9 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday Puppy Love

  1. Joyce

    My comment is that Amara is such a sweet, smart, happy little girl who also exhibits an abundance of compassion – but you already know all of that because you are responsible for fostering a good deal of those traits! And what you didn’t personally influence came from grampy or Jenna – and we all know who they look to for a great role model in life! 🙂
    Lucky little puppy to have Amara’s love and caretaking!

  2. bookbabie

    So cute and I love how you edited the pic! Enjoyed reading about how Amara and her family worked so hard to help her overcome her Apraxia too. I’d never heard of it, we hear so much about dyslexia which we have in our family. Sounds similar but affecting speech instead. I agree, having a challenge does make kids(people) more empathic and more willing to work harder, she’s seems like an amazing little girl:)


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