Best Job Ever!

Grandma Kc wrote this on January 19th, 2010 8 Replies

A friend once tried to explain to me why being a Grandma was so special. I just didn’t get it at the time. At the time she had 3 grand kids – I had none. They were great kids. I spent a lot of time with her and with them and I knew how special they were to her but what I didn’t get was the whole Grandparent Experience.

And then Amara came along. That was almost 6 years ago and life has sure changed. I’ve talked to other people about how great it is to be a grandparent and they always make some comment like “you get to have fun with them and then send them home”. That isn’t it at all. It is all about making memories. Every visit to Grandma and Grandpa’s is a chance for her to take home a new memory.  They are wonderful memories for us too and we cherish them.

I have great memories about my grandparents and all the fun things we did. I want that for Amara. So,  if it means we drop everything else to be part of her marching band then that is what we do. The dishes will be there after Mom and Dad take her home.

Amara and Grandma Kc Day 3

3 Day Old Amara

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8 thoughts on “Best Job Ever!

  1. lvsblog

    My gramma was always the most precious person in my life. She was my haven in the eye of the storm. She taught me to cook, sew, to paint and to create art. She always helped me find the silver lining and to find the smile. She has been gone 15 years but I still think of her everyday.

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  3. Debra

    My grandma was my haven in the eye of the storm too…so aptly described by another comment! I can’t top her description in any way shape or form ! 🙂

  4. Lisa @ Grandma's Briefs

    I have very few memories of actually doing stuff with my grandparents. I want the complete opposite with my grandkids. I want them to consider me (and remember me as) a vibrant and vital part of their lives, not just someone on the periphery, as my grandparents were.

    I love the short hair on you. I know you’ve been (or were) growing it for a while, but the short is quite becoming on you, too.

  5. Amara's Grampy

    Now she’s over 8 and I think it’s time for my job performance evaluation. “I feel that over the years I have really grown into my job of spoiling Amara.” The job is its own reward, but everyone likes recognition.

    1. Grandma Kc Post author

      I think you’re right! Amara and I will have to sit down and write your job review when she is here next weekend and I will post it for all of the blog world to see!

  6. Connie

    Lol! I hope you post that job review for us all to read! Yes being a grandmother is fun, rewarding AND very improtant to our grandkids who become adults and never forget us.


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