Snowball fights in the living room

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This is another episode from Previously on Amara from March of 2008. She wasn’t quite 4 years old yet. With so much of this country waist deep in snow and with Southern California expecting a balmy 72° today, it seemed like good timing!

I grew up in Michigan where the winters are very cold and where snowball fights were something we loved as kids — even as grownups. In Southern California we almost NEVER get snow. And I like it that way! If I never see snow again, that is OK with me.

Of course Amara feels much differently. A couple of years ago her preschool teacher taught the class how to have snowball fights without ever getting cold or wet. You make your snowballs out of waxed paper! They fly very well when you throw them, unlike snowballs made from Kleenex which don’t fly well at all. These snowballs won’t break anything if they miss their target and hit something valuable. And you can stock up a whole pile of them before you call Grandpa in from the office and bombard him with snowballs!

Amara throwing a snowball

This really was a lot of fun and gave her a chance to practice throwing and to run around and giggle with Grandpa. She’s coming over tonight. Maybe we should "get Grampy" again! I’ve got lots of waxed paper.

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Little Ways Amara shows Love

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The real purpose behind “Life in Amaraland” is to have a place to store and share all of the wonderful Amara stories. But there are also those wonderful little moments — the little moments that just fill my heart with love and bring a smile to my face but that don’t really warrant an entire post. This post is about some of the little things…

  • It’s the way she bounce up and down with joy when she isn’t expecting me to pick her up from school.
  • It’s peeking in and see her sleeping like an angel when she was sure she would never get to sleep.
  • It’s when I find a red rubber duck left in my shower.
  • It’s the way she says “Cuddle” when she is trying to get you to sit and watch TV with her on the couch instead of cooking dinner.
  • It’s walking through her room after she leaves to see random toys out of place.
  • It’s the post-it note she put on my monitor that says “I Love Kc! Amara”
  • It’s having her art worked taped all over the house!
  • It’s the way she takes my hand as we walk through the grocery store.
  • It’s the way she introduces me to her favorite waitress when I go out to lunch with her and Mommy.
  • It’s the faded chalk drawings still on the driveway from last weekend.
  • It’s the way she always hides under the covers (and giggles) while she waits for Grampy to come in and say Good Night

These are just some of the ways Amara makes me feel loved.

Valentines Girls

Jenna and Amara — Valentine’s Day 2007

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Puffer Face

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This is another episode of “Previously on Amara”. This one is from February of 2008, she was almost 4 years old! I had to share this memory. Amara really has a difficult time not laughing…

It all started when Grampy asked Amara if she had ever seen him imitate a balloon? I’d never seen him imitate a balloon. We were both curious and so Grampy puffed up his cheeks and made Amara poke them with her fingers. He went spirally around the room making a hissing noise and doing the best imitation of a balloon that I had ever seen. Amara was in hysterics. “Do it again!” “Do it again!” Remember, she was only 4.

Amara trying to pout

It was sometime later that Amara tried to pout and she did it by making what has come to be known as “The Puffer Face”. She looked just like Grampy had looked when he was pretending to be a balloon. So of course I started laughing hysterically! And then Amara started trying very hard not to laugh. It became my challenge. Any time she would get upset and try to pout I would tease her that “I bet you can’t make the Puffer Face without laughing. Don’t laugh — Don’t laugh!” I would taunt. And she couldn’t do it.

Amara was trying not to laugh

She still can’t do it!

Amara making a Puffer Face

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Peanut Butter Sandwich the Cat

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Amara is like most little kids. If something is funny once it will certainly be funnier the twentieth time she tells you! Grandparents are a little more tolerant of this than parents but I think that is because we only hear something for the twentieth time and not the fortieth time! Sometimes I like doing the same thing to Amara — and she loves it!

Amara has 4 cats at home but one of them is officially her cat. She named this cat Peanut Butter Sandwich because of his coloring and she was going through a phase of loving peanut butter sandwiches. Amara loved it when Grandma Kc made a picture of Peanut Butter Sandwich into “Peanut Butter Sandwich on toast on a plate” using Photoshop.

Peanut Butter Sandwich the cat in a photoshopped picture

A couple of weeks ago Amara lost her second top tooth eating a peanut butter sandwich. Well of course Grandma Kc had to start teasing her and asking her

“Why did you bite your cat?”
“I didn’t bite my cat Grandma, I bit my peanut butter sandwich.”
“But isn’t your cat’s name Peanut Butter Sandwich?”
“Yes but..”
“Then why why did you bite your cat?”
“I didn’t bite my cat Grandma, I bit my peanut butter sandwich.”

Amara had another tooth come out while she was eating

She caught on to this game very quickly and has since played it for everything it was worth but then so has Grandma Kc.

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Amara’s first recipe book

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My sister Sandy and her husband Mark gave Amara the most wonderful gift for Christmas this year! It is a note book for her to collect recipes in. Below is the letter that came inside the present, it explains it so I won’t.

Christmas Letter for Amara from Aunt Sandy and Uncle Mark

Isn’t that just a wonderful gift?

That’s Amara on Christmas Eve admiring all the stickers to put on her recipe book. You can see it on the coffee table next to her.

Amara is looking at all the cool stickers

According to Amara and her Mommy she had a great time figuring out exactly where to put all of the stickers. I wish I had been there to watch.

I love the finished product! You can click the picture to make it bigger so that you can admire her artwork properly.

Amara's Recipe Book covered with stickers

Amara made her Mommy write out her favorite sugar cookie recipe so that she could put it in her recipe book. It is a great gift and so special because her Aunt Sandy and Uncle Mark gave it to her.

Now the funny story. With Amara there is always a funny story.

Jenna made some other cookies recently and Amara says to her “I don’t want to hurt your feelings Mommy but I don’t want that recipe in my new book!” Now that is truly an Amaraism.

How about sharing a recipe with Amara? If you know my email address you can email me or if you just go to the Contact page you can send it to me and I will print it so that Amara can add it to her recipe book. She’d love it!

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Meet Emily

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Amara is holding her new doll named Emily

Just before Christmas Amara got the most wonderful, handmade doll from her Aunt Suzi who lives in Arizona. She named the doll Emily Suzi and they are now best friends! Emily is one of a kind, made with lots of special love, over-sized rag doll! Even Amara’s Daddy couldn’t get over how tall she is. Aunt Suzi made her the cutest pink and yellow flowered dress with a bright yellow apron — all hand made!

Amara likes reading books to her new doll Emily.

She even came with a change of clothes so of course the first thing Amara did  was change them! Next, the two of them laid on Amara’s bed so that Amara could read to her. I am still so impressed with how well Amara reads. The girls had lots of fun in Amara’s room playing together while I cooked dinner. Emily met all of the other stuffed animals.

Amara gave a tea party for Emily and invited all of her stuffed friends.

Amara had a wonderful tea party and Emily was the guest of honor. Grampy and I weren’t even invited, but I did peek in and take pictures. It was as if Amara had someone besides us to play with while she was here. When I was little, I had tons of cousins to play with when I visited my grandparents. Amara’s Mommy had many cousins to play with, too even if some of them were really children of my cousins. Does that make them second or third cousins or what? I never could figure that stuff out so we just lumped them all into one group – cousins – aka, other kids to play with! Amara doesn’t have that when she comes to visit us so Emily is a welcome addition to the family.

Amara is pretending to be sleeping and Emily is next to her

Emily officially lives at Amara’s house. She has met Spot and Kitty. She loves Amara’s room. Emily has come over and spent the night with us a couple of times since Amara got her. I now know that Emily is afraid of the dark. If she gets tired and needs a nap during the evening while Amara is here – we have to leave the bathroom light on for her so that she won’t be afraid if she wakes up. Emily gets lonely if left alone so she is glad that we have all sorts of stuffed animals to help keep her company. Emily likes to watch movies with us, too! We put her in one of the chairs in the front room while we have dinner so that she won’t get messy. Our family has grown.

Amara put all the labels on the envelopes

On New Year’s Eve Amara and Emily helped me get the New Year’s cards ready to mail. They did all the work. I am always running behind at Christmas so I like doing New Year’s cards. I had printed the address and the return labels before they got here. I’d even gotten Christmas stamps. Amara put all of them on, with some help from Emily. She then stuffed all the cards and sealed them. Again, Emily helped.  I took pictures!

Amara and Emily walked to the mailbox

The next morning the three of us took the cards to the mailbox. It was fun listening to Amara tell Emily all about the neighborhood. Emily isn’t very good at walking yet so Grandma had to help carry her part of the time. I didn’t mind. Emily and Amara were here last night. It was so cute when I peeked in to check on her and she was hugging Emily and sound a sleep. Wish I could have taken a photo but the memory is burned in my head.

There is another great Emily story from this weekend but I am hoping I can get Grampy to tell you that one.

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