Amara’s first day of 1st Grade

Grandma Kc wrote this on August 31st, 2010 8 Replies

How exciting! Yesterday I got to go with Amara and her Mommy to the first day of 1st grade. We were 3 generations of excitement! These are the magical moments that make up being a Grandma!

I got to Amara’s house a little bit early and Mommy was still combing the tangles out of that long blond hair. There is a story behind school, Mommy and long hair but I’m saving that for another day. Amara looked so cute and Mommy let her pick out which new headband to wear. This is to keep Amara’s hair out of her eyes when she studies. Amara looked beautiful. Mommy and Grandma looked a bit sad. Amara is growing up.

The 3 of us walked to school. We’ve been having some heat but the morning was perfect and we ran into other students she knew along the way. As we got closer to the school she saw more and more friends, some that she hadn’t seen since school got out, some that she hadn’t seen since pre-school. She saw her principal and we went in search of her classroom. The door was decorated with apples with each of the students’ names on them.

And then she got to meet her new teacher who was only a little taller than Amara! Amara had picked out a special red apple to take to her new teacher, her teacher was thrilled. She gave Amara a big hug and kissed her on the top of the head. Amara was thrilled.

Amara modeling her dress for 1st day of school

It is going to be a wonderful year!

8 thoughts on “Amara’s first day of 1st Grade

  1. Sandy Siegel

    It’s exciting to see her growing up, but it’s also a little sad. It’s going by too fast!!!

    So glad Amara was excited to go back to school. Her teacher sounds like a sweetie!!!


    1. Grandma Kc Post author

      I wish that your grandkids were closer so that you could get to do all of these wonderful everyday things — and I’m so glad I have you to share them with! xoxoxo

  2. Grandma Lizzie

    How great that you got to be with your granddaughter on the first day of school. I haven’t had that opportunity with my grandchildren. I’m a teacher myself so I know how exciting first days can be.

  3. Suzie

    Looks bright-eyed and ready to go. Wonderful days of memories, and these grands grow up so fast. Enjoy every moment;O)

    1. Grandma Kc Post author

      Hi Suzie,

      Thanks for visiting. You are right, they do grow up very quickly. I’m so lucky to have her close by so that I can enjoy every minute of it!

  4. Barbara Hartsook

    Oh goodness, Kc. She is so grown up! My first-graders are all well past that point, but I see them there still. Heck, I still see my own daughters going off to school — every year!

    You are blessed, and the best thing about that is that you know it.



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