The Smiling Door

Grandma Kc wrote this on November 25th, 2013 14 Replies

The other day while vacuuming Amara’s room, I got inspired to move the furniture around. It hadn’t been done in a long time and it is always so much fun to see Twursula react to having her bed moved to a different place in the room! She seems to be adjusting nicely.

Twursula enjoying the new view from her bed

Amara loved it too and she decided it was time to take down some of her old artwork, coloring book pages and pictures that are on the walls. She is planning to paint some new pictures or bring over some canvases she has already done in art class, she hasn’t decided for sure. But when we got to the door from her room to the garage, the door where the silly picture of her hangs, I made a special request that we leave that picture up. Every time I go out that door to the car or to do laundry I get a great big smile just looking at it and I really am not willing to give that up! Amara loves her Grandma and she was willing to leave it there. She started to reach for the handprint that is taped up next to it. I hadn’t asked her to leave it up there. First, she placed her hand over it and it disappeared! We were both amazed at how much her hand had grown and I suggested she make a new hand print to add to the door art! She loved the idea, grabbed paper, and scissors, felt tip markers, and headed for the dining room table.

Amara's door with picture and handprints

Presenting the new door! How could I let her take that smiley face down?

14 thoughts on “The Smiling Door

  1. Joyce

    Well, Twursula doesn’t look like she’s going anywhere soon! She has that well fed, much-satisfied-with-life look that I recognize over here every day!
    Now, Amara! There’s another little “happy camper!” Everyone at your house is just so glad to be there! That is such a cute poster!
    I am obsessed with kid hand prints – and there’s one perfect reason why – once they are outgrown you never get them back. So smart to keep adding to your collection!

    1. Grandma Kc Post author

      Twursula also has that “I’ve been playing with my catnip snake and now I need my beauty rest so please get that flash out of my face” look.

    1. Grandma Kc Post author

      I love it that these memories will be there for her but I also love that I will get to read them over and over again through the years when those memories start to fade.

  2. Olga

    She does have a beautiful smile and it always seems to be there on her face. She really has grown so much. I love the hand print idea. Oh, the times I grumbled about washing hand prints off walls and windows…and oh, to have them back for just a moment.

  3. KImberly

    I have the absolute worse time taking down old pictures. I guess if I had it my way, every square inch would be plastered with their pictures. You just can’t have too many smiles.

  4. Sarah ~ Magnolia Surprise

    Awww, how cute! That’s so sweet that she wanted to make a new handprint — a great memory! There’s a cute sign that Noli made about who could and could not come into her room — which is also my office/craft room. It makes me smile too, so up it stays!!
    Grandchildren…. what a joy!

    1. Grandma Kc Post author

      Donโ€™t you love the way they sometimes think they are in charge of us? I love the idea of Noliโ€™s sign and I bet it does make you smile! We are so lucky!

  5. Sandy Siegel

    That is a wonderful picture and I can see why you wanted to leave it up! The handprints are fun, too! What a great way to measure how much she’s grown!!

    So happy Twursula approves of the room!!


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