A Very Merry Un-Birthday

Grandma Kc wrote this on June 17th, 2010 6 Replies

Remember when I told you that my daughter was amazing? Well I now have proof and I want to share it with all of you. After much pleading (harping) I finally got Jenna, Amara’s Mom and the best daughter ever, to start her own blog Jenna’s Random Thoughts and Recipes.

Yesterday she out did herself in honor of my Un-Birthday!

I was actually born on December 16th — waaaay to close to Christmas for my liking. It didn’t help that my Dad and my sister also had birthdays in December.

Three years ago Jenna, the awesome daughter, not only gave me permission but encouraged me to move my birthday! So I did. To anyone else out there reading this who has a birthday in December I highly recommend moving it! I appreciate Christmas so much more now and I absolutely love my birthdays! The day is all mine. No birthday gifts wrapped in Christmas paper. It has changed my whole perspective on having birthdays.

Now I know you can’t legally change your birthday like you can your name but you can change when you choose to celebrate it! I chose June 16th.

So we celebrated my birthday last night with the kids. I got to request my birthday dinner and my birthday dessert. I requested My plate of curryChicken Curry and Cherry Cobbler. Jenna has posted both recipes on her blog. Dinner was amazing! I’ve never heard my husband rave about dinner and dessert the way he did last night! The curry was wonderful and the cobbler was superb, the best I have ever had. I’m still kicking myself for not having another bowl of it. Jenna timed everything perfectly so that the cobbler was just coming out of the oven when we sat down to dinner. It was still very warm and was extra wonderful with ice cream melting into it. Why didn’t have another piece?Cherrry Cobbler with melting ice cream

I want to thank my family, especially Jenna, for making it such a wonderful birthday.

Homeless Cats

Grandma Kc wrote this on June 14th, 2010 9 Replies

Amara does some of the sweetest things and this weekend was no exception.

Shebee sitting on the ledge on the patio. Earlier this year Shebee started trying to move in with us. Shebee is a beautiful long haired black cat who wants more than anything to be part of our family. We name all the cats we see in the neighborhood. Shebee was originally Sheba but since we still aren’t sure if this cat is male or female we changed it to Shebee.

Momma Cleo and Baby Root BeerTwiggy and Twursula, the cats who share our house and Amaraland with Amara, have not been happy that this new cat is trying to adopt us. This happened a few years ago with another black cat named Cleo who tried to move in and have a kitten in Amara’s closet! We ended up getting Cleo fixed and finding a new home for both her and her kitten who Amara named Root Beer.Amara with the kitten she name Root Beer.

Now we have Shebee. Like Cleo Shebee sneaks in the doggy door and I have found her sleeping in Amara’s room, in the front room, she comes in and meows at me to get up and feed her in the morning, she plays on Twursula’s kitty kondo — did I mention Twursula is not amused by all this?

All weekend Amara kept trying to “bond” with Shebee but Amara moves at break neck speed most of the time and Shebee would go running. So yesterday morning Amara decided to give Shebee a card so that “Shebee will know who I am and won’t be afraid of me”. She was still in her p.j.s when she was making this card so she got out the clothes she was going to wear so that she could draw herself in that outfit and then Shebee would recognize her! How cute is that? The front of the card has 2 hearts because we don’t know if she is boy or girl! She tried so hard to give it to Shebee who spends most of her napping hours on the ledge outside my kitchen window during the day, but of course Shebee went running. So Amara finally decided to leave the card there for Shebee to find. I didn’t ask her how she thought Shebee was going to open the sealed envelope, I didn’t want to spoil her fun.This is the card Amara made for Shebee

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Can Amara come out and play?

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Playing in Amara's roomThings have certainly changed since I was a little girl. They’ve changed since my little girl was a little girl. Long gone are the days of asking Mom “can I go out and play?” Gone are the days of having to be home before the street lights come on. Playing with a friend has now become an event. This event is called a Playdate.

I am not alone in my feelings. Dana Campbell remembers:

“Almost every day after school, especially in the spring and summer when the days are long the seven kids on my block would wander over to each other’s house: “wanna play?””

Yesterday was my first real playdate experience.

The FeastNow you may think that I am biased but my daughter is amazing! She created a feast for the Moms and girls that were invited to this playdate. But she does that kind of thing a lot. She cooks a wonderful home cooked dinner for her family every week night and she bakes something almost every day. She really is amazing and I am very proud of her. The feast she served for the playdate included 3 kinds of dried raisins; fresh cut watermelon; red and yellow raspberries, blackberries, strawberries, blueberries and cherries served with a marshmallow fluff and cream cheese dip. She made strawberry filled cookies, caramel Chex Mix and jello popcorn. Do you see why I brag about her?

I only stayed for a short time but there was immense giggling going on and I got to play the Evil Witch for a little while. When I left the girls were munching and watching a Barbie movie.

Feasting while watching Barbie

Sophia, Gracely, Amara and Celia

Amara’s Mom posted later that day…

“So tired from playdate. Also when a gaggle of 6 year olds ask if they can paint their own nails, the answer is always NO!!!”

Things may have gotten a little crazy after I left!

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Broken Brain

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This is another episode of “Previously on Amara”. This one is from September of 2008, she was almost 4 1/2 and full of the sillies!

I can’t remember exactly what Amara and I were talking about but it had to do with her birthday party back in April. I think I asked her if she wanted to play in her costume, she loves to play dress up. Amara is lucky enough to have 2 Grandma’s that like to sew and Grandma Judi had made her a beautiful Princess Belle gown to wear to the party that year.Amara in her Belle costume

But when I asked her about playing dress-up she started telling me that she couldn’t remember her last birthday party or her costume or anything! She then went on to tell me in her own wonderful way “I think my brain is acting up” — “there might be something wrong with it”. I was hysterical!

A couple of days later I asked Amara how her brain was doing? She looks at me with a straight face and just came right back with “Oh, I think it is doing much better today, Grandma”

I love this child!

PS She can still fit into the costume! Just click the picture to see how cute she looks in it now!

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Laundry Land

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Amara in the laundry basketSo let me tell you about Amara and the laundry. It has become kind of a thing between us. Amara has her own room here but admittedly I use her room for laundry when she isn’t here. Our washer and dryer are in the garage and the most convenient way to get there is from Amara’s room. And the most convenient place to put clean laundry — is on Amara’s bed.

OK, so sometimes Grandma just happens to forget and leave clean laundry on Amara’s bed. Shame! The first time she became aware of my forgetfulness was probably 3 years ago. When she found laundry on her bed a second time it became a thing. The minute she would get here she would go running to her room to check up on me. And if there was laundry on her bed she would take me by the hand to her room and just kind of points at it — like “What is this doing here?” Sometimes I would leave laundry there on purpose just to see her face!

A year later I wrote to my sister "Her personality and everything is exploding! I just love it and she picks up everything especially intonations and stuff. The kids came over the other day and I had laundry all over Amara’s bed — I knew I was in trouble! She walks in there and I hear this loud “OH     MY     GOODNESS! What happened in here Grandma?”  I couldn’t help but laugh and scoop up laundry."

A couple of months ago when she found laundry on her bed she says to me with the straightest face “Maybe you could just start finishing the laundry before I come over.” This was the day I had taken her to Shea’s birthday party. I reminded her that was why I didn’t get the laundry done. She replied. “Oh.”

A couple of weeks I was at her house and said I had to go home and finish laundry and she says to me — with that little gleam in her eye “and where are you planning to do this laundry?” Can you tell she likes to tease her Grandma?

Last week when I was getting ready to leave she was begging me to stay “just a little longer”. I told her I had all kinds of stuff that needed to get done. She whined some more “please, Grandma”. So I looked at her with this big grin on my face and said “But Marzie, there is laundry on your bed.”

We both laughed about that one!

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Grandma the Clone Trooper

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Amara the Clone TrooperI know that as a Grandma I am immensely luckier than many other Grandmas. Amara only lives 1 short mile away. This lets Grandpa and I be involved in all sorts of things that we wouldn’t be involved in if she lived 100 miles or more away. Some of the best moments are the everyday moments and they make the best memories. Monday was one of those days.

Amara’s Mom had a doctor’s appointment which meant I got to go over and take Amara to school.

I should explain that I got to see my niece compete — and win The All-Level Championship Cheer and Dance competition over the weekend. Amara had been in Cheerleading for a while and one of her best buddies still is — so I printed Amara a couple of pictures of my niece from this weekend and when I got to her house I gave them to her and told her all about the competition. Amara was so excited. She couldn’t wait to tell her friends!

Grandma Kc as a Clone Trooper
Then we got side tracked with the Barbie Dolls. I had not seen all the new Barbies since the birthday was over — plus now they were all moved in with her other Barbies, this was vitally important stuff. There were new clothes and even a horse for Barbie to ride. By this time I needed to get her out of the PJs and into school clothes. Somewhere around the time she went looking for her shoes she found the Clone Trooper helmet. I can’t believe I remembered to put my camera back in my purse this morning! So I had to take a pictures — or 4 of her! Then she made me put it on and she took this picture!! Pretty cool huh? Then it was panic time because Mommy forgot to make her lunch! Lunchable or peanut butter sandwich? Peanut butter but not on the yukky Polly’s Bakery Bread, the regular white bread! Love that child!

Then we were off to school! She took the pictures with her because she had to show her friend. We were near the front of the line, a coveted place when you are a kindergartner so when her friend got there Grandma had to save Amara’s place in line while she went back to show her the pictures! I was standing behind Decker. He kept stealing my nose! Does life get any better than this?

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