great job on the necklaces! xoxo

  4. debra@ HOMESPUN

    She looks so cute making and wearing her creations. My cat STILL plays with Joyce’s snakes….she drags them all over the house. If she brings one upstairs then I throw it downstairs / vice versa as this is part of the game. The weird howl when she once again makes her capture and kill…I can see Twursula is going to town, lol..loving them! :)

    1. Grandma Kc Post author

      Amara was so happy with her necklaces!

      Those cats are our number one form of entertainment when Amara isn’t here! Twursula really does love her blue snake! She doesn’t do the growl but I know what you are talking about. Twiggy will make that noise sometimes when she is playing attack the magnetic letter on the floor. She loves it when I slide them across the dining room floor for her to chase!

  5. Judy@grandparentsplus2

    What a great weekend and that Joyce always comes through. :-) I tell my grands that I’m having “grandparent withdrawal pains” when I haven’t seen them in a couple of days. They smile and probably think this woman is crazier than we thought. LOL

  6. Carol Covin

    What a lovely day1 What was the theme of your Shutterfly book? I love that you got a coupon just as you were thinking of making one and that you all got to share your photos with The Girls. How fun.

    1. Grandma Kc Post author

      The title of our book was “Fun on our Street” only I used our actual street name. It was just a collection of all the fun times The Girls and Amara have had playing outside I even included a bunch of pictures from the recent birthday party. It was fun to see how much both Amara and The Girls have grown in the last 2 years. AND I used perfect Grandma logic and figured if their book was free I should “buy” one for Amara! She loved hers, too!

  7. Susan Adcox

    Love the necklaces! I’ve having Shutterfly withdrawal. I haven’t had time to make a photo book in a while. I know they don’t take long, but I’m a bit of a perfectionist. I love photo books — wish I had time to scan all of my old photos and put them into books.

    1. Grandma Kc Post author

      I am just anal and that book took me a really long time! I change every background and border but for me just going through ALL of the photos takes forever! For this book I narrowed it down to 145 pictures but it is so much fun! I really hope their parents liked it as they often miss out seeing how much the girls are having.

  8. Joyce

    Finally home and totally enjoying your darling story of weekend time with Amara! Of course I am delighted to have been a part of making it so much fun, and I love the way you presented it all! Amara is the perfect age for this project and I’m glad she enjoyed it. I love your pictures of that little cutie! That infectious smile just grabs your heart! But this time I’ve got to give “favorite photo” honors to Twursula at top right corner of her square! I often see that “grrr! stay away from MY catnip toy!” look and that frantic clutch that means business! DARLING! Among our six cats, there are two who want nothing to do with catnip, two who are indifferent, and two who will kill for it!
    Thanks for your sweet, kind words, Kc! I so love being friends with you!

    1. Grandma Kc Post author

      Twursula is so soft and such a Princess but she would rip Twiggy’s face off in a second if she tried to mess with her toy. Twursula has pulled some of the ribbons off and I have put them back on for her so she can try and do it all again. She ripped out poor Blue Snake’s tongue – and she is still chewing on it while she plays! You could make a fortune with these things. I see a Cat Etsy store in your future! I am so glad we have become friends!


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