Tell me a secret

Amara's Grampy wrote this on November 30th, 2010 6 Replies

This is Grampy’s first post on Amaraland. I hope there will be many more. ~Grandma Kc

When Amara comes to visit she sometimes hangs out in the office with me when I’m working on the computer. Apart from trying to take over the mouse if I”m working on anything with graphics in it, she likes to make little signs on post-its.

Grampy has pictures of Amara everywhere

Yesterday she asked “Tell me a secret you keep from Grandma”.

Being no fool, I replied “I don’t keep any secrets from Grandma”.

So she asked me to come up with one that she could write down, so I said how about “Grampa loves Grandma”. To which she answered, “She already knows that”.

So I came up with “Grampa loves Grandma even more than she knows!”

With just a little help, she drew the sign. We ran out of room shortly after “Grandma”, but that’s ok.

Gradient used to create a planetThen she spotted a gradient brush I was working on and decided she needed to make some adjustments; the sign was forgotten because soon Mommy and Daddy came by to pick her up.

Grampa Loves Grama Kc

So later when Grandma found the sign and showed it to me I got to tell her the story and got lots of brownie points. A good day for Grampa!!!

6 thoughts on “Tell me a secret

  1. Janet

    Oh how sweet you two. The boys cover their eyes when Pop and I kiss each other. But what a wonderful way to teach them a happy couple’s love for each other with just small jesters. The boys even tells us they love us everyday all day long learning from pop and I telling each other in front of them. Of course everything is done with tact and taste unlike some public affections shown these days, a bit too much even for me.

  2. Sandy Siegel

    Awww .. what a sweet story, Richard. I’m so happy to have you for my one and only brother-in-law!!! Love you!!


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