Give me a hug, it’s a flying bug!

Grandma Kc wrote this on March 31st, 2010 7 Replies

Amara out in the sun.We love it when Amara gets to come and spend the night with us. It always improves everyone’s mood — except maybe Twiggy and Twursula. She spent the night with us Saturday and it was wonderful as always.

She knows that I love ladybugs and I guess they have been learning about them in school and so she told me in great detail all about the different stages of life that a ladybug goes through – punctuated at many points with “and still they don’t look anything like their mother or father”. I knew she was retelling a story that she had absorbed in great detail.

Saturday night we watched the Barbie movie "Swanlake". Amara loves the Barbie movies and I love having her sit cuddled up against me while she watches it. We discuss the movie at length, she watches the Special Features and dances to all the songs. Brings new meaning to Saturday Night at the Movies.

Amara has also been practicing rhyming in kindergarten — at least I guess that is what got all of this started. It was Sunday morning and I had just finished reading Amara a story when she jumped up off of her bed, grabbed her little inflatable green fish, threw it up in the air and said

“Look at this. It’s a flying fish!”

What a fun game so I grabbed a stuffed bear, threw it in the air and declared:

“Looky there. It’s a flying bear!”

Lots of laughing. Amara loves to just throw her head back and laugh. She soon grabbed Kitty off the bed — Kitty is a stuffed toy not a live cat — and threw it in the air:

“Look at that. It’s a flying Cat!”

I could not let her have the last word. I grabbed Grandma Ladybug off the bed and threw her in the air:

“Give me a hug, it’s a flying bug!”

Do you see why we have so much fun when Amara is here?

7 thoughts on “Give me a hug, it’s a flying bug!

    1. Grandma Kc Post author

      I do wish you could be here to enjoy them in person but for now — this will have to do!

  1. Sliloh

    I’m probably not sorry that I’ve never seen a Barbie movie but I put myself through plenty of others that I’m glad I never have to watch again (think Barney). I love the game! She’s a treasure. 🙂


  2. Connie

    She surely is a smiler, so cute! I always say my house feels more like a home whenever one of my grnadkids steps throught the door. Funny how when you are a parent you wish you had a Saturday night out away from the kids; then as a grandparent you realize all you need is at home with them. I love this game, and I have found something new to do with my grandkids. Thanks for linking up with me 🙂


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