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Grandma Kc wrote this on July 11th, 2011 13 Replies

Some of the silly little moments with Amara are the ones that are the most fun, the everyday things she says or does. We didn’t get to see her this weekend but I thought I would share a couple of funny Amaraisms that I have missed telling you about recently.

Snow White Bear BookI had read about a summer reading challenge on my blog buddy Susan’s website last month and I had printed out the form for Amara for when she came over. I explained to her that if she read any 8 books and wrote them down she could trade the form in for a free book. Amara loves her books! And she loved the idea of the reading challenge and wanted to start immediately. I told her to go pick a book, she has a rather large collection of books here, too. She decided she wanted to read this old Snow White Bear book she had. It is way to young for her but she had fun reading it to me — it was a book I have probably read to her 25 times! She shut it and sighed and says “Its been a good book over the years”. I thought I would crack up laughing but I held it together. “So I was thinking Grandma that I should give this book to Jane” Jane is her new girl cousin who is only a few months old. So I asked her why she didn’t want to give it to Joey? He is 2 and is Amara’s only other cousin and Jane’s older brother. She goes into this whole thing — while walking around and talking with her hands — I swear she is Italian or from NJ or something — and she’s telling me how boys probably don’t like books about Princesses — that they like books with boys in them and this was Snow White and she was a Princess. I did bring to her attention there were 7 dwarfs in the story — all boys! She is giving the book to Jane! Grandpa laughed through the whole conversation.

Then there was one of the recent bubble baths. We have some interesting conversations while she is in the tub. This time I was telling her about my recent temp job at the Art Institute. Of course the mention of Art immediately got her attention! I was telling her all about the school, how you could walk by classrooms where students were designing new gowns; classes where they were learning to paint and draw. I could tell she was eating it up and she was thrilled that Fashion Design is on the curriculum.

So she said she wanted to go there and I told her I would see if I could make arrangements for her to tour the school. NO, I want to go there. I explained you have to graduate high school first — that they won’t take little girls. “Why not? That’s just not right. I’d be good at Fashion Design. I explained it is the law that you have to graduate high school in order to go there. “Why?” So I’m scrambling. “Because… what if you got a contract to be a famous fashion designer? You need to be able to read it and all the really big words. Or what if you got an invoice — you have to be really good at your math.”

“OK Grandma, but will you just tell them I don’t think it is very nice.”

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13 thoughts on “Amara Logic

  1. Grams

    I just love the simple understanding that kids have. Amara logic makes perfect sense to me too. It’s kind of sad when they begin to see limitations. When you’re a kid the sky’s the limit!

  2. Shari Sunday

    Smart little girls. They become friends and soul mates so fast. I am enjoying introducing my oldest granddaughter to all the books and movies I enjoyed as a little girl. Cute story.

  3. Lisa @ Grandma's Briefs

    Not sure how I missed this…

    Some of the best conversations with Bubby happen while he’s in the tub, too. I think they lose all inhibition there. Maybe?

    I love your explanation back at her for why one must graduate high school! :o)

  4. Lisa @ Grandma's Briefs

    What a funny girl. I can just imagine Amara walking around and explaining with her hands.

    After having just been with the grandsons and sharing plenty of conversations during bath time, I *still* say the best conversations happen when they’re in the tub.

    I hope Jane loved her books gifted by Amara.

    Thanks for sharing in the GRAND Social!

  5. Carol Covin

    Kids really get you with their logic, don’t they? I remember thinking when I was taking American History class in 10th grade, at 15, that 15-year-olds should be allowed to vote because we cared way more about what was going on than most of the adults I knew.


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