Happy New Year Everyone!

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I was thinking that Amara had spent New Years eve with us every year but I guess I was wrong. I went back looking for pictures from January 1 of each year and couldn’t find one for when she was 3 and I can’t imagine that I wouldn’t have taken pictures. But it was fun to look back on each year and see how much she has changed but at the same time how much she is the same — just a bigger version.

Amara and her toys age 1

Amara and her toys age 1

Amara and her jump rope age 2

Amara and her jump rope age 2

Amara the Athlete age 4

Amara the Athlete age 4

Princess Amara at age 5

Princess Amara at age 5

Amara 2011 age 6

Amara and her friends age 6

Happy New Year Everyone!

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Holiday in New York

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December (2010) has been a busy month and while we have made some wonderful new memories I haven’t found the time to blog about them. So today I will start trying to play catch up.

Musical NoteI told you about how much fun Amara and I had singing Christmas Carols for the neighbors, well the following weekend Amara and I went to Los Alamitos High School to hear the musical production of Holiday in NYC.

The fun started when I picked Amara up. My plan was to make her my Navigator! I admit to being directionally challenged and since Amara is getting to be such a good reader I decided having her be my navigator would be a lot of fun and it would help to avoid the “are we there yet” game! The high school was about 20 miles away and our trip included 3 freeway changes. So, I put her in charge of getting us there. We reviewed the directions before we started and I gave her a pen so that as we made each turn she could cross it off and tell me what to do next. Being a navigator was a lot of fun but being an artist with a pen, may have been the best part of the journey — at least for her! She drew snowmen, stars and misshapen Christmas Trees, which she thought were extra funny!

Did I mention she loved my earrings? I had worn Christmas earrings with little red and green bells. As I drove we sang Christmas songs and when we got to any good parts she would reach up and jingle my earrings! Amara is fascinated with earrings at the moment. She’s been thinking about getting her ears pierced but she’s also decided she isn’t ready yet!

We finally got there. My navigator had done her job well. Outside of the theater they were selling refreshments. She politely asked for a bottle of water and 2 cookies. “I got a cookie for you Grandma” I thought that was cute since I was paying but her intentions were sweet. We had our cookies on a bench and then headed inside. Amara talked to all of the ladies around us as she waited patiently for the show to start. She admired their earrings and complimented them on how pretty they were.

“Grandma! I think I see feet moving under the curtain.” We had wonderful seats up close and near the isle. The theater got very dark and when the lights came back up there were singers in the isles and on to the stage. You could see the awe in Amara’s face as she watched and listened.

Amara was very good about sitting still in her seat and not singing out loud but when they broke into a Christmas rap she just started bouncing! Stole a Grandma’s heart to watch. She applauded for all of them after each song and if she liked it a lot she would shout out “Bravo! Bravo!” They were really very good.

During the intermission our friend who was sitting on the isle offered to switch seats with Amara. She had a little better view and she was certainly enjoying the show. I had told her folks that if she got restless we would leave early as I wouldn’t want to spoil the show for anyone else. That sure didn’t happen! Amara was just enthralled and the best was yet to come!

When they got to the last song the entire ensemble was in the isles and on the stage and the sweetest girl was singing to Amara. Standing right next to her and singing just to her and Amara was thrilled! And to make the experience complete — when they were finished the girl leaned down and gave Amara a big hug! I don’t think either of us will ever forget this day. What a memory.

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Not your ordinary Christmas caroling

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Amara spent the night with us last night. I was thinking that we hadn’t really done anything blog worthy until I sat here tonight with Grampy and looked at the pictures. I know I’ve said before that I love living in the digital age but it’s true. When Amara’s Mommy was little I would have had to wait days to get to see the pictures that we took and it would have cost me a small fortune. It was so much fun to sit here tonight with Grampy, look at them, and remember just how much fun we had doing "nothing special".

Amara and her Disney Princess Magic WandThe evening of course started with playing Princess. Amara looked so cute. She just recently lost her first top tooth and she had just gotten her hair cut today. She put on her crown and grabbed her Disney Princess Magic Wand and told me that she was Princess Amara and as usual I was the Evil Witch.

I went to the kitchen for a few minutes to start dinner and she went off to find Grampy in the office working. I decided to sneak in and check my email. Amara is so cute. She asks me “So, how are things in Amaraland?” I told her that Grampy had done his first post and she wanted me to show it to her. Seems like just yesterday she wanted me to read my posts to her. This time she started reading it to me. I can’t believe how much her reading skills have improved this year, both Grampy and I were impressed. So while we were at the blog, her sitting in my office chair which she stole from Twiggy, and me on my knees next to her, I thought it would be fun to go look at the first posts I had done. Hard to believe I’ve had this blog almost a year.

Well wouldn’t you know that first post we came to was about how much she loved playing Star Wars? Why did I let her read that post? Now we had to go play Star Wars while we finished getting dinner ready. The costume didn’t change and I didn’t see any real difference in the game — just the names changed. She was now Princess Leia. She talked Grampy into playing Darth Vader while I finished dinner.

To go with dinner Amara had brought a Mickey Mouse Christmas movie that we had watched a few years ago. Last week we had watched Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium starring Padme Amidala, aka Natalie Portman. I’d liked that movie much better! But it was still fun because we were doing it with her. When the movie was over she was off to bed and the discussion of what would we do in the morning? We love our morning activities and we had 3 great choices.

First choice was making the Kellogg’s Rice Krispies Holiday House that Mommy had gotten us to do. This would be so much fun. We had been searching for a Gingerbread House to do but everything we had found was un-assembled and I said No! The pre-assembled ones have spoiled me. So Jenna had found this Holiday House and it would be a great morning activity.

Second choice would be helping Grandma to put up the Christmas tree. Her Mommy thought she would go for that one as she had been bugging them to put up a tree. They have a new dog, Bogey and Bogey destroys everything. They also have a cat named Uri, Upper Respiratory Infection, who last year took out most of the Christmas bulbs. They’re a bit concerned about the Christmas tree.

Amara also wanted to go Christmas caroling. She would sleep on it and decide in the morning.

Christmas caroling won. Yes Amara and I went out and sang Christmas carols. She was really hoping that the neighbors would come out and join us. That was not what I was hoping! It was only about 60 degrees out this morning. I know that is a lot warmer than where many of you are but it was chilly for us and Amara had not brought her warm coat. So! We put her in one of Grandma Kc’s Christmas sweatshirts that Grandma Donna made. Amara was so impressed with Grandma Donna’s sewing. She’s kind of hoping that Grandma Donna will make her one that fits! We put rubber bands around her wrists to try to hold the sleeves up. She looked so cute, and it kept her warm!Amara in her sweatshirt ready to go sing Christmas carols

We had a blast! We walked down the sidewalks at 10:30 AM on a Saturday morning singing Christmas songs. Just the 2 of us. At least she didn’t make me stop in front of each of the houses, we just sang as we walked. Amara’s Mommy asked me if I sang? I did. It’s amazing the silly things you can do behind the mask of being a Grandma.

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Tell me a secret

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This is Grampy’s first post on Amaraland. I hope there will be many more. ~Grandma Kc

When Amara comes to visit she sometimes hangs out in the office with me when I’m working on the computer. Apart from trying to take over the mouse if I”m working on anything with graphics in it, she likes to make little signs on post-its.

Grampy has pictures of Amara everywhere

Yesterday she asked “Tell me a secret you keep from Grandma”.

Being no fool, I replied “I don’t keep any secrets from Grandma”.

So she asked me to come up with one that she could write down, so I said how about “Grampa loves Grandma”. To which she answered, “She already knows that”.

So I came up with “Grampa loves Grandma even more than she knows!”

With just a little help, she drew the sign. We ran out of room shortly after “Grandma”, but that’s ok.

Gradient used to create a planetThen she spotted a gradient brush I was working on and decided she needed to make some adjustments; the sign was forgotten because soon Mommy and Daddy came by to pick her up.

Grampa Loves Grama Kc

So later when Grandma found the sign and showed it to me I got to tell her the story and got lots of brownie points. A good day for Grampa!!!

Gobble, gobble, gobble

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It is so much more fun to bake a pecan pie with the help of your 6-year-old granddaughter then it is to bake that pie alone! Amara spent the night with us last night and this morning was Thanksgiving project time! We had three projects planned.

Amara with her hair tied back to bakeThe first was to make the pecan pie that I had promised to send with Amara to Thanksgiving dinner for Grandpa Lee. He loves pecan pie and I bet this one will be the best one he ever had. It may not be the prettiest pie but it is filled with lots of love. Amara helps her Mom cook and she has helped me before but this was extra special. I made her find all of the ingredients in the cupboards. She didn’t know what Karo syrup was but I spelled it for her and she had fun finding it; lots of fun cracking the eggs and she did a great job. She carefully measured all of the ingredients and stirred everything by hand while I held the bowl. Of course, she had the most fun rolling out the pie dough! She even had fun just pretending she was rolling out dough after the crust was already in the pan! Did I mention she looked super cute wearing one of the new aprons her Mommy just made for me? (click her picture) I was wearing the other one. Once we got the pie in the oven we were on to our next project…

Amara created a turkey out of a pumpkin

…turning our little pumpkin into a turkey! Amara loves doing crafts and I had read about this one on Grandma Lizzie’s blog. Last weekend I had printed out some tail feathers for her to color and cut out. She wanted to know what color she should make the tail feathers and I told her it was her turkey and it could look anyway she wanted it to. She gave it beautiful red and purple feathers — some even have a pattern.

Amara turned Grandpa into a turkey

Today we finished assembling our turkey. This was so much fun and involved lots of silliness! Amara even put tail feathers and a waddle on Grandpa Richard! It really turned out cute. She is going to give it to her other Grandpa who has been sick and is in the hospital. This will help to brighten Grandpa Jay’s room; we hope he feels better soon.

Lastly, we made our candy corn plant — another great idea I found on Grandma Lizzie’s blog. Amara had so much fun making the flowers and running all of the broken pieces of candy corn to Grandpa Richard who was working in the office. Amara lost her first top tooth this week so she had lots of fun making a tooth out of candy corn! More giggles! I had painted the pot for her earlier in the week so all we had to do was make the flowers and put them in the pot. She is taking this one to Thanksgiving dinner at Grandma Judi and Grandpa Lee’s.

Candy Corn Centerpiece for Thanksgiving

The kids will be here on Saturday to celebrate Thanksgiving. Amara’s Mom and Dad love having Turkey Tetrazinni so that is what we will have. I may have to make another pecan pie – this time for Grandpa Richard. It sure won’t be as much fun as making this one was.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Karo Pie

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