Grandparents Day January 2009

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I have been cleaning out my email again and since Grandparents Day is Sunday it seemed appropriate. It is a memory from January 2009. She would be 5 in a few short months. I don’t know why her preschool celebrated Grandparents Day in January but I would have loved it anytime of year.

It was the most wonderful day! Amara’s preschool had Grandparents Day — actually it was just Grandparents Hour but it was so much fun! Her teacher had planned a craft for us to do in the classroom together and the grandparents brought lunch to share with their grandchild. I brought McDonald’s, she didn’t care if it was cold! Not all of the students had grandparents who lived locally and who could come so lucky me, I got to play Grandma to 2 of Amara’s friends. The 4 of us girls sat at a table together and made hand print banners. The teacher had made the small blank banners for us and we were to dip our hands in the paint and then put a hand print on the banner. First I dipped my hand in blue and then Amara put her small red hand print on top of mine! Then I got to do it all over with the other 2 girls so that they could have banners! I loved playing Grandma to them! We were having so much fun wiggling our fingers in that paint! Tons more fun washing our hands together at the big sink using lots of soap!

We then adjourned to lunch in the auditorium. I wish I had known I was going to be Grandma to 3 and not just one but their teacher had planned for those who didn’t have grandparents there. She had brought them all a picnic lunch to eat together. She spread out a blanket and served them crackers, peanut butter, jelly and orange juice. They were having a blast sitting on the floor eating with their teacher!

A few days later Amara brought me home my banner. It proudly hangs on my wall in front of my computer along with other wonderful pictures, some of Amara’s art work, the ladybug decoration/hat from Amara’s 5th birthday party and the awesome ladybug needle point done by my sister Sandy! I love my wall and I love my banner which the teacher had finished by printing on it:

“Me and Grama Hand In Hand”
January 2009

My wall with my Grandparents Day Banner

Click for larger image

Happy Grandparents Day to All of the Grandparents Everywhere!

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9 thoughts on “Grandparents Day January 2009

  1. Sarah

    Happy Grandparents Day! What a wonderful celebration! So glad you could be grandma to others who had not grandparents in attendance. What a very precious memory!

  2. Mimi

    Oh how fun for you and Amara to celebrate with her friends! Being a grandmother has been so much fun for me and I am looking forward to celebrating with my little boys as they grow up. Thanks for sharing such a happy memory.

    1. Grandma Kc Post author

      I really wish I could have included the picture of me being hugged/squished by all 3 girls but I don’t have permissions. It was such an awesome day!

      Happy Grandparents Day Debra!!

  3. Joyce

    Fun day! I am such a big fan of handprints and this one is extra-sweet because of the symbolism of Amara putting her little hand inside of yours and trusting you to lead her through life…awww! That teacher thought of everything…she was very sensitive to the kids who didn’t have a grandparent in attendance.


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