Twursula and the Sleeping Bag

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Since Amara is spending the night with her other Grandma I’m going to take advantage of the opportunity to post another “Previously on Amara”. I hope you enjoy it.

Cat toy or Amara toyAmara has always been pretty good about sharing her things but then so have the cats. They all claim ownership of the backyard. And when Amara was young she was sure some of the cat toys were really hers! I think the cats are under the impression that since they are here all of the time that they get first claim to everything.

Twiggy and Twursula have both taken turns sleeping in Amara’s room. They would often sleep on or under her bed when she wasn’t here. When Amara was about two Twiggy went through a phase of sleeping at the foot of her bed when she was here, kind of protecting her. Amara really didn’t like it, she thought Twiggy kept her awake. But at some point the cats decided between themselves that if Amara wasn’t here – it’s Twursula’s room. Still is. For about the last month Twursula has taken to napping next to Amara’s toy box, but she is always in there somewhere.

But for the longest time Twursula slept right in the middle of Amara’s bed. If she wasn’t outside she was on Amara’s bed. And Twiggy could always be found in the middle of our bed. Amara and I used to joke when I would go over there.
“Do you know where Twiggy was sleeping?”
“On your bed.”
“Do you know where Twursula was sleeping?”
“On my bed!”

She must have been about 4. She had been over playing and had left her pink princesses sleeping bag laid out in the middle of the floor in her room. And there was Twursula. Sleeping.

So when I went over to her house that day I asked her
“Do you know where Twiggy was sleeping?
“On your bed.”
“Do you know where Twursula was sleeping?
“On my bed!”
“No! You forgot and left your sleeping bag out and Twursula is sleeping on it.”

She gets this very thoughtful look on her face…
“Oh Grandma, I did that on purpose. I was tired of her sleeping on my bed.”

Twursula on the sleeping bag

Sure Amara, you left in there on purpose! The kid sure can think fast!

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Birthday Bash

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Amara's 6th Birthday CakeIt was a wonderful day for a birthday party and everything went perfectly. The weather man had predicted 72° with patchy clouds and it was exactly that – a perfect day for a bouncy house and 20+ kids to be in the backyard. Twiggy and Twursula could not have disagreed more. They really didn’t like the sound of the compressor. The bouncy house arrived at 11 AM and T&T began their day of hiding. The cake arrived shortly after that and it was awesome! The beverages were on ice, the table clothes were on the tables and Jenna and I made a run to Albertson’s to pick up the food. We left Justin and Amara to blow up balloons and decorate and Grandpa Richard to watch the door. Everything was perfect!

The guests began to arrive and Amara went into high pitched squeeky voice mode — she was so excited! This was her day. She has such a great group of friends from Kindergarten and as each one arrived the excitement level grew and so did the noise level. The bouncy house was the main attraction, the swingset never had a vacancy and the little brothers and sisters especially loved the slide. Surprisingly there were very few tears.

Marshmallow TowersOne of the biggest hits of the day was Build Barbie’s Marshmallow Tower. Now I must admit when I first heard about this game I just didn’t think it would work. Boy was I wrong! Justin was in charge of the games and he had gotten bags of Marshmallows and bags of spaghetti noodles and the idea was to build a tower. The only rule was it had to stand up on it’s own. The tallest tower wins! Now a lot of Marshmallows just got eaten but the kids had a blast eating and building. There were 3 or 4 kids at all times standing there building Marshmallow Towers. Justin would measure each one with a tape measure. Sometimes they wanted to come back later and add to it — — they had so much fun.

One of the funniest moments was when I heard giggles coming from the bathroom — never a good sign! So I slowly opened the bathroom door to find Amara and her friend Samantha washing Samantha’s feet with the drippiest wash cloth you can imagine and laughing their little heads off. There was water and muddy footprints everywhere. Grandma banished them to the backyard.

They ate cake. They ate ice cream. They ate Cheetos —FYI— Cheetos are the number one choice of kids at a party — they had sandwiches, fruit, veggies, pop cycles. They had fun! Grownups ate and talked and wiped ice cream off of faces. Amara had a wonderful day. She is Six.

Amara turns 6 years old

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Amara DancingIt was another wonderful visit from Amara, filled with lots of Amaraisms*. We had planned for her to spend the night with us Saturday night. Amara had reminded me about the laundry earlier in the week but that’s a story I will get into another time. Instead of having her parents drop her off I decided to pick her up a little early so that she could go with me to the grocery store. Really, if you have to go to the store isn’t it better to take your own entertainment? And she is so entertaining! We have fun and we try not to get in the way of the other shoppers but she makes them smile, too! We were wandering the isles when I stopped for a moment and said to her Grandma’s thinking we need some corn. She twirls around like Vanna White, points to the shelf and proudly proclaims Well, Amara is thinking we need some pudding! That is definitely an Amaraism.

Do you see why I like to take her to the store with me?

Amara eating her Ice CreamThe rest of the visit raced by. Amara put on a talent show for us, we watched an old Disney movie and had chicken dogs! Dessert was Häagen Dazs and Amara had to have her’s out of the carton. She about had a meltdown when Grandpa got the ice cream scoop out and started taking some of her ice cream! Why do you have that scoop? Use a spoon and don’t take it all. Another Amaraism.

Amara as the Princess ArialSunday morning started off with donut holes — it is the only time we ever eat them but we always let her have them if she asks for them. When I went to get donuts there was a yard sale going on down the street and they happened to have a brand new Ariel costume hanging out front. Well Grandma brought home more than just donut holes and she was thrilled. So she played in it and I took her picture. Then she changed into her Tinker Bell costume and I took her picture! We had a blast spinning and snapping! More Amaraisms.Amara as Tinker Bell

Then we settled down to play school. We were studying reading and math. She loves them both and it is so much fun to have her read to me, she gets better every week. She is one of those lucky children who has parents that both love to read and love to read to her. Amara is also very proud of the fact that she is good at math — and she really is. I don’t remember knowing so much when I was just a kindergartner.

We didn’t have much time left before the Kids would pick her up so we decided to take a nature walk. This is much better than our usual trips around the neighborhood playing Star Wars and blasting storm troopers! Amara took a note pad and pencil and wrote down anything we spotted that had anything to do with nature. Have you figured out yet that Amara and I often get very silly? So of course she had to ask me if we should write the neighbor’s ceramic dog on the list? No? What about the ceramic cat or the ceramic bird? All of this is followed by huge bursts of laughter from both of us. We saw birds, bees, flowers, trees and ladybugs but the number one item on the nature list was roly poly bugs — we saw tons of them! It was a wonderful walk, a great adventure and another wonderful visit filled with lots of Amaraisms to think back on later.

*Amaraisms — a verb
Derived from the girl’s name Amara \a-ma-ra\.
Silly little moments that will make you smile when you think about them later.

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The Sandbox

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Amara and her shovelIt was Christmas 2005 that we got Amara her sandbox. She was 20 months old and even though it was December AmaraLand is in sunny southern California and the weather was wonderful. Amara loved playing in the sand at the beach and she loved playing in the sand at the park, we knew it would be a good investment. I remember that she wasn’t exactly comfortable with the sandbox at first. She wanted to play with the sand but she didn’t want to get into the sandbox. That fear didn’t last long and we were right. Getting the sandbox was a great investment and she has gotten a lot of good use out of it.

Kylie and AmaraNot only has Amara had lots of fun in that sandbox so have some of her friends. Kylie was kind of like Amara at first, she wasn’t sure she wanted to get dirty but she and the sandbox soon became friends.

Shea and Amara

She and Shea had fun playing in it last summer but Amara has played with the sandbox less and less and she has grown to the point that she doesn’t even fit in the sandbox anymore. So I suggested to Amara that she give her sandbox to her other Grandma for her backyard so that Amara’s new cousin could play with it. He isn’t a year old yet so he would get lots of good use out of it — — and she loved the idea. Amara LOVES her new cousin and would do anything for him.

Amara and her Sandbox March 2010

Amara was the only grandchild on either side of the family for a very long time but she loves having him around. Amara and I talked about it some more and I said we would need to get it emptied and moved soon so that the ground under it would have time to recover before her birthday party. And she looks at me in that way that only Amara can and says “This works out perfect Grandma. I wanted a bigger bouncy house for my birthday party and now we will have more room.”

You just have to love her.

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Give me a hug, it’s a flying bug!

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Amara out in the sun.We love it when Amara gets to come and spend the night with us. It always improves everyone’s mood — except maybe Twiggy and Twursula. She spent the night with us Saturday and it was wonderful as always.

She knows that I love ladybugs and I guess they have been learning about them in school and so she told me in great detail all about the different stages of life that a ladybug goes through – punctuated at many points with “and still they don’t look anything like their mother or father”. I knew she was retelling a story that she had absorbed in great detail.

Saturday night we watched the Barbie movie "Swanlake". Amara loves the Barbie movies and I love having her sit cuddled up against me while she watches it. We discuss the movie at length, she watches the Special Features and dances to all the songs. Brings new meaning to Saturday Night at the Movies.

Amara has also been practicing rhyming in kindergarten — at least I guess that is what got all of this started. It was Sunday morning and I had just finished reading Amara a story when she jumped up off of her bed, grabbed her little inflatable green fish, threw it up in the air and said

“Look at this. It’s a flying fish!”

What a fun game so I grabbed a stuffed bear, threw it in the air and declared:

“Looky there. It’s a flying bear!”

Lots of laughing. Amara loves to just throw her head back and laugh. She soon grabbed Kitty off the bed — Kitty is a stuffed toy not a live cat — and threw it in the air:

“Look at that. It’s a flying Cat!”

I could not let her have the last word. I grabbed Grandma Ladybug off the bed and threw her in the air:

“Give me a hug, it’s a flying bug!”

Do you see why we have so much fun when Amara is here?