Amara’s Pink and Purple Gown

Grandma Kc wrote this on March 3rd, 2011 11 Replies

Amara is lucky to be surrounded by so much sewing talent! She certainly reaps the benefits of it. Her Mommy loves to sew and makes her all sorts of cute things and both of her Grandmas like to sew. We have made her Halloween costumes and birthday costumes that she has played in for years after they were made. She loves to play dress up and she has had a couple that were real favorites. She loved her Alice in Wonderland costume and she would beg her Mommy to let her wear it everywhere. She was 2½ that year.

Amara as Alice

Another one of her favorites was her yellow satin Belle gown that Grandma Judi made her for her fourth birthday party. It was breathtaking and Amara loved playing dress up in that gown for at least 2 years after that party.

Princess Amara-Belle and Grampy

But of all the gowns and all the costumes the most beautiful by far is the new pink and purple gown that Grandma Judi made her. She even made a choker necklace from satin ribbon to match it. It is everything any little Princess could want and more! In fact there was more. Grandma Judi knows how much Amara loves Barbie so she made a matching gown for Barbie to wear. Barbie has never had a more special gown and neither has Amara.

Amara and Barbie in purple and pink gowns

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11 thoughts on “Amara’s Pink and Purple Gown

    1. Grandma Kc Post author

      It should be interesting to see if she becomes a seamstress, too! She already loves learning to cook and since the sewing thing is in her genes — from both sides — I bet she whips up her own incredible creations.

  1. Sandy Siegel

    They are all beautiful and she is so pretty in them!! I hope she loves sewing as much as her grama’s and mommy!!!

  2. Janet

    They are all so beautiful. She is such a lucky girl to have so many love her and make her dress-up outfits. I hope her mom is holding on to these things for her to pass down to her daughter someday (if she has one). The yellow is my favorite. It goes so well with her eyes and hair. Such beautiful work on everyone’s costumes. A lot of love put into it.

  3. Penny

    What great memories she will have when she grows old “like her grandma,” ha, ha. I have such great memories of my mom’s sewing.

  4. Lisa @ Grandma's Briefs

    Such a lovely girl, then and now. I must admit I’m partial to the Alice in Wonderland for some reason. Must be the cutie patootie in the blue. Thank you for sharing, my ever-committed GRAND Social friend!! The world needs more people like you. ?

  5. Rhonda

    How wonderful to have such talent! I smiled the second I saw Alice…so adorable. I do love the idea of matching Barbies dress to her makes it so personal. They are all beautiful works of art and she look lovely in them.

  6. Linda A. Young

    She’s so beautiful and the gowns are so pretty and it’s wonderful that you can make them for her! Your talents will be handy when she is in plays in school, talent shows etc. and later when she needs prom gowns! She’s a lucky little girl to have Grandmoms who sew for her! it’s such a nice thig to pass down those skills too! My 100 yr. old grandmother, and my mother both taught me to sew, when I was little, and I am so grateful! What fun you must have with her playing dress-up!


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