It was a five star day!

Grandma Kc wrote this on April 12th, 2013 10 Replies

Amara made the Principal’s Honor Roll again! She found out just before school got out for spring break but the awards ceremonies were this week. We are all so proud of her!

I love that even though she does these presentations repeatedly each trimester for each class Amara’s Principal still makes the presentation important and exciting for the scholars and for the friends and family that are there to support them. She began by congratulating all of them and asking them how many of them had made Principal’s Honor Roll the last trimester. Almost all the hands went up. She acknowledged the hard work that goes into getting the required “5” in every class. She asked them “Do your parents help you with your homework”? All the hands went up. “Do they help you with your special projects?” All the hands went up. “Do they help you prepare for tests?” Again, the hands went up as heads turned and students looked to make eye contact with those parents. It was wonderful to see and it was obvious that parental involvement was a part of the reason behind their success. She even told a wonderful story of a student who was doing poorly but who has made huge improvement since she got his parents involved.

Even though it seemed there weren’t quite as many Honor Roll recipients this trimester, there were at least as many, if not more friends and family in attendance than for the first trimester. Grandma Judi and I were both there in the front row to support Amara and we know that makes a difference! Grampy was there in spirit and I took lots of pictures and videos for him since he couldn’t be there. She knows how very proud we all are of her.

The Vice-Principal called each of their names and the Principal pinned their green ribbons on them before they went on stage. It was the 2nd and 3rd graders and there were smiles everywhere, both on stage and off. They were proud and they deserved to be.

Amara was first in line for the shaved ice.

As a special treat, the PTA had arranged for the Kona Ice truck to come and give out snow cones to all of the recipients and all of the attendees. I am not sure who arranged the perfect weather but it was gorgeous and about 75 degrees out. School got out early yesterday while we were all still sitting outside in the lunch area having our snow cones.

Grandma Judi, Amara and Grandma Kc having snow cones

There were students mumbling and roaming all over the lunch area who wanted snow cones but hadn’t earned them! I hope that it will inspire them to study a little harder so they can make Principal’s Honor Roll next time!

10 thoughts on “It was a five star day!

  1. Lisa @ Grandma's Briefs

    Congratulations to Amara!! Such awards never, ever grow tiresome. A caring principal can make all the difference, making each and every time special, just as it should be.

    And shaved ice? Wow! How special is that. Very, very cool. (Literally… 😀 )

    Again, huge kudos to Amara for her brilliant accomplishments and to her family for the continued support!

  2. Sarah

    What a wonderful self esteem building experience for Amara! Congratulations to her for all the hard work. She continues to accomplish much, and having family alongside of her is monumental. You all are doing more than words can express, and will reflect long into her wonderful life. Family is the best!

  3. Sandy

    Uncle Mark and I are so proud of not only Amara, but her mommy and daddy too. It really does make a difference when parents take an active role in school work and functions. And having the support of gramas and grampas is so important too! Congratulations to everyone on a job well done!! xoxo

  4. Vicki Valenta

    Amara can sure be proud of such an accomplishment. Shaved ice is an awesome reward.

    Our 3rd graders get an ice cream sundae party at the end of the semester in their math classes. The basic reward for passing is one scoop of vanilla ice cream. The rest of the sundae is earned by various accomplishments. Throughout the semester they track their sundaes on a bulletin board. They can earn up to 3 flavors of ice cream, fruit toppings, syrups, whipped cream, nuts, and a cherry on top. I must admit that I felt bad for the kids who only got one scoop of ice cream last year.


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