Through Amara’s Eyes

Grandma Kc wrote this on February 25th, 2013 10 Replies

I love this picture. I created it in Photoshop back in 2007 and I have always really loved it. Amara does have the most gorgeous blue eyes and beautiful long lashes that she inherited from her Daddy. I love this picture.

Original Blue Eyed Amara

For Christmas Sandy, my wonderful baby sister that I talk about all the time, made that picture even more special! She worked her crafting magic and put it on canvas using this Mod Podge technique that makes it look as if the picture is painted. I just love it! We all love it!


Amara picked it up and put it front of her face — it looked so cute and all of kept telling her just which way to turn her head to that her face lined up with the picture. She was having a blast posing and it was amazing how much those eyes still look the same!

She spent the night with us that night and the next morning she was looking at all of the wonderful canvases Sandy had done — she had made different ones for each of us. Amara picked up the one of her eyes and asked me if she could go in the bathroom and look at herself in the mirror. She knew it was my picture and I was proud of her for asking permission. Of course, I said yes. I heard her a few minutes later mumbling so I went to investigate! She couldn’t see herself in the mirror with the picture in front of her eyes!

Grandma to the rescue! I had downloaded the pictures from the night before! She could see exactly how cute she looked!

Amara and her blue eyes

This one is my favorite!

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10 thoughts on “Through Amara’s Eyes

  1. Joyce

    So first it’s her dazzling smile we notice – and then those EYES! I guess you could just say that she has it “all!”
    And I have voted for Amaraland and will again! That’s what friends are for!

  2. Sandy

    I loved that picture of Amara’s eyes and from the first time I saw it, I knew I had to do something special with it. I can’t take all the credit though, it’s was Amara’s beautiful eyes, Kc’s expertise with Photoshop, and my creativeness that just all came together so beautifully! And just for the record, Kc used her Photoshop magic on a photo I had taken of my son and his wife and my grandson when he was just beginning to walk. It looks beautiful on their wall!!

  3. Loy

    What a lovely blog! Good luck on your award nomination! I scrolled down and enjoyed your pancake and ‘alien’ recipes, how creative! Thanks for stopping by my blog the other day. Take care!

  4. Kaye Swain

    What a fun project and cute followup! Don’t you love the creative ways we can do things with photos thanks to all the grand tools. My grandkids enjoy them thoroughly as well. 🙂


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