Honor Roll Three-Peat

Grandma Kc wrote this on June 13th, 2011 4 Replies

Amara and Her Award

Amara did it again! She not only made Principal’s Honor Roll for this trimester, she made Honor Roll all 3 trimesters! What a way to soar through first grade! We could not be prouder. And she could not have been more excited. When they called her name she flew to the podium — her hair flying behind her. I was so glad I could be there to watch and I got lots of wonderful hugs! I even got waved the peace sign while she was on stage!

A lot of the credit for Amara’s success goes to her. She has studied so hard this year. But certainly part of the credit goes to Mommy and Daddy. They have help her with her homework every night. They have set a wonderful example for her by loving to read and encouraging her to read, too! Daddy has helped her with her science projects and her Mommy has been very involved helping out in the classroom. They are both active in the PTA and I think this involvement has shown Amara the importance of getting a good education.

Amara has been very fortunate to get some wonderful teachers! I can’t say enough good things about her teacher this year. Sadly for other youngsters this is going to be her last year teaching, and she has pulled out all the stops this year to give these kids the best year ever!

Congratulations Amara!


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  1. Sandy Siegel

    We are so proud of Amara, Kc! And very proud of my beautiful niece and her handsome husband for being such great parents. It’s not easy to raise kids these days. They really are doing a great job and setting a good example for Amara. And you were a wonderful Mom yourself and set an example for your daughter that has made her the loving mother and wife she is today. Congratulations to all of you!


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