Little Ways Amara shows Love

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The real purpose behind “Life in Amaraland” is to have a place to store and share all of the wonderful Amara stories. But there are also those wonderful little moments — the little moments that just fill my heart with love and bring a smile to my face but that don’t really warrant an entire post. This post is about some of the little things…

  • It’s the way she bounce up and down with joy when she isn’t expecting me to pick her up from school.
  • It’s peeking in and see her sleeping like an angel when she was sure she would never get to sleep.
  • It’s when I find a red rubber duck left in my shower.
  • It’s the way she says “Cuddle” when she is trying to get you to sit and watch TV with her on the couch instead of cooking dinner.
  • It’s walking through her room after she leaves to see random toys out of place.
  • It’s the post-it note she put on my monitor that says “I Love Kc! Amara”
  • It’s having her art worked taped all over the house!
  • It’s the way she takes my hand as we walk through the grocery store.
  • It’s the way she introduces me to her favorite waitress when I go out to lunch with her and Mommy.
  • It’s the faded chalk drawings still on the driveway from last weekend.
  • It’s the way she always hides under the covers (and giggles) while she waits for Grampy to come in and say Good Night

These are just some of the ways Amara makes me feel loved.

Valentines Girls

Jenna and Amara — Valentine’s Day 2007

This post is my entry to the February Blog Carnival at The topic is Simple Ways to Show Love.

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  1. Amara's Grampy

    When she walks into the office and just starts leaning on me as she checks out what’s on the monitor; usually followed by climbing into my lap and grabbing the mouse, not necessarily in that order.


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