Holiday in New York

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December (2010) has been a busy month and while we have made some wonderful new memories I haven’t found the time to blog about them. So today I will start trying to play catch up.

Musical NoteI told you about how much fun Amara and I had singing Christmas Carols for the neighbors, well the following weekend Amara and I went to Los Alamitos High School to hear the musical production of Holiday in NYC.

The fun started when I picked Amara up. My plan was to make her my Navigator! I admit to being directionally challenged and since Amara is getting to be such a good reader I decided having her be my navigator would be a lot of fun and it would help to avoid the β€œare we there yet” game! The high school was about 20 miles away and our trip included 3 freeway changes. So, I put her in charge of getting us there. We reviewed the directions before we started and I gave her a pen so that as we made each turn she could cross it off and tell me what to do next. Being a navigator was a lot of fun but being an artist with a pen, may have been the best part of the journey — at least for her! She drew snowmen, stars and misshapen Christmas Trees, which she thought were extra funny!

Did I mention she loved my earrings? I had worn Christmas earrings with little red and green bells. As I drove we sang Christmas songs and when we got to any good parts she would reach up and jingle my earrings! Amara is fascinated with earrings at the moment. She’s been thinking about getting her ears pierced but she’s also decided she isn’t ready yet!

We finally got there. My navigator had done her job well. Outside of the theater they were selling refreshments. She politely asked for a bottle of water and 2 cookies. “I got a cookie for you Grandma” I thought that was cute since I was paying but her intentions were sweet. We had our cookies on a bench and then headed inside. Amara talked to all of the ladies around us as she waited patiently for the show to start. She admired their earrings and complimented them on how pretty they were.

“Grandma! I think I see feet moving under the curtain.” We had wonderful seats up close and near the isle. The theater got very dark and when the lights came back up there were singers in the isles and on to the stage. You could see the awe in Amara’s face as she watched and listened.

Amara was very good about sitting still in her seat and not singing out loud but when they broke into a Christmas rap she just started bouncing! Stole a Grandma’s heart to watch. She applauded for all of them after each song and if she liked it a lot she would shout out “Bravo! Bravo!” They were really very good.

During the intermission our friend who was sitting on the isle offered to switch seats with Amara. She had a little better view and she was certainly enjoying the show. I had told her folks that if she got restless we would leave early as I wouldn’t want to spoil the show for anyone else. That sure didn’t happen! Amara was just enthralled and the best was yet to come!

When they got to the last song the entire ensemble was in the isles and on the stage and the sweetest girl was singing to Amara. Standing right next to her and singing just to her and Amara was thrilled! And to make the experience complete — when they were finished the girl leaned down and gave Amara a big hug! I don’t think either of us will ever forget this day. What a memory.

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11 thoughts on “Holiday in New York

  1. Janet

    That was the sweetest story. I love your pictures too. Tucker said she looks like she loves her pop and nana too. I told him of course she does and has lots of fun with you like they do with me. Out of the mouths of babes. πŸ™‚

    1. Grandma Kc Post author

      It is to bad we don’t live closer — I bet the kids would have a blast playing together! Tucker is right, she has a lot of fun with Grandma and Grampy.

  2. Sandy Siegel

    You posted this while I was visiting my grandbabies in VA. I just found it in my old emails! What a wonderful time you two had together! And what great memories!! xoxo

    1. Grandma Kc Post author

      I really love having a place to write it all down! Wish you could be closer to yours. xoxoxo Big Sister

  3. Joyce

    LOL Sounds like the audience had its own “star of the show!” Such a cute adventure! I am not surprised at how poised and self confident Amara is today. Two years ago she was enjoying experiences like this and every moment spent introducing her to the world has paid off. What a lovely young lady!
    And, Merry Christmas!, my dear friend, Kc!


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