Glasses make me look studious, Grandma

Grandma Kc wrote this on August 14th, 2010 7 Replies

New glasses in their green case.It was inevitable that sooner or later Amara would end up needing to wear glasses. With the exception of her Dad, she comes from a long line of eyeglass wearers! Her Mommy started wearing them when she was about 4 so she wasn’t surprised when the doctor told her Amara needed them, too. It’s her right eye of course. Fortunately, she only has to wear them for reading and doing art and work up close. Her Mommy wore her's all of the time!

Grandpa and I went over the night she got them to see how cute she looks — and she does. Once again I was reminded of how lucky we are that they only live a mile away and that we can do that! She is so excited about what all of her friends at school will say. She showed us the awesome vibrant green case that she would keep them in, she was very excited and very proud.

When we first found out she would need glasses she told me that “Glasses make you look extra smart Grandma.” I don’t know if the doctor told her that or she heard it somewhere else but since we all wear glasses I completely agreed with her! I even told her how when I was in 1st grade, that must have been a hundred years ago, that I didn’t wear glasses and I really wanted to. My best friend in 1st grade did wear them and she would let me borrow them. Problem was her prescription was very strong and I couldn’t see a thing out of them but I thought they made me look cool. Amara loved hearing the story.

Amara is modeling her new glasses for everyone

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Ants on a Log

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The summer is rushing by and I haven’t had time to document all of the fun we have been having!

Let me tell you about this afternoon. Amara’s Mom had an appointment so Amara came over and spent part of the afternoon with me — Grandpa was at work — I had her all to myself. We had a blast. We crammed a whole lot of fun into 90 minutes! It started with playing follow the leader. I have to admit that I can not hop around the house nearly as easily as she does but it was fun. I’m sure I burned a few extra calories today. This was followed by lunch and Sponge Bob —  it’s what we do! We had macaroni & cheese, an apple, a bunch of carrots and Ants on a Log, fresh celery stuffed with creamy peanut butter and topped with raisins! Amara had never had this before but we discussed it in advance and she thought she would try it. She says she wasn’t crazy about it but she eat 6 pieces!

Then it was off to the backyard to swing and giggle!

A wonderful afternoon in the backyard

We have been so lucky this summer to have some perfect weather. Today it was 76°, it doesn’t get much better than that.

When Amara tired of swinging she decided she wanted to play Princess. She turns to me with that devilish grin she gets and says “And you can be the evil witch”. She knows I hate being the evil witch. I stood there for a minute and I said “No, you be the evil witch. I want to be the Princess.” I loved being the Princess and I was awesome with my crown and wand. And she made a great evil witch. Now the evil witch did not like singing so of course the Princess went singing through the forest. She caught me. First she took my voice away. Then she froze me — but my magic wand un-froze me! The evil witch captured me again and this time took me to the tower and tied me up with a red ribbon from one of her bears.

And then Mommy got back.


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Being an Only Grandma

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Grandma Kc and AmaraLately, I have been reading a couple of other Grandma blogs a lot and they have left me feeling just a bit cheated. These Grandmas have lots of Grandchildren. I am an only Grandma. I only have 1 grandchild. Granted that only grandchild is the most amazing child ever, just like her Mother was, but there is still only one of her.

The other day when that same daughter took me out to lunch — did I mention I have a wonderful daughter — I told her she had to have more kids. I needed more grandkids. She founded this very funny. There was some mention that if I wanted more kids I could have them myself. She then explained to me that I was to blame for my own problem. She said the big difference was these other Grandmas had not been Moms to an only child. They had lots of kids to give them lots of grandkids. SO it’s my own fault.

My life as a Grandma is much different than theirs in another way. Most of these Grandmas aren’t as lucky as I am. Their Grandchildren don’t live just one mile away. The TravelinOma writes about planning a family reunion for 20 grandkids who will be coming in and out of town all month. Grandma Shelly amazes me with the things she does with her grandchildren. You have to read about Grandma Camp!

So I’ve started to wonder if I am taking my time with Amara for granted. We are so lucky that the kids only live a mile away. My sister has 3 wonderful grandchildren. They live in Virginia. She lives in Michigan. If she is lucky she sees them every 3 months. I see Amara 3 times a week! I have another wonderful friend who only has one grandchild and she is hundreds of miles away. I am so lucky.

So maybe I’ve let the excitement of going to Grandma and Grandpa’s house fade. I’m going to try and do better. These other Grandmas inspire me.

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Fun with Spot and Kitty

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I think most of us have at least one special stuffed toy from our past that we will never forget. For me it was this big pink stuffed rabbit named Fluffy that had long floppy ears. A close runner up was my purple elephant, Dumbo.

Amara has lots of toys, both here and at home. Two that I know she will always remember are Spot and Kitty.

Amara Feeding Spot December 27, 2007

Amara carefully buckled Spot into her old high chair December 27, 2007

Spot was a gift from our friend Taunia the Christmas of 2007. Spot is a wonderful stuffed dog with a spot over one eye and Velcro on all 4 paws. That means you can Velcro Spot around your leg and go for a walk, it means you can Velcro Spot around Grandpa’s head, and it means you can easily Velcro Spot into a swing.

Amara Feeding Spot January 6, 2008

Princess Snow White Amara feeds Spot January 6, 2008

Spot has been to many tea parties. He will sit and watch as you frost cakes. Spot has also been used as a mannequin when Grandma Kc is sewing Halloween costumes. Sometimes Spot stays at Grandma Kc’s but sometime he stays at home.

Amara and Kitty next to the giant sunflower January 25, 2009

Amara and Kitty next to the giant sunflower January 25, 2009

The other toy Amara will never forget is Kitty who is a very overstuffed black cat with a white tummy. Kitty has a name tag on her that says Amara and was a gift from Mom and Dad that they got at the OC Fair last year. Kitty comes to visit us sometimes when Amara spends the night. There was at least one occasion when Amara forgot and left Kitty here and it was panic time!

Amara and her best friend Spot May 10, 2009

Amara hugging Spot May 10, 2009

Spot has had to endure some embarrassing moments but this weekend was probably his worst. Since Amara is starting to outgrow all of her Princess costumes this weekend she dressed up Spot and Kitty!

Amara dresses Spot and Kitty in her old costumes July 3, 2010

Amara dresses Spot and Kitty in her old costumes July 3, 2010

She had a blast and I just sat back and watched! Both Kitty and Spot wore wigs and later had tea.

Dressed in costumes - Spot and Kitty stuffed in a wagon

Dressed in costumes - Spot and Kitty stuffed in a wagon

They even slept next to her in their costumes and the party started all over again in the morning. In fact, they were having so much fun that Amara put on some of the costumes OVER her pajamas! What wonderful memories.

Amara in her old costume

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Let the Water Wars begin

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Amara loves playing in water! She loves bubble baths. She loves jumping in mud puddles! She loves playing with the waves at the beach. She loves playing in the sprinklers and she LOVES being chased by Grandma and the hose. She loves getting drinks out of that hose that result in getting drenched. She loves riding down the slide into a water fall from the hose. And this years she learned she loved turning her wagon into a swimming pool or the ocean. I love playing all these games with her but I sometimes miss that I don’t get cooled off by the water, I just get hotter from chasing her.

So this year when Amara asked me what I wanted for my birthday I told her Super Soakers! And yesterday we got to try them out for the first time! We had a blast. Of course I had told her there was no way she would ever be able to get ME wet! After all I am bigger and faster — oh she got me! She got me really good a couple of times. Grandpa came out to take pictures — it is hard enough trying to “run the hose” and the camera at the same time. I knew I could never safely control my gun while trying to hang on to my camera! It left me free to focus on getting that girl wet!

Amara gets ready to slide into the water

Amara loves her swing set but it is even more fun when you add water!

Ready, Set, Go

Getting ready to slide down. No water here.

Amara and a face full of water as she slides off the slide

She loves having the water at the end of the slide but the grass gets very slippery.

Amara sits in her wagon filled with water

Who knew you could turn a wagon into a pool?

Amara floats her bath toys in the wagon

Or that if you added fish it became the ocean. Those fish kept biting her toes.

Damp long hair frames her beautiful smile

What a beautiful smile.

She loves to splash

Tidal Waves!

Getting a drink from the hose

Just a little drink Grandma.

Why is hose water so good?

Oh that is so good!

Grandma Kc blasts her in the face with water

Never trust a Grandma with a hose!

Filling the wagon back up with water

If you keep bouncing out you have to keep adding water.

Amara puffs her cheeks filled with water

Puffer Face (puffed with water)

Amara and Grandma Kc

Grandma Kc’s Birthday Gift Matching Super Soakers

Amara is ready for the Water Wars

Do you see that little Devil gleam in her eye?

Amara learns how to use the Super Soaker

Our first chance trying them out was late Friday afternoon.

Amara lost control of her gun

Out of control! You can tell I’ve already hit her a couple of times! She is very wet.

Time out to fill them from the hose

Filling our tanks.

Let me check and see if I need a refill

Checking her water level.

Amara lectures Grandma

Grandma! You got me in the eye!

She really does look like Drew Barrymore

Charlie’s Angel

The patio is the Switzerland

Trying to take cover on the porch.

For those of you who may be curious the Super Soaker box said they would shoot up to 25 feet and I think that was pretty close. They are a blast to play with and I highly recommend them for a great way to cool off in the summer.

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Princess Amara and the Purple Hair

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Amara has been under the weather for the last few days and since her Mom had to go run some errand yesterday Grandma Kc got to go over and babysit! Amara wasn’t so sick that we couldn’t have a little fun coloring and reading — just to sick to get very far from home!

While I was there I went in search of a new book to take home as they have jillions! I picked up a framed picture of Amara from the bookcase and it brought back this memory.

Princess Amara

Previously on Amara…

Whenever Amara spends the night I always have to read her a story and then I have to tell her a story. One of the fun variations on this is for Amara and I to make up the story together. I will make up part and let her fill in the blanks. It usually goes like this.

Amara: “Tell me a story.”
Grandma: “What do you want me to tell you a story about?”
Amara: “A Princess”
Grandma: “Once upon a time there was a Princess. And her name was Princess?”
Amara: “Amara!”
Grandma: “And Princess Amara had long?”
Amara: “Purple Hair!”
Grandma: “And her eyes were?”
Amara: “Pink!”

And this goes on and on. The stories are always about a Princess and she always has long purple hair and pink eyes. This was before she discovered Star Wars.

So the other night after I had told her the story I did this picture in Photoshop and gave it to her in the morning. She was SO excited! I had turned her into Princess Amara with the purple hair and pink eyes! It was a picture I had taken of her wearing her Snow White costume and playing with her Princess wand. So she took it home and tells her Mom “I think I should put it in a frame!” So her Mommy found her a frame and she carried the picture around all afternoon being so proud!

Meanwhile back in reality, I set the picture back on the bookcase and Amara says to me “Grandma, did I have on a wig in that picture or did you make my hair purple?

I love that girl and I love that the picture is still in a frame on the bookshelf.

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